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Paul Beston
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Thank you.
A tender account in just "the right key." I loved the precise description, the matter-of-fact tone with a tinge of humor and stoicism.

Heartfelt thanks to Paul Beston for the gift of this essay.

Very nice....refreshing in a honest and so death turns out to be. May the Lord of mercy grant us all a peaceful death.
thanks for this story. it reminded me tearily of my own father's passing and my mother's too, almost 20 years apart, in February, with about five days between them (plus the 20 years) also reminded me that at the age of 61 i am an orphan....and that's NEVER a good feeling, no matter what age you are.
Beautifully written.
Your commentary is such a heartfelt reminder of my own memories of the death of my Mother...I think of her everyday. I am so sorry for you and your family.
My reading of this piece was accompanied by music - Bach Mass in B Minor. I read the last sentences to the notes of the "miserere nobis" lines from the Agnus Dei.

Those notes were playing seven years ago as I stood next to my dying mother's bed, as she took her last, peaceful breath.