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Summer 1995
City Journal Summer 1995.
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David Gelernter
Bring Back the Urban Visionaries

Why have the best technology brains stopped trying to solve urban problems?
Tamar Jacoby
A Whole Different Crop of Black Leaders

Some new, dynamic, independent black spokesmen, uneasily conservative, are finding listeners in the African-American community.
Howard Husock
It's Time to Take Habitat for Humanity Seriously

Corny, yes; but Habitat might soon be the nation’s biggest home builder—and its formula for housing the poor makes sense.
Sally Satel
Yes, Drug Treatment Can Work

Instead of making it easier to be an addict, we should encourage drug users to get help—for their sake, and ours.
Julia Vitullo-Martin
Detroit Fights Back

Down and nearly out, the Motor City now looks poised for a comeback under its business-friendly new mayor.
Heather Mac Donald
The Feds' Orwellian War on New York's Courts

Routinely adding new judges, New York met a monster: a crusading Justice Department determined to prove that the city’s minority-controlled judicial selection process discriminated against minorities.
David Garrard Lowe
The Triumph of Rockefeller Center
Geoffrey Colvin
Who Lost Super Bowl III?
Maury Klein
The Millionaire Capital of America
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Do Sties Make Pigs?
David Brooks
New York Diarist

Au Revoir, Grande Pomme

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