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André Glucksmann
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America has become unserious, led by a group of banal intellectuals who live disconnected from reality. We defeated Germany in WW II and then made their ideology anathema. The lazy politician who talks about Islam without having read the Koran and the Hadith will have no clue as to what the fight is really about. Islam has been spread by the sword since its inception. Terrorism is a tactic. If it works, if it destabilizes the enemy, it will be repeated. The economic and military superiority of the West forces the new harbinger of the caliphate to use terror to effectively attack his enemy. He must be dissuaded. Obama hopes that by cutting off the head of the snake, he can craft a clean solution, but Islam is a Hydra, and each assassinated leader is quickly replaced by two others vying for leadership. Islam is only stopped by defeating its expansionist goals through military victory. And has been shown for more that a thousand years, even then the Religion of Peace simply retrenches and waits for its next opportunity toward global hegemony.
Sadly, André Glucksmann died on November 10, 2015, just three days before the terrorist attack on Paris.
Conservatives still cannot see middle east events without some distortions and a hand picking of causes and events.

Aside from that, the observations on America's placidity before 9/11, and the new paradigm of mass destruction was very a good read.
Commenters, wow! Some of you fellas start the body counts in fairly recent times yet don't mention those of Chairman Mao or of Stalin or others or of the other side in actual conflicts involving mentioned engagements. What kind of sense of right and wrong must one have to mention only Dresden in regards to ca. 1930s-40s Germany and Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in regards Japan ca. the same time? Read any history books? Can you identify agressor from defender - even if you might think some methods extreme? Bizarre.

You folks that are worried about the feelings of the third revealed religion (feelings of an idea?) might think back to the end of the Ottoman Empire or perhaps the earlier ejection from Spain of the Moors to figure where any sense of impotence might come from. What is the theory anyway? They earlier cleansed the area of infidels so none may come back or the whiners will whine for decades - and also blow up school children? You support that?
The key things required: unarmored cockpit doors, unarmed pilots behind them, and pacified passengers. Deliberate features installed by our brilliant experts.
If war mongering, baby murdering, imperialistic, nation invading, resource stealing, corrupt, foreign government overthrowing, dirt bag America would stay out of other countries and buy our supplies and goods as needed instead of trying to steal everything this would not have happened.

We cannot even take care of our own country or our starving, homeless people but we go to other countries to cause trouble.

You better watch out.

The Business of America Is War by Stephen Lendman
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@JA Russell

What an odd string of examples you cite for the idea that "terrorizing civilians" isn't new. Here's my own prejudiced string of examples: Dresden; firebombing of Tokyo; Hiroshima; Nagasaki; Operation Phoenix; civilian death toll in IRAQ I and II combined. Now let's tally my death count versus yours and see who exactly are--and who are not--the terrorizers of civilians.
I read through the comments and now I am confused. A comment by Bob Silentio makes me wonder if Islam is pressing a sexual harassment complaint.

"America insulted Islam..."
"It furthered the insult..."
"Islam felt insulted and impotent..."

Is "felt insulted" equivalent to "was made to feel uncomfortable?"
He acts like terrorizing civilians is something recent. It isn't.

That was the raison d'etre of the chevauchee of the Hundred Years War.

What's new is the perpetrators successfully packaging their mayhem as noble deeds.

LA burns and shopkeepers are shot? Hey - they were mad about the Rodney King verdict.

A guy wanders the aisle of a commuter train shooting passengers? Perfectly understandable. Black Rage.

A tourist bus is hijacked and all passengers are murdered? Well, Palestinians feel put-upon.
@Bob Silentio : nonsense. Search for, and read, "The Philosopher of Islamic Terror" which appeared in the March 23, 2003 edition of the New York Times Magazine.
What utter tosh! America insulted Islam by supporting the founding of the state of Israel.
It furthered the insult by arming and financing Israel for decades.
Israel behaved like pigs in a sweetshop toward the Palestinians.
Islam felt insulted and impotent when the attempts to drive out the jews failed. They then resorted to a kind of warfare which you are pleased to call 'terrorism' but which we called 'resistance' when used against the Germans.
There is more afoot here Andre, than is dreamt of in your 'philosphy'.
Excellent article, and I love Rostislav's analogy of the eloi and marloks. :)
The worst thing about all this is not the Islam’s radical and merciless hatred being still here. The worst thing is absence of any adequate resistance to this hatred. The hatred is clearly growing, the resistance is as clearly diminishing, from Russia and Australia to Europe and America. The results of this process were excellently predicted by Wells in his “Time Machine” – very civilized but very helpless eloi being happily devoured by very uncivilized but very determined morloks. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia