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Summer 2001
City Journal Summer 2001.
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John H. McWhorter
Toward a Usable Black History

It will help black Americans to recall that they have a history that transcends victimization and exclusion.
Heather Mac Donald
What Really Happened in Cincinnati

Everyone says that the riots were a protest against racism and oppression. Far from it.
Steven Malanga
How Political Malpractice Crippled New York’s Health Care

A cabal of hospitals, unions, and pols made the Empire State system’s costs soar and its quality plunge.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Centers

A troubling new government study about day care has sent advocates and feminists into denial. Everyone else should take heed.
Howard Husock
Don’t Let CDCs Fool You

The much-touted community development corporations are just the War on Poverty by another—highly misleading—name.
Steven Malanga
Why Merit Pay Will Improve Teaching

Private industry shows the power of giving employees credit where credit is due.
Theodore Dalrymple
How—and How Not—to Love Mankind
David Watkin
Why a Classical Lincoln Center Is Visionary
Charles Page
The Last Big One
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Uses of Corruption
Steven Malanga
Gumshoe Diarist

Nailing Scammers

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