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Stefan Kanfer
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It doesn't matter if it was 6-8-12mn Stalin still starved them.He shot to death almost all military commanders from Major's on up.But are your still say'n that what it didn't happen.Thats not including around 100mn he sacrificed overcoming Hitler's Reich.
Andrea Ostrov Letania December 10, 2012 at 11:39 AM
"he denied the Holodomor, Stalin’s deliberate, deadly starvation of some 12 million Ukrainians"

Real number is closer to 4 million.
Andrea Ostrov Letania December 10, 2012 at 11:38 AM
"he denied the Holodomor, Stalin’s deliberate, deadly starvation of some 12 million Ukrainians"

Real number is loser to 4 million.
I hope reviewers can see the parallels of this play with Miller's great play The Crucible. The similarity is that Miller brilliantly dramatized the cost of resisting a deluded totalitarian episode in Salem, stressing the same moral insights these playwrights do, but the differences are that McCarthyism was never remotely comparable to Stalinism or Islamism, nor was the Salem witch hunt fairly comparable with the history or principles of Christianity, which includes many episodes of persecution. And Miller was a conformist liberal secularist.
12 million huh? what is the source please.? You see I have the archive numbers which were opened in 1993 and vetted by 3 American Historians oh someone says 6-8 million source it did you not learn that in school ?why 6 why 12 why not 8 billion? you can make up any numbers you want; you want to create your historical mythology I cannot stop you. Contradict the archives with sourced evidence . I have had it with intellectual dishonesty---even Arno Mayer admits that many deaths were caused because kulaks or rich peasants were killing their animals faster than Moscow could make tractors (The Furies) Play shmay the real question is intellectual honesty,
Interesting...when I first saw this article I assumed that the play was going to make Duranty out to be some kind of hero. Maybe people are finally realizing that there is a market for entertainment that is not the typical leftist propaganda we get so endlessly from our entertainment industry.

Is anyone actually planning on putting this on?
Interesting, (more than that) new play.
Walter Duranty was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1932, not 1937. It was for 13 articles written in 1931, before the Holodomor of 1932-1933. Probably 6 to 8 million Ukranians were starved to death by Stalin, not 12 million.

Duranty was a bad journalist, and an evil man, but it is important to keep the facts straight for credibility.
Disgusting! Duranty has never had his pulitzer removed because he told the truth.

The Ukrainian Nationalists in the U.S., many of which hold openly pro-Nazi sentiments hate him. He won't go along with their anti-communist persecution fantasies.

The areas of the Ukraine hardest hit by the famine vote Communist by very high percentages.