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Nicole Gelinas
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Significantly, e-commerce and brick and mortar companies that are Seaboard and face weather risks must consider fulfillment and shipping issues. Karol fulfillment made the decision decades ago to move their operations from New Jersey to an inland location where it can serve its clients best.
Duane Reade on 63rd and Broadway remained open throughout the storm - only because they put their cashiers and other employees up at the round the corner posh Empire Hotel. At Fairway Market, an essential supermarket for West Siders, cashiers told me on Tuesday, when they were open the day after the storm, that management paid for their taxis to and from work. So the owners were determined not to lose the enormous amount of produce they'd have lost if they stayed closed.

My own firm opened on Wednesday, paying taxis for those who came to work. I gratefully returned to work - two days at home revealed my inner work ethic. Hurray for work!
MTA workers performed ok here, but MTA is just awful, especially in capital items. MTA can't do well until it installs modern switches. Don't believe when they protest that they are... they aren't.

Select Buses offer a glimpse of potential, but Bloomie rigged it to generate fines from summonses, 'fare-beaters' who just couldn't figure how to pay & board stops that had been obscured, moved, rendered inaccessible. Now, passengers must choose WHICH bus, local or express, BEFORE bus arrives. Silly, this IS new york, we don't work that way.

BTW, 2d Ave scam should be traded in for something USEFUL... eg, 23 Street elevated line, or 34 Street el, OR BOTH! Then these modern wagons can fly across the bridges!
Hi Nicole - how much would it cost to modernize areas of the city where power lines above ground and move them below ground? Or to have gasoline piplelines built (if not already here) to the NYC boroughs?
Excellent article, thank you from Michigan. And oh, by the way, that's "jerry-rigged" from WW2 GI's references to Germans as jerries.