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COming from Australia, I find again and again that it is amazing how socialist the US has become.

There is no way that the Unions here in their wildest dreams would ever be allowed to collect cash from non-members. And we have no Bill of Rights in our Constitution.

As I have said many times, the worst thing you can do is have written lists of rights. That just leads to endless logic chopping in the Courts.

It is far better that the Common Law and Equity protect or rights, and they are not too exactly defined in any document. In that way, public opinion can quash Governments that tread on free speech or other rights.
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Judy Neufeld-Fernandez July 12, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Students Matter has a very exciting lawsuit in the works that challenges union negotiated employment rights (Last in First out and the onerous firing process that results in only.05% of tenured teachers ever losing their job) as being a violation of California Constitution which guarantees all kids a quality education. These "employment rights"'have made a system that retains abusive, negligent and ineffective educators at the expense of children and taxpayers.
God bless these efforts. I have long witnessed the forced group think abundant in public education due to unions overwhelming presence and power. Praying for a common sense outcome here.
I hope the California lawsuit is successful. When I worked in public health in WI, I resigned as full member of SEIU and became a “Fair-Share” member. Still had to pay full dues every month (over $700/yr) and then had to write a letter-of-objection at the end of every year to have the portion of dues used for political purposes refunded to me. But it was the Union’s accounting that would determine how much the refund would be, with no independent accounting, and the Union controlled when they would send me the refund – i.e. they could delay for months. When I retired, I had to write repeat letters-of-objection and finally had to ask for help from the State Labor Relations Board and National Right To Work Foundation before the Union finally sent my refund. One year when my Local’s dues took a big jump, so did the yearly salary of the Union’s president. I agree with the comment that an over-riding objective of unions is “to collect dues from captive members in order to redistribute the wealth to Democrat organizations” and would add, to fund union leadership salaries and liberal/progressive causes.
OK, let's just say that folks that opt-out pay nothing. Then it follows logically that when the union bargains for their members, those that opt-out will not benefit from it, but will have to negotiate for themselves or not get the raise...And when they then need someone to represent them in a disciplinary action, your saying the union rep won't have to represent them like they do now? They'll have to hire an outside attorney who may know nothing about labor law at substantial expense to themselves? Yeah, that sounds like a great plan...not!
Very well written!
"The Union negotiates a decent living wage on behalf of all the teachers and should be compensated for it."

Nice try. The Union makes sure that ineffective teachers never get laid off - even those rightly accused of felonies and crimes against children. Last year, the teacher awarded "Teacher of the Year" was laid off - because she had the least seniority.

The national unions have fought tooth and nail - with money collected from their members - against any sort of merit pay. They could care less whether our kids get a good education.

One teacher's union executive said, when asked about the children, "I'll worry about them when they get to vote".

The union has no other objective than to collect dues dues from captive members in order to redistribute the wealth to Democrat organizations.
Robert A. Bustamante July 11, 2013 at 5:04 PM
Wow, So we'll just pick up teachers in front of The Home Depot in the morning, bargain with them and drop them off at our kid's school? Minimum wage for teachers! Is that the goal? Oh no, they can negotiate their wage individually with the State, and Jesus, cause the union only cares about fees and dues. Sorry, I missed that. I hope you actually get to experience the world your hoping for. The Union negotiates a decent living wage on behalf of all the teachers and should be compensated for it. There are private non-union church schools for those who choose to work in them.