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Steven Malanga
The government’s dietary guidelines peddle an environmental agenda with no connection to health.

Heather Mac Donald
The latest advancement in victimhood links “queer theory” with illegal immigration.

Stefan Kanfer
The lodestar of the Hollywood blacklist was all that his fans said he was—and less.

Pete Peterson
California’s new primary system could cause problems for Democrats.

Theodore Dalrymple
The rappers and ex-cons in the terrorist’s inner circle were none too bright.

James Panero
The New York Genome Center’s project to map Gotham’s diverse genetics

Aaron M. Renn
Chicago’s problems run deeper than many in the city want to acknowledge.

Heather Mac Donald
At Wesleyan University, if you’re oppressed, there’s a “safe space” for you.

Marcus A. Winters
The nontraditional public schools are not discriminating against special-needs students.

Joel Zinberg
A planned release of Medicare and Medicaid physician data will likely confuse patients and the public.

Seth Barron
New York City’s far-left lawmakers are out of touch with reality.

Jerry Weinberger
The false theology of radical environmentalists

Fred Siegel
Giuliani’s criticism of Obama has sparked fury—because it rings true.

Myron Magnet
Public employees should act like public servants—because they are.

Myron Magnet
Man is a political animal, but he is much more.

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