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Guy Sorman
Why Thomas Piketty’s wrongheaded economic manifesto is all the rage

Theodore Dalrymple
Personal responsibility plays a role in obesity.

Mark Pulliam
Jerry Brown and the future of California’s highest court

Nicole Gelinas
The popular program gives New Yorkers an alternative to monopoly mass transit.

Heather Mac Donald
Mayor de Blasio’s new welfare chief sends troubling signals right away.

Sol Stern
A response to Diane Ravitch and others

Aaron M. Renn
In the Windy City and elsewhere, a liberal top-bottom coalition drives it out.

Heather Mac Donald
Will the mayor stand up for the NYPD—and public housing residents?

Joel Zinberg
Millions may get “insured” through Obamacare, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to see a physician.

Steven Malanga
Napoleon Chagnon’s study of human nature in the Amazon—and the academy

Fred Siegel
Jonathan Chait’s advance apologia for the Democrats’ defeat in November

Larry Sand
Are 98 percent of California’s teachers worthy of jobs for life?

Bruce Bawer
Brandeis University’s shameful abandonment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Theodore Dalrymple
On sentimentality and brutality, two sides of a coin

Seth Barron
Mayor de Blasio caves on a spurious—and expensive—discrimination claim.

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