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Claire Berlinski
They Kill Because They Like It « Back to Story

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The author needs to be aware that the term "cosmic" is probably referring to "Cosmic Top Secret" which is a security classification used by NATO countries to share classified information among and throughout the organization. The lawyers were probably being prosecuted for revealing the national security information of other countries in NATO, which may not be the ridiculous charge it seems without the proper context. I'm not saying I agree one way or the other, just that the authorís interpretation of the term is probably incorrect.
They are Maoists. "To read too many books is harmful." "Rape the landowner's wife." "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

To Mao Zedong the meaning of "communism" was that he and his clique could take over everything.

His Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was an powerful effort to destroy the traditional culture of China. Competent work from Jung Chang and Jon Halliday produced an estimate that 3,000,000 people were killed. What makes Mao attractive to fringe groups is that he presents a modern example of the excesses of Attila the Hun. And he got away with it.
Interesting diagram. Monty Python indeed! During the Cold War, Turkish officials explained away a lot of the domestic terrorism as acts inspired by Moscow (or Sofia, or East Berlin, etc.). There was some truth to that, but anyone who ever worked in Turkey recognized that a deep strain of anarchy ran through the Turkish psyche. The fragmented nature of the Turkish left reflects that. The good news was that they could never develop a critical mass in opposition to the established order. The bad news was that it made it that much harder to root them out.
It's a mystery why Marxism and its various forms, a way of governing that has been proven time and again not to work in practice, persists. Perhaps these people are nothing more than power seekers who cloak their need for control under an "acceptable" label or movement.

We can only hope that sooner or later this perniciousness will die out, although it appears to be kept alive through various means, by people who are unwilling or don't care why it doesn't and will never work.

Or it could be most Marxists haven't actually read Marx, they have just read or been told about it.
I studied a couple of units of sociology in my otherwise Economics degree, requirement to broaden our knowledge! Even Marx had no idea how to move from lower communism (socialism) to higher communism. Marx, though I believe intellectually flawed, was a clever man, who I doubt would have much respect or want such imbiciles in his revolution.
Minority Bolshevism February 05, 2013 at 7:16 PM
Yeah Don,
Maybe you can refresh your education.
Start here:
Hi Don
Methinks you are either Cretin Laureate or a candidate for the madhouse.
To be charitable, I'd say both.
Hope that helps.
Oh, BTW, Ms Berlinski"s article was brilliant.
Have anice day.
They are Marxists? Despite the fact that in every text by Marx or Lenin in which terrorism is discussed, it is denounced vigorously as counterproductive and tactically illicit for Marxists to engage in? Is there no bottom to this woman's ignorance?
Why *now*? Back to the conspiracy theories centered on a warning from Damascus we go ...