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Steven Malanga
The New York mayor brings his out-of-touch progressive message to the heartland.

Jerry Weinberger
From classical times until the nineteenth century, almost all philosophers wrote between the lines.

Lloyd Billingsley
How John Mockler ran the table on California’s taxpayers

Seth Barron
New York City’s first family has cynically made political use of their children.

E. J. McMahon
The New York governor’s economic-development program is heavy on hype but light on jobs.

Heather Mac Donald
Unjustified police shootings, like that of Walter Scott, remain rare.

Howard Husock
Hillary Clinton owes Tammy Wynette an apology.

Steven Malanga
Deeply indebted pension systems continue to dole out bonuses.

Myron Magnet
Philip Hamburger’s indictment of the regulatory state is profound and sobering.

Mark Pulliam
When identity politics intersect with liberal judicial activism, expect bizarre results.

Nicole Gelinas
If governments are so inept, why trust them with the power to redistribute wealth?

Aaron M. Renn
The Chicago mayor survives his runoff election, but he faces all the same problems.

Stefan Kanfer
The Newspaper of Record offers a revealing hit parade.

Steven Malanga
New York labor leader Victor Gotbaum spent a career backing the wrong guy.

Aaron M. Renn
The conservative case for resilience

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