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Nicole Gelinas
What New York Can Learn from Britain’s Rail Fiasco « Back to Story

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Basically, automobile is one of the most important properties in a family. All major components of braking system including brake caliper, brake master cylinder and brake valve, which need regular inspection and servicing to prevent them from sticking and corroding. Furthermore, air drier along with vacuum booster are ensure the safety driving of the vehicle.
Keith Charles Edwards January 21, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Since Maggie Thatcher sold BR, safety has dropped off and collisions and derailments are abound. Crews are not properly trained. They are sent out with the minimum, just like our subway in NYC. I am no fan of gov't or civil-service. At least, it is or was regulated.

As for Veolia: Nassau County and its people are happy to get rid of bus service. They hate buses. They like this arrangement because they do not ride buses. As they say, "the other people ride buses." Need I say more? Veolia will solve their problems because the ridership is no constituency with political influence.
The author's mention of Nassau County, NY
reminds one that the taxpayers there rejected a public/private deal for a new
NY Isles. hockey venue-of which sales tax reciepts(public) were to fund the note(private). Alas, the team is moving to
Brooklyn's new Barclays center to share the space with the Nets basketball club.
Did Mayor Mike get a better deal? He must have.
In the US, a private/public partnership would consist of some Democrat politicians (they run all of the big cities) and some cronies they would hand pick based on campaign contributions. Obama himself has done quite a bit of this "partnering" with the green energy sector.

Incompetence isn't something that is easily fixed unfortunately, it is a worldwide epidemic now. The lousy education system and a country that has gone soft is going to have a hard time doing big things efficiently.

The idiots who are running things are a reflection of a dumbed down citizenry. Look how long it took the Freedom Tower to get off the ground. For the life of me I can't remember the last big project we did in this country that was on time and under budget.
congratulations, that is the clearest explanation of the West Coast Main Line fiasco I have read. I lost the will to live trying to get to grips with the subordinated loan fund or whatever they called it.
And what distinguishes a "private-public partnership" from "The states quasi-independent public agencies..."? Only one thing: a variable percent of the money comes from private investors rather than taxpayers' pockets. Losses? Made up by taxpayers. Decision-making? Dominated by politics rather than economics. Distinction without a difference as the taxpayers are still on the hook and decisions are still made by politicians instead of private business. Oh, wait! We can make the politicians competent!! Can we? Really?? Why do you think they went into politics, because they're genuine geniuses? Really??
Your retelling of Branson's objection and FT's and the government's initial responses is accurate and succinct. At the same time, we can hardly trust private firms to be efficient where markets are dominated by too few players.

"The private sector is efficient because competition weeds out inefficient players." That no longer applies to much of our economy. From eye glasses to pharmaceuticals, there is little price competition -- less by the passage of years. They are horridly inefficient and encouraged for it.