Summer 1991
Gerard Mildner
New York's property tax oppresses the poor, destroys housing stock, and discourages new business. Even worse, it costs the city money
Tamar Jacoby
How an angry young man became a political power broker
Lawrence Mead
The data confirm workfare is the welfare reform moot likely to succeed. So why isn't New York putting workfare to work?
Edwin Rubenstein
Why do local governments raise taxes so high, spend so much, and yet cut essential services? The answer may be: Albany makes them do it
James B. Jacobs
New York's procedural protections for criminal defendants far exceed those of other states or the federal government--without protecting real civil liberties. Here's a guide to the laws that keep police from getting tough on crime


New York Views

Maggie Gallagher


Sir V.S. Naipaul
Richard Brookhiser
Terry Williams
James MacGuire
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