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Joel Kotkin and Shashi Parulekar
The State of the Anglosphere « Back to Story

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Stamford Raffles March 31, 2013 at 9:32 PM
Well said. Thank you.
Kenneth T. Tellis March 30, 2013 at 8:59 AM
This is the reality of the world today and you just cannot change it!
What was once a globe-spanning empire is now best understood as a union of language, culture, and shared values. Yet what declinists overlook is that despite its current economic problems, the Anglosphere’s fundamental assets—economic, political, demographic, and cultural—are likely to drive its continued global leadership. The Anglosphere future is brighter than commonly believed learn more
"Anglosphere countries possess overwhelming military superiority to protect their economic interests"
I prefer the perception!
What kind of jobs will tens of millions of Third World immigrants be working in this fantasy future? Running taco trucks? Prison guards? America needs an immigrationn moratorium. The authors are globalist screwballs with a hidden agenda, which doesn't include anything resembling prosperity for anyone but those in the 99th income percentile. One has to wonder if they feel any twinge of a bad conscience about lying repeatedly.
I'm not sure Islamization-through-immigration of the UK is an indication of a bright future.
>>"In this respect, immigration presents the most important long-term advantage for the Anglosphere, which has excelled at incorporating citizens from other cultures."

Sounds like the same old discredited "proposition nation" hogwash extended to the Anglosphere.

When the Anglosphere comes to be populated by a majority of non-"Anglos" - and that day is coming quickly thanks to its open borders policies - then all the things which make it good and worthwhile will disappear.

Large parts of the US are already coming to resemble Latin America in their economic prospects. Perhaps Krotkin and Parulekar might take the trouble to read some of Heather MacDonald's articles which appear in this very same publication.

>>"Between 2000 and 2050, for example, the U.S. workforce is projected to grow by 37 percent"

By 2050 the US is projected to be a majority non-white - or non-Anglo if you like - country.

At that point the Barack Obama of 2012 will appear to have been a veritable Adam Smith in his devotion to the free market, and that future America will be ruled over by men remarkably similar to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

The saying "People are policy" applies to countries as well. In fact it applies especially to counties.
Extremely interesting and encouraging - for the most part. Thank you.
mjbyyz - 120309
"Anglosphere is still far and away the world’s largest economic bloc"

Since English is the internatioanl lingua-franca due to so many people speaking that language, this must go down as one of the most meaningless statistics ever. In fact if you extend to the Indo-European language bloc it is an even larger "economic bloc."
I was born in Canada & lived in Vancouver, Canada. ESL now dominates; there isn't an intelligent English-language conversation to be had. Including within the media. It's over for Canada due to the very high levels of immigration and official multiculturalism. Greed and stupidity have destroyed the country.
print out
"The Anglosphere"?

What's that? People who speak only English?

Quebec shouldn't be counted then. Or India should be counted.

Anyway, only in the Anglosphere do I read reports of the Anglosphere’s imminent irrelevance, and the likewise silly rebuttals.
"Over the next two decades, its ratio of workers to retirees is projected to rise from 11 to 23."

This statement makes no sense. A ratio is a relationship of one number to another. 11 ou of how many? 23 out of how many? 100?? So ratio of workers to retirees rises from 11 out of 100 to 23 out of 100? Doesn't make sense !!
This article seems to claim that Canada's population exploded from 18 million to 34 million in the period 1980-2010.

According to census data, the last year Canada's population was 18 million was in 1960. In 1980, the figure stood at about 24.5 million.
"In this respect, immigration presents the most important long-term advantage for the Anglosphere, which has excelled at incorporating citizens from other cultures."

Yep, and this will ultimately be the anglosperes undoing.
Too many charts, figures and dollar signs. This is not the way to measure any culture Mr.Kotkin and frankly it is a nonsense.
Very often the great artists in the past were rather poor in comparison with the "stars" of today. When I think culture ( in music) I think Bach, Mozart and Chopin not Lady Gaga. Your statement spells : decline... Oooops I forgot they were not Anglosphere.
Too many charts, figures and dollar signs. This is not the way to measure any culture Mr.Kotkin.
Very often the great artists in the past were quite poor in comparison with the "stars" of today. When I think culture ( in music) I think Bach, Mozart and Chopin not Lady Gaga. Your statement spells : decline... Oooops I forgot they were not Anglosphere.
Realistically speaking March 03, 2012 at 8:45 PM
A lot of very optimistic nonsense.Take Australia for example which is being sold out bit by bit to anyone who is willing to pay and Australian polititians are too busy stabbing each other in a frenzy of self destruction to even talk about it. Nobody talks about anything what really matters. Absolutely nobody apart from one silly TV show,heavily scripted and censored which treats the "nation" like a bunch of high school kids. It is called "Q and A" but there are no answers to any real questions ever because the "leading" smart Alex always concludes : "I take it as a comment, next"..."Culture" ? Excuse me , what "culture" ? Unless you are talking about the jolly "culture" of nepotism, incompetence and a total lack of any real accauntability..."Shared values" ? What "values" ? You must be joking but it is not funny at all.
Great article EXCEPT that immigration from places and by people largely hostile to Anglosphere's values threatens to override the positives. US, UK and Aust are now spending millions on homeland security that could be better used if domestic terrorism was not the problem it is.
Recall that a significant element in the fall of the Roman Empire was its devaluation of Roman citizenship and inability to hold together such diversity as the empire created. We are seeing a similar consequence on a smaller scale in the West - and not only the Anglosphere of course.
Canada's population in 1980 was 24,517,000 according to Wikipedia, which I looked up because 18m immediately struck me as preposterous. Were you trying for Anglophone population? Then you would have to fix the number for 2010. Either way, the Canadian growth rate more nearly mirrors American growth, discounting the unofficial Mexican spill-over.
ok, but... Susan Boyle? Really? Must have meant Adele.
Alena Hromádková,Prague March 03, 2012 at 8:53 AM
The economic and demographic phenomena of the Anglosphere countries have been presented in very powerful way, indeed. Perhaps the ´export´ of political and cultural values/instituons should be also mentioned in an another article, I think. Culture matters and should not be underestimated in the context, I experienced. The loss of appreciation on the side of e.g.Russian citizens is a great loss for the West and good luck for the old guard and their followers.
I agree that the supposed decline of the West has been greatly exaggerated. But the second last sentence, "The UK last year also experienced the strongest immigration in its history," intending to show that the UK is in a good state, is bizarre. It is widely agreed here in the UK that immigration controls have been far too lax and there has been too much immigration, and that this has contributed to social problems.
No one who has seen the net liabilities of the developed world can rationally claim "everything is going to be OK." The Anglosphere is in a hole far too deep to climb out of.

The best you can say about our "advantage" is that when our collapse happens, China, Russia, and the rest won't be spared.
This is a particularly pathetic defense of the morally corrupt and decadent Anglosphere.

"Start with economics. Like Germany in the 1930s or Japan in the 1970s, China has found that centrally directed economic systems can achieve rapid, short-term economic growth—and China’s has indeed been impressive. But over time, the growth record and economic power achieved by the free-market-oriented English-speaking nations remain peerless. "

Germany, in the 1930s, was a country the size of Texas with no oil and a population little more than double that of the great state today. They had no industry and were under military occupation in 1933. In but five years, they built up a completely modern military and fought the combined forces of the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and the United States - empires that controlled half the globe - for almost six years and nearly won. During that time, they created nearly every military innovation of importance to the point our own equipment - from tanks, submarines, guns, uniforms, jet fighers, all of it - is indistinguishable from Germany of 1944. Tell us again about American supremacy.

As for Japan, perhaps Shashi should spend some time in Tokyo rather than wherever else he visits in Asia. It enjoys a level of civility and technological advancement far beyond anything in the United States.

"Much has been made of the aging of the West, but the English-speaking countries are not graying as rapidly as their historical European rivals are—notably, Germany and Italy—or as Russia and many East Asian countries are. Between 1980 and 2010, the U.S., Canada, and Australia saw big population surges: the U.S.’s expanded by 75 million, to more than 300 million; Canada’s nearly doubled, from 18 million to 34 million; and Australia’s increased from 13 million to 22 million. By contrast, in some European countries, such as Germany, population has remained stagnant, while Russia and Japan have watched their populations begin to shrink."

More fanatical propaganda that advocates the genocide of the white race. The population growth advocated in this article was due solely to a corrupt elite that has allowed nothing less than invasion of unprecedented proportions. If any of this was remotely true, India and Ethiopia would be the most successful nations on earth given their extraordinary population growth.

"English is an ascendant language, the primary global language of business and science and the prevailing tongue in a host of key developing countries, including India, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, and Bangladesh."

Most of these countries are utterly barbaric. Who cares what language they speak? Hundreds of millions of people in these lands can't even refrain from defecating in the streams from which they drink.

The Manhattan Institute exists solely to further the Globalist destruction of European civilization, and this essay is proof of it.


so much whistling past the graveyard

this piece will be read in two decades and people will wonder what the authors were smoking when they wrote it
Andrew Paul Wood March 02, 2012 at 1:59 AM
Given more Indians speak English than any other language, with the sole exception of Hindi, and given the bicultural nature of countries of Canada and my own Aotearoa-New Zealand, and the broader and more complex multicultural realities of the US and the UK, the whole notion of an Anglosphere (especially for the Southern Hemisphere Anglophones where China's influence is increasingly significant) is beginning to look distinctly racist and naive.
Ramesh Raghuvanshi March 02, 2012 at 1:06 AM
Even Chinese are very eager to learn English language.There is tremendous boom in India for learning English language.China`s economy depend on outsourcing of hardware Industries,same is true about India software industries of India depend on America.One thing we must remember China and India have no capacities for invention or creative norm for science both countries fully depend on new research of western countries.Why politicians of western countries showing fear of China and India to people of west?Simple answer id western civilization psyche based on fear show them fear politicians want to win the election and inspire the people to create new technology

I see you're an Irish American. Too bad the Irish didn't follow the Scots. They made peace with the English, and ended up running a quarter of the planet. Not bad.
I believe that you should have included India and South Africa in the Anglosphere. By omitting them you denigrate the Anglosphere.

Reallly, you should include most countries with a British colonial background, unless there is a specific argument for exclusion (such as with Pakistan and Zimbabwe).

The quality of life in a former British colony relates directly to how much of its British heritage has been retained since independence. This relationship is very close to 1:1.
It would be interesting to see a similar comparison
between East and West for the year 1940; Perhaps it
would suggest that an Alliance, rather than a war,
would be preferable this time.
It is wrong on so many levels to think of America as any part of the Anglosphere. Demographics are against it. By the next one or two generations America will be just another Latin American semi-failed state.

The only thing keeping the drug cartel culture from invading Canada is its weather. The first snowfall and they would move South.

Please excuse my pessimism, but I am a landlord in South Carolina 11 of whose rentals just had the copper removed from them--pipes, wiring, and HVAC units.

The description of the perpetrators was "two hispanic males in a white van."

We won't go into the costs except to say they were over $33,000 in primary damages and $16,000 in lost rents.

The total achieved by selling the copper from all 11 units? About $1,500.

If the Anglosphere can hold out against the barbarians at the gate and somehow manage to thrive--as England did in the 400's when Rome abandoned it--well and good. But England is going to have to take leadership of the effort because America, like Rome, is about to do a disappearing act.
"Exports from Hollywood and the cultural capitals of other Anglosphere countries are growing enormously in developing countries: Hollywood box-office revenues grew 25 percent in Latin America and 21 percent in the Asia-Pacific region."
Oh woe. Now I know all is lost.
I buy into some of the premises here, with one major exception: the statement, "What was once a globe-spanning empire is now best understood as a union of language, culture, and (emphasis mine) SHARED VALUES."

I believe the so-called "Culture War" in our body politic these days is more than just a bumper sticker slogan. It reflects a deep divide in our nation that has on one side a throwback to a cro-magnon-like unenlightened, chauvinistic and regressive national and world view.

I fear that that Know-Nothing side is gaining ascendancy, and that no matter how strong our economic fundamentals may be, that type of outlook spells decline. Decline in innovation, scientific knowledge, progressive social consciousness, and imagination. Consider how many Americans actually state they don't believe in evolution. Frightening.

I find it very hard to see a silver lining when higher levels of ignorance become a society's benchmark.
Québec province GDP in Canada should'nt be counted in the Anglosphere. It should be counted in the "others" of Francosphere.
So take 23% of Canada GPD off.
This will improve the exactitude of this article.
To Sean,

you seem deeply entrenched in American patriotic ideas, but not nearly as familiar with your own history. What kind of political theory was it that spawned the constitution of the United States. Was it French? Was it American? It was British and it had been in development for quite some time before before the formation of the United States.

Your common law system, where justice is formed by trial and error from the bottom up through judge rulings in civil cases instead of top down by politicians drafting codes. Where did it come from? Again, Britain.

Your linguistic tie that you say is "constantly diverging" is diverging from what exactly? French?

You say that England can become your 51st state if they "end this nonsense of monarchs" as France did. So what's the objection against having France become your 51st state? Could it be all these characteristics mentioned above?

If you're going to bring up your ancestors' war against "British tyranny" and be so touchy about American sovereignty some 345 years later, shouldn't you be more respectful towards the sovereignty of other countries today, like the UK?

You end your comment telling people to "grow up" so let me leave you with this reply on that subject: growing up includes learning your own history.
And yet there remain people who actually think other cultures are as good - or better - than the Anglo Saxon culture. There are those who demand all the freedoms that exist only in the anglosphere yet support the most barbaric, squalid culture on the planet: the islamosphere.

How to explain this arrogant ignorance? Schools of Education & unionized teachers.

But there is a part of America - the leader of the anglosphere - that is in decline. Only two Blue states have fertility rates over replacement (2.1: NV, NM), and only six are at replacement. All other Blues are in net population decline, including all densely-populated Blue states. These people don't believe in the future enough to populate it. Yet they demand to freeload off the children of conservatives by demanding entitlements so large they only can be paid by stealing wealth from future generations of Red state citizens.
Well said and nicely argued Joel, as always. You mentioned the use of English as a way for emerging middle and upper classes to communicate outside their regions. I would be interested in hearing you comment on the emergence of a global class that has more in common with their economic cohort in other regions of the world than they do with their down-class neighbors next door.
The fact that so many commentators would like to include various non-white countries in the Anglosphere, and that they feel the need to qualify the term with mock quotation marks, speaks to our decline. Identity is the most important commodity (to use the sort of Anglo-speak that the authors would recognize), and we have hitched ours to the soulless notion of a proposition nation.

And to judge from this article, one of the consequences of that idea (i.e. mass immigration) is the only actual trend that is in our favor-all other points of advantage are simply assessments of the current state of affairs, not what it will be in the future.

To know the contemporary societies of the US and the UK, the two global players of the Anglo-Saxon world, is know that the first resembles that of a decadent borg, while the second approximates a post-apocolytical, Orwellian nightmare. The shining city on a hill, having long since tamed a continent, now finds that its manifest destiny was to buy crap at Wal-Mart, eat crap from McDonalds, listen to crap from Lady Gaga, and to convert the rest of the world to our glorious way. The Britons who vow to rule the waves and never be slaves, are now unarmed, and live under a totalitarian police state that charges seven year-olds with racism, and has scarped the centuries-old prohibition on double jeopardy for the benefit of one murdered black man, supposedly murdered by racists. Meanwhile, the British morality, and society itself, has almost totally collapsed over the past half-century-there may not be a more toxic combination than the coupling of free-trade with an extensive welfare state.

But on the bright side, the authors understate the current GDP of the Anglosphere; it is 21 trillion, not 18.

Soo....see ourselves as an "Anglosphere." A part of something great - not great in our own right? We as Americans have to tie ourselves together with other so-called "Anglo countries" (you forgot South Africa...oddly) in order to feel on top now. I can hear Lee Greenwood now: "and I'm proud to be from the Anglosphere" ....nahhhh, don't think so.

My ancestors did not fight the British tyranny and establish this country, only to be readmitted into a neo-British Empire. No thanks. And if you knew a thing or two about the US, Canada, and UK, you would know that our linguistic tie to England is constantly diverging, and our political views with average Canadians are quite different.

Tell you what...England can be our 51st state if they stop this nonsense of monarchs. The Untied States and France realized how primitive and flawed hereditary leadership was over two centuries ago. Grow up!
This is a fine article. I would agree, though, with those who say that the idea of the Anglosphere should be broadened a bit. India, the Union of South Africa, Singapore, and Hong Kong all have strong linguistic ties to their former colonizer, and they also look tosome extent to the common law model in their legal systems. The person who mentioned Sweden also makes a good point.
This is a fine article. I would agree, though, with those who say that the idea of the Anglosphere should be broadened a bit. India, the Union of South Africa, Singapore, and Hong Kong all have strong linguistic ties to their former colonizer, and they also look tosome extent to the common law model in their legal systems. The person who mentioned Sweden also makes a good point.
Far from being a benefit the mass immigration to the "Anglosphere" has been a terrible mistake with consequences that will play out very badly in the future.
Susan 'Pot boiler' as an example of British music selling in vast quantites overseas?!
I would have liked a broader definition of the Anglosphere, including more of the countries seeking to join it. My own country, Sweden, is presented here as some sort of partner in a German bloc with Germany and Switzerland.

But we made our choice, just as our Scandinavian neighbors did, when we decided to give the English language the same official priority as our native languages in our schools. Stockholm-London is certainly a more well-traveled route than Stockholm-Berlin.
"Meanwhile, the nation that so many point to as the twenty-first-century superpower—China—now has a fertility rate of 1.6, even lower than that of Western Europe."

But isn't this the residue of their one-child policy? With growing prosperity, shouldn't we expect an increase in birthrate?
The critical geostrategic question is: What does the Anglosphere have to do to balance its current account, and is the Anglosphere's centuries-old belief in free trade still warranted?
What is the cost of this service?
A couple of comments.

India and Hong Kong really should be counted in the Anglosphere.

Rwanda was never a French colony. Before the First World War it was German, and after that Belgan.
"Anglosphere"? Mr Kotkin is being too kind to non-American members of that sphere to attribute much influence to them within what probably could be more accurately called "Uncle Sam Sphere". Canada contributes nothing of any note culturally and the only reason that some Americans might think of Canada is Bieber and Keystone pipelines. However, recent Canadian polls suggest that Canadians are a happier lot than either US or UK, so must be a silver lining to taking a back seat in the "Anglosphere"