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Tevi Troy
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I was a Koch fan - we should all recall that in one or two of his subsequent terms, he ran as a Republican as well as a Democrat. I've also wondered at who followed Koch, a man about whom little has been written: David Dinkins. Under Dinkins the City basically fell apart - crime rose to unbelievable levels, city finances were in a shambles, the sqeegee men ruled the streets, and the city was filed with racial tensions - I recall feeling that New York was in a kind of free fall.

Few people discuss Dinkins term these days - or note that despite his dismal performance he almost beat Giuliani in 1993 (?). It may not be appropriate to consider Dinkins at this time, but I wonder how it was possible to so quickly extinguish all or most of the good Koch had done in four short years. That question is esepcially relevant, given who is likely to follow Bloomberg.

We are on the edge of a precipice and it may be useful to look at the Dinkins term as a guide to what's to come once we have a new mayor.
Future generations will have no inkling. To my generation, Queensboro Bridge shall remain Queensboro Bridge.