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Steven Malanga
The Obama administration got exactly what it bargained for with Tom Frieden.

Steven Malanga
America’s northern neighbor is beset by familiar pension-funding problems.

Judith Miller
Technology companies take heat for making phones the government can’t tap.

Myron Magnet
Richard Brookhiser’s new biography of Lincoln is splendid.

Steven Greenhut
California Democrats favor high taxes on businesses—until they don’t.

Joel Zinberg
EMRs are costly, difficult to use, and time-consuming, taking precious time away from doctors and patients.

Matthew Hennessey
Elevated bikeways in New York City would serve the needs of bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

Judah Bellin
The troubled Pennsylvania city’s fiscal future looks better than it has in years.

Nicole Gelinas
Rather than worry about tax “inversions,” President Obama and Congress should fix the tax system.

Michael J. Totten
Why we’re obsessed with zombies

Steven Malanga
The troubled California city could straighten out its finances, but its leaders don’t seem to want to.

Dennis Saffran
The de Blasio administration floats a proposal to water down the admissions test to the city’s specialized high schools.

Heather Mac Donald
In the Missouri city and elsewhere, the media clings to predetermined conclusions.

Matthew Hennessey
In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, a state panel tries to restrict parental rights.

Herbert W. Stupp
A new anthology covers the movement’s many divergent strands.

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