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Barry Strauss
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Present at the Revolution:
A two-phased grassroots blueprint for American voters to utilize to extract revenge against recalcitrant political officials in the 2010 and 2012 general elections. The CAPOA Planís first phase, in 2010, consists of the following steps:

1) In 2010, Americans will not contribute any money whatsoever to the Democrat party or to any Democrat candidate for public office at any level of government (federal, state or local);
2) In 2010, Americans will not vote for any Democrat candidate for any office at any level of government on any ballot in any state or territorial possession of the United States; and
3) Beginning immediately, the American people will demand implementation of term limits for every publicly-elected office at every level of government (federal, state and local). In addition to demanding implementation of such term limits, Americans will financially support organizations that promote implementation of term limits, and will directly and personally become involved in assisting such groups to successfully enact such term limits.
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote the 1958 novel, The Leopard; excellent novel,stunning film.
I see - its the republicans fault - not the purveyors of free stuff and irresponsibility that's bankrupting the country - just look at europe - it does not work - jobs work and your team of parasites are killing the host - but you wouldn't know that because you work in academia and it all seems fair - famous last words - just look at youth unemployment Europe - why don't you compromise and leave us alone
A worthy soul for the Cato Institute to have honored!