Stefan Kanfer
A weighty tome devoted to H.P. Lovecraft, guru of the ghastly
H.P. Lovecraft in his 1915 official United Amateur Press Association photograph

Eye on the News

David Marcus
The NBA’s Nets put down roots in a diverse and resurgent borough.


Larry Sand
Another superintendent is beaten by the too-big-to-reform L.A. school district.

Recent Features

The Microaggression Farce
Heather Mac Donald
The latest campus fad, which sees racism everywhere, will create a new generation of permanent victims.
Identity Politics Crashes at City Hall
Myron Magnet
Rachel Noerdlinger’s exit highlights the de Blasio team’s intellectual emptiness.
Albany Psychosis
E. Fuller Torrey
How to fix New York’s mental health system
Letter to a Manhattan Resident
Francis Menton
A view from that big country outside New York
Drama in Bratton’s Second Act
Heather Mac Donald
The future of the NYPD’s proactive policing hangs in the balance.
More Less
Locking Up Stop-and-Frisk
Dennis Saffran
An appellate court decision subverts democracy by limiting the options of future mayors.
Look in the Mirror
Fred Siegel
Democrats try to assign blame for their election losses, but the real culprit is a conflict within the party.
The Union That Devoured Education Reform
Daniel DiSalvo
The UFT’s relentless pursuit of its own interests has damaged Gotham schools for decades.
Whole Lotta Killer
Matthew Hennessey
An entertaining new biography of Jerry Lee Lewis can’t salvage his disappointing legacy.
A Few Good Fits
Steven Greenhut
California Republicans gained seats in Sacramento by targeting winnable districts.

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Autumn 2014
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Steven Malanga
A handful of industries get low-cost labor, and the taxpayers foot the bill.
Summer 2006

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Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Concealed weapon rules rankle
E. Fuller Torrey cited in
Real Clear Policy
| Fixing New York's Mental Health System
Guy Sorman in
| Nothing beats American capitalism
Daniel DiSalvo cited in
| Weekend reads: Family-friendliness as a teacher retention strategy
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