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January 2015

Nicole Gelinas
Thumbs-Up for the Transit Shutdown | Despite public whining, the governor and the MTA made the right call.
28 January 2015

Tim Hoefer
Albany’s Corruption Cauldron | Sheldon Silver exemplifies it, but he isn’t the end of it.
28 January 2015

Aaron M. Renn
After the Mirage | New Yorkers grumble and get back to life as usual.
27 January 2015

Matthew Hennessey
Connecticut’s Homeschool Hokum | The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission continues to tread on parents’ rights.‚Äč
26 January 2015

Myron Magnet
Debates, Not Game Shows | How to make the Republican primary contest more effective
25 January 2015

Nicole Gelinas
Silver’s Lining | New York voters should have kicked out the assembly speaker years ago.
22 January 2015

Theodore Dalrymple
Looking Away from Europe’s Muslim Problem | It’s easier to condemn Steven Emerson than to confront issues of assimilation and culture.
22 January 2015

Steven Malanga
Hail to the States | President Obama takes credit for growth stoked largely by red state policies.
21 January 2015

Heather Mac Donald
A Tale of Two Very Different Cities | The New York Times resurrects a disingenuous comparison between New York and San Diego.
20 January 2015

Matthew Hennessey
A Parade of Troubles | Irish politics come to the streets of New York.
15 January 2015

Robert Pondiscio
Because Carmen Fariña Says So | New York’s schools chancellor has a history of ignoring evidence.
14 January 2015

Nicole Gelinas
Words, Pictures, Bikes, and Freedom | One murdered French cartoonist stuck up for Paris in more ways than one.
12 January 2015

Aaron M. Renn
Why Policing? | Without public safety, cities fail.
12 January 2015

Stefan Kanfer
Them Damn Pictures | Cartoonists provide the only effective answer to the barbarity in Paris.
11 January 2015

Theodore Dalrymple
Tyranny of the Minority | There is more to fear in one terrorist than to celebrate in 99 well-adjusted immigrants.
9 January 2015

Jared Meyer
Gordon Tullock’s Legacy | The father of public choice theory deserves a Nobel Prize.
9 January 2015

Theodore Dalrymple
Equating Prudence with Cowardice | France must continue to mock, bait, and needle its Muslims.
7 January 2015

Dennis Saffran
On Steven Scalise—and Al Sharpton | What conduct should disqualify someone from a public career?
6 January 2015

Matthew Hennessey
Ending Broken Windows? | The NYPD’s critics set new standards for hypocrisy.
5 January 2015

E. J. McMahon
Mario Cuomo, Tax Cutter | The three-term governor wasn’t just a big-government liberal.
2 January 2015