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Steven Greenhut
A Yes Man Says No « Back to Story

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"Why would the governor seemingly go out of his way to anger core constituencies? The main reason is Proposition 30..."

Now that Prop 30 has passed, Californians can expect that these bills will be reintroduced, with minor modification to provide cover for Brown when he signs them.

California is gone, plain and simple. It will be interesting to see what happens as where California is heading the rest of the country is following - under the leadership of the most corrupt organization on the planet - the Democratic Party.
Gov. Brown must have been feeling unwell when he vetoed those bills. He's just not himself these days!!!
Fantastic to hear that he vetoed the Nanny Bill and the Farmworkers Safety Worker's Bill. The Nanny Bill would have meant people could not take care of their aging parents, and the aging parents would not be able to stay in their homes, and parents would not have been able to have their kids be babysat at home, and the idea was that everything would have cost 2x as much and have to be done at an institution to comply with the rules or go underground; and The Farmworker Safety Bills, as I understood it although there may have been more than one bill, were driving the farmers up the walls because as originally written they did not exempt their children who would not have been able to help their father on the farm.