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City Journal Winter 2007.
Winter 2007
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Heather Mac Donald
Elites to Anti-Affirmative-Action Voters: Drop Dead

The University of California has spent a decade wiggling around Proposition 209.

Kay S. Hymowitz
The New Black Realism

A new generation sees opportunity in America—and seizes it.

Steven Malanga
Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative

And an electable one, at that.

Victor Davis Hanson
Mexifornia, Five Years Later

The flood of illegal immigrants into California has made things worse than I foresaw.

John Kekes
Reflections on the Revolution in Hungary

After half a century, does it seem worth it?

John Leo
Free Inquiry? Not on Campus

And the college speech police threaten the liberty of us all.

Heather Mac Donald
No, the Cops Didn’t Murder Sean Bell

And here’s what decent black advocates would say.

Nicole Gelinas
Help Us, Governor Spitzer!

This crusading reformer has his work cut out for him.

Sol Stern
This Bush Education Reform Really Works

Reading First, though much maligned, succeeds in teaching kids to read.


Christopher Hitchens
Facing the Islamist Menace

Mark Steyn’s new book is a welcome wake-up call.

David Garrard Lowe
The Houses of Worship That Hallow New York

A tour through three centuries of history and architecture


In Prospect


Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

How Not to Do It



Theodore Dalrymple
Shropshire Diarist

The Eternal Present

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