Summer 2001
John H. McWhorter
It will help black Americans to recall that they have a history that transcends victimization and exclusion.
Heather Mac Donald
Everyone says that the riots were a protest against racism and oppression.
Steven Malanga
A cabal of hospitals, unions, and pols made the Empire State system’s costs soar and its quality plunge.
Kay S. Hymowitz
A troubling new government study about day care has sent advocates and feminists into denial. Everyone else should take heed.
Howard Husock
The much-touted community development corporations are just the War on Poverty by another—highly misleading—name.
Steven Malanga
Private industry shows the power of giving employees credit where credit is due.


Charles Page


Stefan Kanfer
In the latest round, the Boy Scouts do okay.
William J. Stern
Does Los Angeles’s recent mayoral election reveal an emerging trend in urban politics?
Steven Malanga
Republican bigwigs wish he’d go away, but Herman Badillo is doing the party a favor by running for mayor.
Sol Stern
The chancellor becomes just another defender of the staus quo.
Steven Malanga
Under its new boss, New York City’s top business group is at last promoting business interests.
Edward John Craig
Opponents of Gotham’s desperately needed new power supply are totally in the dark.
Kay S. Hymowitz
The 2000 Census says maybe.
Roger Kimball
A college president can’t tell the difference between liberty and libertinism.
Theodore Dalrymple
Beware of the elites bearing praise.
Henry Olsen
It’s time for the NYPD to computerize its paperwork.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Gumshoe Diarist
Steven Malanga
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