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Sol Stern
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And perhaps, if the NY GOP had done a better job at reaching out to minorities and others this progressives wave would not be upon us. But, instead the New York Republican Party and the conservative movement in NYC looks and acts like a white boy country club.

Blaming liberals for these and other inadequacies won't get you your desired results. Hard work and engaging communities of color and the working poor will.

Conservatives lost NYC because they lived in a Giuliani malaise and failed to see that the city was growing more ethnic by the day. They are paying the consequences. And this, only this, is why Lhota will lose.

Indifference and a failure to engage with the entire community.
Actually if you read M. Stanton Evans "Blacklisted by History" you will see that Senator Joe McCarthy did not call liberals Reds - the people he called Communists were Communists.
The problem with De Blasio's ideology is that it doesn't work when it comes to governing - his ideology is inconsistent with democratic principles and free market capitalism. It can't work, and it always leads to economic ruin. Since we live in a global economy there is nothing to prevent those with money from simply leaving, which they will do - into the eager arms of other states, including my own, New Jersey, which already came close to taking away the commodities market some years ago, or even cities in other countries.

Plus, as articles in City Journal have pointed out, the City has become dangerously dependent on one industry - financial sector - the same financial sector that will be seen as enemies by a De Blasio Administration. Once the financial sector leaves, there will no coming back, and the City will sink into the decay that was put off by the wise governance of De Blasio's two predecessors.

And those in the City who elected De Blasio deserve what's coming - if having seen the stark contrast between the two ways of governance, the people still elect a Democrat then they deserve what's coming - a place even the tourists avoid.

I mean really - does anyone seriously believe that a De Blasio Adminsitration will do anything other than chase business out of the City? What will remain - where will the people work?

How can people be so damned stupid?
Oh I hope DeBlasio wins-it will help CT real estate!!! HOORAY!!!!!
"In fact, Obama knew Ayers was a radical education professor who taught future K12 teachers how to use their classrooms for leftist indoctrination."

In fact, Obama WORKED with Ayers at the Annenberg Challenge handing out $ to train marxist teachers.

And to that fecal-matter-eating OWS pond-scum down below, be sure and buy a toe tag with your next nickel bag of dope, because not only was McCarthy RIGHT, next time you won't be able to scurry back into the sewer fast enough.
I figure de Blasio will win. He will take the helm of a city which has spent the last two decades doing what it takes to avoid the fate of Newark or Detroit. It has a strong tax base and a strong and involved business community. It will be interesting to see to what extent a leftist mayor can destroy what Giuliani and Bloomberg have built. To what extent will the business community (aka, the tax base and the source of employment) will be able to blunt his efforts. This could be a titanic struggle.
Letitia James already has the Working Families Party line for Public Advocate in the general election.
(She was the first WFP win for the City Council).

Is anyone asking why she is also running for the Democratic Party nomination for Public Advocate? That runoff, between Tish James, and Daniel Squadron, is Oct. 1, a real battle between the two wings of what is called the Democratic Party in NYC.
The sub-head leading Mr. Stern's piece isn't quite accurate.

It's the financial fortunes of the city's far left organizations that'll be revived as De Blasio, should he be elected, funnels as much in the way of tax payer dollars as possible, to those left wing organizations. That edge of the political spectrum's as alive as it ever was but as the ineffectiveness, even destructiveness, of left wing policies becomes ever more evident it gets harder and harder to sell their ideas.

That recent temper tantrum, the "Occupy" movement, was supposed to be a counterweight to the Tea Party movement but it was, of course, no such thing. Sadly, that embarrassing episode is now over so the similarity to spoiled children is no longer nightly fare on news outlets.

Similarly, it's sad that the electorate must, from time to time, be reminded of what a dreadful idea it is to give lefties power but there doesn't seem to be any other way to drive the point home.

So now, after a mayor that sorted out the city's finances and made the streets safe New Yorkers are hoping that their mommy, with her ample bosom, can be elected mayor and there will be nipples for all.

I suppose a hope like that is beyond persuasion and requires harsh experience to reject.
Actually it was Occupy that revived the Left in New York. That and the pro-1%er policies of Bloomberg & Co.

And this is funny: "In fact, Obama knew Ayers was a radical education professor who taught future K12 teachers how to use their classrooms for leftist indoctrination."

You're still sucking at the breast of the Birch Society. But it ain't milk; it's the silly hoax that every non-RWNJ politician is a secret commie with ties to Stalin and Mao.

Typical example: Joe McCarthy. And that drunkard liar never named a real Soviet agent in his lifetime. What he did was slander people who opposed Franco and the Fascists, who supported Negroes against lynchings, and who supported American unions.

This new creep, Ted Cruz, has the mentality of McCarthy. At least he's not a drunk. And Cruz is also a coward so his narcissism won't extend to doing personal damage to individual Americans. He'll just try to sabotage democratic government and the national credit standing -- for his own tastes at mental masturbation.
Go ahead NYC. Put him in and Pay The Bills that he is going to incur. Just leave the rest of the Country out of the "who pays for it" plans. BO already spent it all.
But, with the release of the Venona transcripts, the world learned the McCarthy was absolutely correct about his charges of communist penetrations and influence of the Democrat administrations of Roosevelt and Truman.

It's time we put the tired trope "McCarthyism" to rest. McCarthy was correct, and the Communists of that era (and since) have confirmed it. (And it's almost a dead certainty that communist influence is alive and well in the Obama administration.)

Bill de Blasio is a Marxist, and just ike leopards, Marxists never change their spots.
Good points. Would once being an atheist or agnostic be disqualifying if one were born again? I don't think so.

But you're right to question what kind of government and personnel hires would occur in a de Blasio administration.

Lastly, like it or not, Rev Al's legitimacy is now water under the bridge. Question is how do Lhota and de Blasio manage his legitimacy and influence. It falls to you, me and others to keep them honest in their dealings.