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Michael Auslin
The bomb turns 70, and the world faces a new nuclear future.


John Seiler
Tom Steyer’s $1 billion “green-jobs” initiative is a bust.

Recent Features

Terror’s Reach
Theodore Dalrymple
After this year’s attacks, tourists—and their money—are avoiding Tunisia.
When Black Music Was Conservative
Howard Husock
Songs from the classic soul era celebrated marriage and upward mobility.
De Blasio’s Misguided Housing Plan
Peter Salins
Development—not inclusionary zoning—is the key to revitalizing New York’s housing market.
Who’s Square?
Matthew Hennessey
New York can be for a place for residents, families, and businesses, or it can be a place for street hustlers—but not both.
The Union That Rules New York
Daniel DiSalvo and Stephen Eide
Powerful and well funded, 1199SEIU has unprecedented reach into city and state government.
More Less
Resetting New York’s Economy
Aaron M. Renn
Gotham continues to create jobs, but too many are low-wage.
Jumping for Joy
Nicole Gelinas
A New York judge does the right thing by Gotham’s World Trade Center adventurers.
Dodging Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax
Yevgeniy Feyman
The MTA should ditch the gold-plated health plans and plow the savings into higher wages.
Fewer Taxes, More Scientists
Steven Malanga
States that want innovators to move in need to lessen the burden on top earners.
What Passes for Scholarship These Days
William H. Sousa
A response to Broken Windows critic Bernard Harcourt

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Steven Malanga
Politicians are bleeding problem gamblers to fix their budgets—and it isn’t working.
Summer 2012

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