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Summer 1996
City Journal Summer 1996.
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Sol Stern
The Invisible Miracle of Catholic Schools

They turn minority kids from the toughest urban neighborhoods into educated citizens who succeed.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Special Ed: Kids Go In, But They Don’t Come Out

A wrongheaded federal mandate and an all-embracing consent decree have created a costly, Kafkaesque system.
Richard E. Morgan
Coming Clean About Brown

Time to tell the truth about the case that corrupted our constitutional law—and to pass a color-blind constitutional amendment at last.
Joel Kotkin
Why L.A. Is Bouncing Back

New York can learn a lot from a recovery that immigrants, small business, and decentralized government made.
William J. Stern
Mayor Giuliani’s Economic Wrong Turn

More borrowing isn’t the remedy for an economy crushed by high taxes and a bloated city payroll.
Dick Netzer
Reinventing the Port Authority

A relic of the days when bigger was better, the Port Authority should now do what it does best—and dump the rest.
Roger Scruton
Why Lampposts and Phone Booths Matter
Maury Klein
When New York Became the U.S. Media Capital
Peter Hellman
The Bicycle Thief
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Heart of a Heartless World
James Taranto
Berlin Diarist

Still Divided

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