Spring 1994
David Brooks
European-style welfare programs would undermine America's greatest virtues-its dynamism, strong work ethic, and volunteer spirit.
Julia Vitullo-Martin & Robert F. Wagner Jr.
Vincent Lane leads the Windy City's renaissance in public housing.
Kay S. Hymowitz
At Manhattan's Wildcat Academy, the city's most troubled youngsters have a chance to succeed.
Charlotte Allen
Urban leaders fight to restore civility in public places but often find themselves battling in court.
Rita Kramer
If we are to control the plague of violent crime committed by youths, the juvenile justice system must be reformed.
Bettie Cadou
Indianapolis is a city that works, but Mayor Stephen Goldsmith thinks it can work even better.
Charles Murray
Ten years after the publication of Losing Ground, its analysis of the underclass is widely accepted. Is the solution to abolish all federal welfare programs?



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