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Autumn 1997
City Journal Autumn 1997.
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William J. Stern
My Public School Lesson

I sent my sons to New York City’s top public elementary school—and learned why the very best the school system can do just isn’t good enough, especially for minority kids.
James Q. Wilson
Making Justice Swifter

Only speedy punishment can get malefactors to change their ways, but the justice system moves glacially. Here are six constitutional ways to hurry it up.
Heather Mac Donald
Homeless Advocates in Outer Space

When a program implementing all their favorite nostrums failed utterly, homeless advocates responded with denial, denial, denial—which shows why everyone should tune them out.
Steven G. Craig & D. Andrew Austin
New York’s Million Missing Jobs

Here are the hard data on how Gotham’s killer taxes and paltry public services have driven employment out of town.
Walter Olson
Fixing the Civil Service Mess

A system created to ensure talented and efficient government employees now entrenches the lazy and incompetent. But reform is on the way.
Tucker Carlson
How the G.O.P. Can make D.C. OK

Congressional Republicans have taken control of Washington’s failed city government. They have the chance to turn the nation’s capital from a basket case into a beacon.
Larry Towell
A Port Authority Portfolio
Dan Seligman
The UBT’s Last Gasp?

New York’s hated unincorporated business tax is going, going . . . but not quite gone.
David Garrard Lowe
Now They’re Deconstructing the Columbia Campus
Francis Morrone
The Ghost of Monsieur Stokes
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Goddess of Domestic Tribulations
Jonathan Foreman
Tompkins Square Diarist

After the Uprising

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