City Journal
Fred Siegel
The alliance of public-sector workers and compassionate liberal elites is driving America into the ditch.

Myron Magnet
Mount Vernon and Monticello nearly vanished.

Joel Zinberg
Young doctors are increasingly becoming employees rather than independent practitioners.

Matthew Hennessey
Mayor de Blasio’s proposed ban on Central Park horse carriages is making enemies out of allies.

Matthew Hennessey
Connecticut Diarist

Ethan Epstein
A costly and long-delayed subway project raises questions about America’s ability to build needed infrastructure.

Steven Malanga
Patent trolls, universities, and big companies are exploiting a broken system.

Mark Pulliam
For judicial appointments, Jerry Brown values diversity over experience.

Roger L. Simon
Eastwood’s latest falls down; Birdman soars.

Heather Mac Donald
Longtime Compstat critics Eli Silverman and John Eterno have a problem.

Aaron M. Renn
Mitch Daniels has helped Purdue keep costs down for students.

Kay S. Hymowitz
Families shape their children’s prospects more profoundly than anything government can do.

Seth Barron
New York City progressives like rhetoric, not details.

E. J. McMahon
For good or ill, Nelson Rockefeller’s legacy lives on.

Steven Malanga
Two decades of data show police interactions with Americans of all races decreasing in number and improving in quality.

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