Summer 1994
Heather Mac Donald
The City University of New York, once a premier institution, is paying the price for abandoning academic standards in the 1960s.
Stanley Crouch
Though their claims have little intellectual substance, advocates of Afrocentrism press their agenda by appealing to resentment and guilt.
Charlotte Allen
How New York City policy foments bitter disputes between tenants and landlords.
William J. Bratton & George L. Kelling
The NYPD continues its transition to community policing by taking a more assertive approach to the city's problems.
Myron Magnet
Welfare reformers are failing to ask the basic question: How can we help the children who are the current system's victims?
Ross Sandler & David Schoenbrod
State and federal judges control substantial areas of New York City policy, often to the detriment of the city.
Kathleen Sylvester
Across America, public "charter schools" are declaring independence from central bureaucracies.
William J. Stern
New York's economic development strategy is good for political insiders but bad for the economy.



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F. Scott Fitzgerald & Zelda Fitzgerald
Sid Frigand
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