Matthew Hennessey
Despite the mayor’s commitment to Broken Windows policing, his OneNYC plan could undo the city’s public-safety gains.

Eye on the News

Theodore Dalrymple
Against the fashionable tendency to regard ugliness as beauty


Larry Sand
Teachers’ union propaganda is creeping into California’s public school curricula.

Recent Features

Who Needs Quality of Life, Anyway?
Seth Barron
The New York City Council debates whether to decriminalize public urination and turnstile-jumping.
One Man’s Riot
Matthew Hennessey
Reflections on Baltimore
Baltimore in Flames
Heather Mac Donald
While the city burns, liberals place blame everywhere but where it belongs: on criminality and on family breakdown.
The Heretic We Need
Katherine Ernst
Once again, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s pen is mightier than any barbarian’s sword.
Running With the Predators
Heather Mac Donald
Liberal elites continue to condemn law enforcement and excuse inner-city crime.
More Less
Before the Bell
Paul Beston
The biggest fight in a generation has plenty to fascinate, but it’s not quite the old days.
Playing at Protest
Seth Barron
Gotham’s confused politicians demonstrate against a system they own and operate.
“Teachers Cannot Teach What They Do Not Know”
Mary Grabar
Sandra Stotsky’s primer for improving American educational standards
A Monument to Tastelessness
Theodore Dalrymple
The new Whitney Museum looks like a torture chamber.
The Food Stamp Pirouette
Francis Menton
By Washington’s own metrics, the program makes no dent whatsoever on poverty rates—except when it does.

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Paul Beston
Boxing, today relegated to the margins, was once central to American life.
Summer 2011

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Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| For Rialto schools to be great, they first must be good
Nicole Gelinas cited in
| Dig, Baby, Just Dig!
Heather Mac Donald in
New York Post
| The Perilous New Push to Excuse Lawlessness
Steven Malanga in
Investor's Business Daily
| Superrich Behind California's 'Grassroots' Green Movement
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