Spring 2001
Heather Mac Donald
There’s no credible evidence that racial profiling exists, yet the crusade to abolish it threatens a decade’s worth of crime-fighting success.
John H. McWhorter
Blacks may not believe it, but the current administration offers them their best hope in decades for achieving true equality.
Brian C. Anderson
Liberals used to be the staunchest advocates of reasoned, civil debate. No more. Now it’s argument by name-calling.
Steven Malanga
In 1994, Empire State Republicans were on top of the world. Then—through cowardice, lack of principle, and disunity—they blew it.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Two years old already? Time for the young Master of the Universe to start building that resumé for getting into kindergarten.
Steven Malanga
Gotham now has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand its economy with hundreds of thousands of permanent new jobs. It's up to the next mayor to seize it—or fumble it.


Theodore Dalrymple
Roger Scruton


Steven Malanga
With premiums skyrocketing, the pressure grows for real tort reform.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Experts say that schools are getting safer. They’re wrong.
Peter Reinharz
The famous hotel chain woos "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" for a quickie.
Steven Malanga
Gotham’s rates—the highest in the nation—drive businesses out of town.
Sol Stern
New York’s Democrats mean to kill an education tax credit that would help poor families.
Steven Malanga
The mayor’s bid to wrest control of JFK and LaGuardia makes sense.
Brian C. Anderson
Middle schools are using science textbooks riddled with errors.
Roger Kimball
More money is all that’s needed to fix the schools? Not when it's spent, as all too often, on junk like this.
E. J. McMahon
The president’s proposed tax cut is a boon for New York.
John A. Barnes
Two Long Island police academies ease standards in the quest for "diversity."
Roger Scruton
A prestigious award unfailingly honors bad architects.
Stefan Kanfer
The Army of One embraces self-esteem.


Oh, to be in England
NYPD Diarist
Bernard B. Kerik
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