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Wendell Cox
Sunshine Is Golden « Back to Story

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Part of the reason for the difference between California and Florida is that Florida has a Republican Governor, who is pro-growth and pro-economic freedom. California has governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown, who has increased taxes and regulations and increased the burden of economic support for social programs to the middle class.
Nothing great about Florida unless you are old or from Latin America. Personality, you could do better by staying in Minnesota or Iowa or New Hempshire as far as getting a job
How many of the new Florida jobs are going to Florida residents and how many are going to imported foreign workers?

why is USA importing Chinese to build our bridges and roads?
Eleven percent official unemployment and 18 percent a true total, endless short sales and foreclosures that have years to run, and a housing market and manufacturing that are a disaster. My wife and I left Florida three weeks ago for the North, and we couldn't be happier.
Dear readers, did you know there are certain websites that actually have "Florida" tags that lead to news from your state. Ever wonder why?
Republicans v Demcrats. Sounds like Florida is not such a paradise, and will not enjoy the benefits it had in the past, like Disneyworld, Cape Canaveral, and sterile retirement communities. In all fairness, I consider the state to be remarkably diverse in terms of living arrangements, anything from quiet redneck communities to beachfronts and modern urban hubs. I was impressed by the remarkable amount of land and ruralness. But I have to wonder, what with Treyvon, the insurance mess, the illegals (likely to worsen when the Castros are finally put out), the chintzy Aileen Wuornos underside and the plain naivete in governance this state is particularly special
The republicans ruined Florida, if it were not for the Hispanic population, Florida would be shrinking at record pace.
Sunshine, low property and other taxes, light on the regulations, Republican governors, tourism, beaches -

None of this would either matter or happen if Florida was governed by a Democratic majority. They would ruin the state, and quick -

And - most important - cause ruin on purpose, to drive the Republicans out - like in California. Democrats, including their media supporters, have perfected their economy ruination methodology and once it is up and running it is nearly impossible to stop. One only has to look at the ruined economies of California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois etc. to see how it is done.

It is to be hoped that the people in places where Democrats have taken control will come to their senses and rid themselves of their corrupt overlords. Because, sooner or later, we are going to run out of places to flee.