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Iain Murray and David Schoenbrod
The Regulatory Thicket « Back to Story

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To go with the metaphor... in horticulture there are three kinds of pruning:
- branch pruning, to shape a plant
- root pruning, to slow a plant's growth
- trunk pruning, when a plant has outgrown its space or otherwise outlived its usefulness, and needs killin'.

Chain-saw time?
Great ideas, but as long as the Democratic media screams that (fill in the blank)are being hurt by the failure to regulate you will have more and more of this nonsense. Reining in administrative agencies is an almost impossible task, and when things go wrong, the media immediately blames deregulation and Republicans.

Our answer is simple - we don't patronize Democratic media and we not only don't vote for Democrats, we actively work to make sure they don't win elections.
Great ideas. In addition, Congress should repeal 10 laws for every new one they pass.
We can hope (and pray if that is still allowed) that some day our government will wake up and realize it's strangling the goose that lays the golden egg. However, I would not bet against the career politicians, whose main interest is re-election, and the bureaucracy, whose main interest is keeping their jobs.

"Dare not speak its name"? Republicans have been advocating for fewer regulations for forty years now. They have succeeded to some extent. Where was the editor when this statement crossed his or her screen?
So lets have a top 10 list of regs. to repeal. and get up on youtube
These two complimentary and insightful articles highlight what is wrong with the US political system. You can just as easily substitute the word "Tax" with regulation in these essays and the real world. If small business is to survive and, hopefully, flourish again in America, we need to protect small buisness from these "taxes". With regard to Congress, they really do need to hash out the specifics of these laws on their respective floors and not hand off the "details" to the non-elected bureaucrats. Now, how to we effect these wonderful solutions?