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Theodore Dalrymple
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Have you been to Michigan recently?
Where Britain is, the United States is headed. Why would anyone have a job in Britain? Why not loaf around, what possible incentive is there to bust your chops at when you can live a comfortable life for free?

Sooner or later the money has to run out - it is indeed a bizarre world where you can have abysmal poverty in the third world, and a province full of third generation do nothings in the first world. What have these people done that they deserve to live off the sweat of others?

Sooner or later the ants of the world are going to get mightily tired of the legions of grasshoppers, and (to mix metaphors) take their marbles elsewhere. When the system collapses, as it inevitably must, I will find it hard to be sympathetic when these people starve - as they no doubt will - I have heard stories from relations in Greece that it is getting progressively more difficult to buy food.
Aaa ah Dalrymple, always after the small fish. Suitable prey for a man of your talents no doubt. After all you wouldn't want to risk the comeback of taking on the bigger parasites that plague he system, the bankers, wankers and tax frankers.
There's greed for you April 01, 2013 at 9:40 AM
To Chris Mahoney:

Wales forever? Oh yes please! If England could be free of the selfish Scots and the Wacky Welsh sucking English money into their own cesspits then great.

England don't forget has no distinct parliament, unlike the Scots and the Welsh. They have that so they can talk the talk of 'being free' without any consequences. Once they are independent they are free to use what little money they have in any way they wish. I am sure the EU will help out as Brussels has a special jolly club fund that dishes out money to the poor and oppressed.

Many in England only ask that once the Welsh (and the Scots) get the power they crave the borders are sealed and all their desperate unemployed who will find out their national pride doesn't pay the food bills will stay in their own wonderful nations. We in England do get stressed by all the Scots and Welsh who turn up at Westminster to impose their brand of socialism on us while demanding more of our money.

I think that in deepest Merthyr the stress levels will get a whole lot more when they realise that singing and standing in the rain doesn't really make ends meet.
Well, perhaps the charity DID fund the couple's holiday but here in the States, the taxpayers have the honor of funding ALL of King Barack Hussein Obongo's innumerable and exorbitantly funded holidays, plus intercontinental shopping sprees and getaways for his noveau-riche wife and his elitist children; why, even our own untermensch Biden was free to spend over one million US dollars during his recent holidays in Paris and London! So you see, in the US, the costs of the corrupt and immoral are passed directly on to the working class.
One problem we are seeing in the States is multi-generational "disability". People of child bearing age get on disability so easily, and then have multiple children to increase their income. All their children know growing up is the "disability lifestyle" and how to milk it.

As soon as they come of age, this next generation jumps on disability because they supposedly have ADHD, "stress", "anxiety", "oppositional disorder" and the like. It's all mental, nothing phsycial going on except obesity. Then, of course, they start having as many babies as possible to increase their income, and so it goes...

We end up having whole family groups of people who are nothing more than parasites on our society, in every way. Not to mention what they take away from those who are truely disabled and need our compassion and care.
SSI seems to be the worst of all possible worlds- they make it difficult to obtain benefits (one must be persistent) but ultimately make no real discrimination between the disabled and the not-so-disabled.

That is, practically all applicants are initially rejected. In order to obtain benefits, you find one of the lawyers who specialize in SSI. It may take a couple of years and multiple appeals, but ultimately you'll be awarded benefits.

So, SSI makes it difficult for the truly disabled to obtain benefits in a timely manner yet seems unable to reject those who are not so disabled.

In theory, the bar to being judged "totally disabled" is high: you are totally disabled if you are unable to perform the duties required for any type of lawful compensated employment, now and in the forseeable future. Yet it's become all too obvious the system is being gamed. And once you're "totally disabled" you're in for rest of your life.
Alison Weissberg March 27, 2013 at 6:27 AM
How's that public sector pension of yours coming along, 'Doctor'?
This is mad, but also remember both sides of politics in the boom encouraged the long term unemployed to "become long term sick" (including Mrs.Thatcher - worked six months in an unemployment benefit office in the 1980's). They often register as sick not because they get better benefits, but because they then come off the unemployment register. In one stoke of the pen long term unemployed off the books, political party reduced unemployment.
In the 1970's less than 16hr/ week was counted as unemployed, this gradually fell to one hour paid or voluntary a month and you counted as employed.
In a high unemployment area, offer a low skilled, no job hoper one of two options, constant interviews with little chance of a job, or register as sick, same money, no interview and sign on less often. Hence the large number of sick, who often don't get increased benefits and some get a little less, but no requirement to even pretend they want a job.
Independence for Wales now! Plaid Cymru forever!
If too many people claim disability pensions, then there won't be enough for the ones who really need it.
I'm surprised that Marshallsea was sacked.
Perfect. BJ Harvey (below) beat me to it. As NPR has been trumpeting this past week - there's as inordinate growth of disability claims in America. All you need do is claim disability and then you get 200,000-300,000$ . And NPR of course, can't figure out why it's growing.
We have the same problem here in the States. Some has been written about it: otherwise able-bodied individuals hiring an attorney, being directed to a sympathetic judge (the lawyers know who they are) and getting themselves declared 'disabled', too ill to work. Regardless of their age, they begin immediately to start drawing a monthly social security check, in most states they also become eligible for Medicaid, food stamps, and a host of other government freebies, and, after two years of their 'disability', they are automatically enrolled into Medicare, again regardless of age. Several judges and law firms have been cited by social security for being particularly 'successful' in getting their clients declared disabled.
Just as an aside, I have two cousins, both in their 40's, both in better physical shape than I am. Both college graduates. Both in long-term relationships with their boyfriends, Both cousins and their middle-aged boyfriends have been officially declared 'disabled' by social security. The four of them draw separate monthly social security checks each in excess of $1200 (tax free), have their medical bills paid by the state Medicaid program, and enjoy life travelling around the country or just hanging out and watching tv with their drug addict friends. The 'disability' that all four suffer from is drug addiction, addiction to painkillers. They can legally decline therapy, and just continue with their lifestyle. Anecdotal, yes, but probably very typical of what's going on out there.