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Lloyd Billingsley
Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees « Back to Story

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Since only 28% of this States electorate even vote and responsible working people are leaving this State in droves this is no surprise to me. The Democratic Party in this State are the same as the NAZI Party was to Germany, they will decide everything and don't you question anything.
The California AG is the same pond scum official who could/would not prosecute da Getty gangsters who waz robbin and rippin a decade or so ago. Sometimes nothin changes but da maggots in charge. Quote me ..theerma classs continues adinfinitum.
Minority Bolshevism January 19, 2013 at 2:48 PM
Government of bureaucrats, by bureaucrats, for bureaucrats. They looked at this money as "theirs", not individually but as a "collective".
State Senator Noreen Evans asks; 'Where does it all end?'. I'll tell you where. It ends in the same place as Stockton, Bell, San Berandino, Mammoth Lakes Atwater, and soon to be Los Angeles. The bankruptcy of the entire state. This is what you get from 40+ years of uncontrolled Democratic spending, taxes and bungling incompetence. THAT's where it will end.
What a pleasure to read Mr. Billingsley whom I have enjoyed ever since he wrote his book ("Hollywood Party") about Hollywood's embrace of the Kremlin Communism.
Interesting. Usually Kamala trumpets her activities to her mailing list. There was no announcement of this.