Winter 1997
Heather Mac Donald
Surprisingly, New York City is a big workfare success, and Wisconsin’s touted reforms work better in the boondocks than in the cities. Both experiments show that workfare solves only part of the welfare riddle.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Most of Strive’s graduates are still working after two years. The secret: hard skills don’t count; attitute does.
Richard Gilder
The Central Park Conservancy has made one of the city’s treasures sparkle. Shouldn’t it, and other able managers, do the same for all our parks?
Howard Husock
Why has this perenially seductive idea never worked out in reality? These are the powerful reasons why housing subsidies always do more harm than good.
Peter D. Salins
At long last, Albany is poised to liberate the city’s housing market—and New Yorkers will benefit greatly.
Thomas P. Hirschfeld
Upstart electronic media companies can already do much that New York’s media giants do. Will the new firms beat the old leviathans—or join them? And will New York remain Media City?
Joel Kotkin
The future belongs to cities like this, where small government makes sure that entrepreneurial, knowledge-based companies can flourish.


Jonathan Foreman
Daniel Seligman
Leo Trachtenberg


Peter Reinharz
Allan T. Demaree
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Jonathan Foreman
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Kay S. Hymowitz
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Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
West Side Diarist
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