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Winter 1992
City Journal Winter 1992.
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Edwin Rubenstein
Cranking the Debt Machine

The politicization of public authorities is driving New York State further into debt and threatens another fiscal crisis
Stephanie Gutmann
The Bilingual Ghetto: Why New York's Schools Won't Teach Immigrants English

Bilingual education doesn't work and parents don't like it, but the education establishment wants more of it
William A. Donohue and James Taranto
The Assault on Public Order: How the Civil Liberties Union Goes Astray

The New York Civil Liberties Union prevents New Yorkers from having safe, orderly public spaces
Howard Husock
Subsidizing Discrimination at Starrett City

How government subsidies fostered racial discrimination at a Brooklyn housing complex.
Stephen Berger
Reconstructing New York

New York City's problems call for fundamental reforms. Here's an agenda for making the city work
Editor's Journal
New York Views
Shutting Down New York by Richard Miniter
Ethnic Politics Lays an Egg by Edward N. Costikyan
The Mexican Connection by Kenneth Silber
The Case for Cable Competition by Thomas W. Hazlett
The New Communitarians by Jules Cohn
Grand Central: The Peace of Great Space by Nicholas King
A Tour of New York's Clubland by Anthony Lejeune
Letter From Pelham Parkway by Keith Elliot Greenberg
Diarist: Terminal Illness by James Taranto

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