Summer 2000
Heather Mac Donald
Yes, it’s the NYPD, despite all the disinformation spread by Al Sharpton and the New York Times. Here’s the proof.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Even after welfare reform, the fashionable, much-hyped CDF still doesn’t grasp why there’s so much child misery in the U.S.
Steven Malanga
No one predicted it; few perceived it: but in just four years, the New Media industry has emerged as New York’s most powerful job engine.
Stephen Goldsmith
The Information Revolution is poised to transform how government operates. Will the politicians let it work its beneficent magic?
Brian C. Anderson
It’s giving 2 million kids a good education, sound values, and a rich family life. If unaccredited parents can do it, why can’t the public schools?
Jay P. Greene
Pundits charge that the Lone Star State’s sharply higher reading and math scores are smoke and mirrors.But they are rock-solid—and here’s the evidence.


Theodore Dalrymple
Roger Scruton


William J. Stern
New York’s Democratic Party favors ideology over region. Small wonder they’ve embraced an ideology-laden carpetbagger.
Kay S. Hymowitz
New research shows that America is still the land of opportunity.
Roger Kimball
College kids say no to the shibboleths of their left-wing profs.
Theodore Dalrymple
The U.K. will cut funds for museums that don’t draw minority visitors.
Stefan Kanfer
Opponents of Dr. Laura’s defense of traditional morality conjure up an ugly specter.
E. Fuller Torrey
The New York Times at last recognizes that, unmedicated, the mentally ill can be dangerous.
Edward John Craig
How New York won another quality-of-life battle.
Brian C. Anderson
The American Psychiatric Association considers whether anyone who disagrees with its rosy view of homosexuality is nuts.
Jay P. Greene
Is the nation’s biggest teachers’ union illegally spending tax-free millions on political campaigns?
Theodore Dalrymple
In England these days, right is wrong, and wrong is right.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Tin Pan Alley Diarist
Herbert London
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