Howard Husock
A new proposal has the potential to remake America’s public-housing system.
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Eye on the News

Judith Miller
Can it happen here? Yes.


Ben Boychuk
Jerry Brown remains silent about two proposals to extend Proposition 30.

Recent Features

Why Spike Lee Is Wrong About Gentrification
Kay S. Hymowitz
We’ve yet to find a better alternative for urban revival.
In Populous City Pent
Andrew Klavan
Los Angeles Diarist
The Lessons of Harrisburg
Steven Malanga
Pennsylvania’s capital is an abattoir of municipal finance.
The Fantasy Candidate and His Caucus
Katherine Ernst
Why Bernie Sanders and Millennials are a match made in ignorant heaven.
My Union Square
Richard Brookhiser
The Manhattan neighborhood is safe and inviting in ways that I once couldn’t have imagined.
More Less
Mirror-Image Mayors
Fred Siegel
Like John Lindsay, Bill de Blasio conjured up crises to win the mayor’s office—and, like Lindsay, he may soon face the real thing.
Hungry for Armageddon
Clark Whelton
Isis knows what it wants—do we?
Frivolous in the Face of Evil
Dennis Saffran
Civilization is worth more than a peace sign.
A Pearl Harbor <i>à la Française</i>
Pascal Bruckner
The response of France, and the West, must be stripped of all sentimentality.
Combating Islamo-nihilism
Guy Sorman
Wrongheaded public policies have created recruiting ground for terrorists.

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André Glucksmann
The force that brought down the Twin Towers hasn’t been defeated.
Autumn 2011

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| The Legal Case Unions Fear They Cannot Win
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Los Angeles Times
| How the widening urban-rural divide threatens America
Brian C. Anderson in
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| Right Man, Wrong Time
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