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Autumn 1993
City Journal Autumn 1993.
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Nathan Glazer
Fate of a World City

Can New York Preserve Its Greatness?
Julia Vitullo-Martin
The LivabIe City: Confronting the Quality of Life

Confronting the Quality of Life
Kay S. Hymowitz
South Bronx Renaissance

The Rebirth of P.S. 67
Heather Mac Donald
The New Community Activism

Social Justice Comes Full Circle
Raymond Domanico and Nathan Glazer
A Memo to the New Schools Chancellor

Unleashing Educational Excellence
Philip Kasinitz and Jan Rosenberg
Why Enterprise Zones Will Not Work

Lessons from a Brooklyn Neighborhood
William Grinker and Dennis Smith
HRA Adrift

Social Spending Without Direction
Paul Glastris
Chicago's Hands-On Mayor

The Secret of Rich Daley's Success
Page One
Précis: The New Politics of Assimilation
At Issue: The New Politics of Bret Schundler
Ideas and Observations
1886: The Men Who Would Be Mayor by Richard Brookhiser
New York's Trollope Society by Brooke Allen
The White Elephant on the Potomac by Charlotte Allen
How Certain Foreigners Saw New York by John Lukacs
A Stroll Through Battery Park City by Roger Starr
New York Diarist: Metropolitan Life by Adam P. Glick
City Voices
Stephen Berger
Getting Down to Basics
Walter K. Olson
Good Standing?
Richard Miniter
Lead Astray
Kenneth Silber
Back Taxes for Sale
Richard Ryan
User-Friendly Government

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