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Steven Malanga
Hands Off My Dues! « Back to Story

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The author misses several salient points. First, that union dues pay for staff salaries, legal fees, office rentals, etc. Second, that union members are often apathetic-no different than the rest of society. Third, that unions tell members that the recipients get their political money when the recipient does things in the unions' interest. I sat in amazement a few years ago reading how the Directors Guild of America PAC, with all its "Hollywood liberal" types, gave money to Orrin Hatch-because Hatch supported copyright protection, which was dear to the Guild. Politics can make strange bedfellows, indeed.
Well if you want to use Wisconsin as a example you might be barking up the wrong tree,
The reasons for Union dissatisfaction is that the union does not do enough not that is misuses money
Nice try dude don't bring your union busting crap here-we can and will be heard!
I am not sure what is more laughable- the article or the comments. Conservative hero Cain was part of the NRA, an industry advocacy group, which is like a union-it lobbies, donated money to candidates, etc. When they see what happens when a union can't enforce its contracts- an erosion of protections, and benfits, for example, they usually shell up, and don't resent doing so.
For all those suggesting a change to union dues I wonder - are any of you part of a union? To the member of SEIU who is glad $60 won't be coming out of his check any more, I ask, "Will you be receiving a pension check thanks to the contracts your union has negotiated?" No organization is perfect and it takes the involvement of its members to hold their leaders feet to the fire.
Unions won't reform until they have to work for the dues money.

Nobody should have to pay a union to hold a job. Dues should ALWAYS be optional. One should have to op in rather then op out, better yet not having the employer taking it out at all. If the union isn't doing its job, then no money.

Until they stick with the issues important to employees they will find themselves with no one to represent.
I would like to see just one change. Stop collecting the union dues from the worker's paycheck. If union members had to write a check for their own union dues, their unions would much more closely reflect the sentiments of their members.
Mr. Malanga offers an interesting perspective on union dues. The title ofthe piece is "Hands Off My Dues". That begs the question, exactly what union does he belong to?

Would he also be in favor of EVERY shareholder being able to weigh in on the political donations of corporations. As a stockholder, I am appalled at the resourses corporations spend on politics at the expense of R&D. This type of behavior is part of the reason the American economy is in trouble and the unemployment rate is so high.
Unions are an open wound that festers.Union members literally have a knife to their backs when it comes to paying dues.
Only one political party is the recipient of dues:Democrats.$55, was spent from dues paying nurses in hire a bus and and actor to follow "Queen Meg Whitman"around during the run for Gov.a year ago.$10,000 was gifted to Democrats in Ohio from Calif nurses a few years back.Over $1,000,000.of dues money went into the AFL-CIO pockets in 2008.
Try to disengage yourself from dues,and you become a fee-pay non-member.
Take the unions out of politics.Take the politicians out of the unions pockets.No political party should benefit from my dues.
"Labor and its allies expended a staggering $54 million to fight the initiative requiring unions to ask members’ permission before spending their money on politics."

These initiatives should be proposed repeatedly in every state in which union members have little say in how their dues are spent. Even when they lose, the money spent opposing the initiatives won't be available to support other political causes.
I agree the unions should only use money on the issues that affect the workers work place stop raiding the union fund's for issues that have nothing to do with work
For years, the unions have been getting off with this abuse. It is good that articles such as this, and recent political issues, are removing the smoke and breaking the mirrors. The union bosses fear the truth getting out into the public sphere. Rightly so... they realise that when their clandestine back-room political manipulations are common knowledge, their shells will be removed from the table, no more shell game. I find it significant that the Occupy oafs put their focus on "evil capitalism" and so forth, when much of the financial mismanagement in this country involves union waste, greed, private agendas... say, didn't I read somewhere that SEIU, Teamsters, UAW, and the like, are largely behind the Occupy movement? Now wouldn't THAT be an amusing coincidence. Thanks for putting hard numbers in front of us. Helps to weaken their foundation of secrecy.
there is a good reason for the unions to spend many megabucks supporting the political party of their choice, as you know very well. it has to do with promoting your own best interests in the best way possible. certainly union contributions to the Republicans or Libertarians would be money entirely they contribute to the Democrats, as the only other choice. they do this so that the Democrats will stand up for some of their Union constituents, and make legislation in favour of unions.

the only reason you are writing this column is because the Unions are contributing to the Democrats...and that pisses you off. you think only Republicans should receive donations like have no problem on the other hand, with the donations given to the Republican party by large corporations, or rich people....donations many millions of times greater than any Union donations....basically, you and all the other Conservatives who decry the idea of Unions donating money to political causes, (as long as those causes are Democrat rather than Republican) are nothing but HYPOCRITES. give it up. No one but fellow fanatics will believe you.
An immediate satisfaction of retiring recently was knowing SEIU would nolonger be getting $60+ from my paycheck every month. The public unions can't fold fast enough.
As long as the unions run our country their members have no say how their dues will be spent. The unions have ramped up their members to be thugs at the protests. These unions are no better than Greece and we can see fighting and rapes and now murder. Frankly before this ends it will backfire which is a good thing. People are getting fed up with the loss of business, police sidetracked and teachers bringing students to these events. Make you vote count people. Keep voting against these liberals. We can make a difference.