Winter 2006
Brian C. Anderson
Talk radio, cable news, and the blogosphere freed U.S. political discourse. The Left wants to rein it in again.
Kay S. Hymowitz
America’s chief source of inequality? The Marriage Gap.
Nicole Gelinas
New York’s leaders don’t understand how precarious the city’s prosperity is.
Steven Malanga
The mayor needn’t waste four more years.
Sol Stern
Test scores show little payoff for mayoral control.
Steven Malanga
Ohio’s Republican gubernatorial front-runner Ken Blackwell is “Jesse Jackson’s worst nightmare.”
Heather Mac Donald
Law school clinics are stuck in the sixties.
Robert P. George
Higher education could heal itself by teaching civics—not race, class, and gender.
Howard Husock
Individual uplift, not social change, is their keynote.



Nicole Gelinas, Steven Malanga
The public-employee shakedown of taxpayers can’t go on.
Steven Malanga
Federal investment tax cuts help New York and should be renewed.
Walter Olson
If you’re fat, blame Coke and Pepsi.
Steven Malanga
The Supremes said that states can still do it, but it’s easier said than done.
Theodore Dalrymple
Economic liberty undercuts prejudice—not that the French notice.
Benjamin A. Plotinsky
New York’s bedbug resurgence might mean a comeback for DDT.
Stefan Kanfer
France’s Muslim problem will only get worse.
Theodore Dalrymple
In Europe, the past continues to haunt the present.
Theodore Dalrymple
The Belgian suicide bomber’s embrace of Islamic terror may not be so hard to understand.


Oh, to be in England
European Diarist
Theodore Dalrymple
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