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Spring 2005
City Journal Spring 2005.
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Kay S. Hymowitz
What’s Holding Black Kids Back?

Bill Cosby is right: the problem is the parents.
Heather Mac Donald
Heralds of a Brighter Black Future

More and more, African-American iconoclasts reject victimology and embrace American possibility.
Myron Magnet
Compassionate Conservative or Cowboy Capitalist?

The president understands that opportunity is the best poverty program.
Stanley Kurtz
Can We Make Boys and Girls Alike?

Even if the differences are cultural, rather than biological, they are ineradicable.
Steven Malanga
America’s Worst Urban Program

The Bush administration is right to put the community-development block grant out of its misery.
Nicole Gelinas
How to Save the Subways—Before It’s Too Late

Gotham’s critical lifeline is a wreck.
Steven Malanga
How Not to Develop the Far West Side

Pols should get out of the free market’s way.
Edward Feser
Should Felons Vote?

The push to let convicts vote is wrong on fact and on principle.
Stefan Kanfer
Vaudeville’s Brief Shining Moment
Harry Stein
Why Jon Stewart Is All the Rage
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Roads to Serfdom
Theodore Dalrymple
Calcutta Diarist

High and Low

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