Hollywood At War
Roger L. Simon
We’re hungry for pro-America movies.
Michael J. Totten
Chris Kyle wasn’t a savage;
he killed savages.

Eye on the News

Nicole Gelinas
Despite public whining, the governor and the MTA made the right call.


Mark Pulliam
The ACLU won’t stop until a San Diego war memorial is razed.

Recent Features

Is Detroit Open for Business?
Aaron M. Renn
A fear of outsiders could scuttle the Motor City’s long-awaited recovery.
Albany’s Corruption Cauldron
Tim Hoefer
Sheldon Silver exemplifies it, but he isn’t the end of it.
After the Mirage
Aaron M. Renn
New Yorkers grumble and get back to life as usual.
Connecticut’s Homeschool Hokum
Matthew Hennessey
The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission continues to tread on parents’ rights.‚Äč
Debates, Not Game Shows
Myron Magnet
How to make the Republican primary contest more effective
More Less
Looking Away from Europe’s Muslim Problem
Theodore Dalrymple
It’s easier to condemn Steven Emerson than to confront issues of assimilation and culture.
Silver’s Lining
Nicole Gelinas
New York voters should have kicked out the assembly speaker years ago.
Hail to the States
Steven Malanga
President Obama takes credit for growth stoked largely by red state policies.
A Tale of Two Very Different Cities
Heather Mac Donald
The New York Times resurrects a disingenuous comparison between New York and San Diego.
Our Parties, Part One
Harvey Mansfield
The Democrats: how progress became drift

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Adam White
When is prediction useful—and when is it dangerous?
Spring 2013

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Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk in
| Does the U.S. need Common Core education standards?
Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| An epidemic of irresponsibility
Guy Sorman in
| Monetary Policy: the great illusion
Ben Boychuk in
The Sacramento Bee
| In California, school choice is sorely lacking
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