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Myron Magnet
On Tyranny and Liberty « Back to Story

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Great article.
The New Jersey Supreme Court, despite more than adequate evidence that money does not equal education (parents do - that is, two parents, involved with their children - let see if the Court can legislate that!) continues to soak the taxpayers, all for no reason - in other words money wasted.

It is insanity, and as a result of it, and other policies driven by the Court - among many other things, mandating 'affordable' housing leading to unintended consequences too complex to get into here, upholding laws that place enormous amounts of the State off limits to development, and a thousand other things, have made New Jersey unaffordable for all but the very rich and the poor. Those who can - almost always Republicans - are leaving or have left. Those that stay vote for the status quo because they have a vested interest in the present system (such as government workers) or they have been brainwashed by a media that is completely biased against conservatives.

Christie is a last desperate attempt to put things back together again. His success is doubtful since his opposition is well funded and supported by a corrupt system, and - as has been mentioned - biased media. Also immigrants pouring into the State have been convinced erroneously that Democrats favor the poor, rather than ensure that the poor remain poor and dependent.
"Congress and President Washington agreed; the bank, once established, sparked an era of golden prosperity; and even Madison learned when he became president that a central bank was indeed necessary,"

I would refer you to an excellent book (available for free download in PDF) by Murray Rothbard, A HISTORY OF MONEY AND BANKING

After its founding in February 1791,

"The Bank of the United States promptly fulfilled its inflationary potential by issuing millions of dollars in paper money and demand deposits, pyramiding on top of $2 million in specie. The Bank of the United States invested heavily in loans to the United States government. In addition to $2 million invested in the assumption of pre-existing long-term debt assumed by the new federal government, the Bank of the United States engaged in massive temporary lending to the government, which reached $6.2 million by 1796.33 The result of the outpouring of credit and paper money by the new Bank of the United States was an inflationary rise in prices. Thus, wholesale prices rose from an index of 85 in 1791 to a peak of 146 in 1796, an increase of 72 percent.34 In addition, speculation boomed in government securities and real estate values were driven upward.35 Pyramiding on top of the Bank of the United States’s expansion and aggravating the paper money expansion and the inflation was a flood of newly created commercial banks."

The charter of the bank was not renewed. Hardly a validation of the author's glowing account of central banking. In fact, the this first central bank precipitated a substantial recession after its artificial boom ran its course.

From page 68 of PDF.
John Adams said: "{a legislature} should be an exact portrait, in miniature, of the people at large, as it should think, feel, reason, and act like them." Madison also said something similar.
Aristotle said: "It is accepted as democratic when public offices are allocated by lot; and as oligarchic when they are filled by election."
The use of sortition is the next step for democracy.
Google "The Common Lot".
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I realize that in the allotted space, details have, by neccessity, been ommitted fom this excellent piece. Let me add just a few points.
Connecticut has become an economic basket case because it was very early to the union and regulation dance. Up until the 1940's, the burden still wasn't too bad, but all through the '50s, manufacturing, which had been there since the Pilgrims, abandoned Connecticut in droves, leaving just government suppliers and non-industrial enterprises like insurance companies. Unfortunately, there are few insurance company jobs for young black men with little intelligence and no work ethic, so they tend toward lives of criminality and welfare, unless they are lucky enough to land a government job. Thus, Connecticut has been trapped between the Scylla and Charybdis of having to employ or support everyone through government, and noone left to tax in order to pay them. As perpetual motion can never be made to work, neither can a beast survive by self-eating.
Governor Malloy, being a union guy, is doubling down on this. Good luck, Connecticut.
It is time we take away our consent!!
Referred by Klavan ... blog link, not personally ;)

Glad for it.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"
We have reached the complete inversion of Liberty. The government may do anything it pleases and the CITIZENS MAY DO NOTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION. If this is not tyranny than what is?
And yet, City Journal seems very committed to the federal war on drugs which has shredded the constitution, corrupted law enforcement, and created bloodbaths on our own streets and in Latin America. What's up with that?
Madison was right regarding central banking. There is a reason that the first two central banks were eliminated when the hard-money advocates regained power. Giving any government or quasi-government the authority to create money out of thin air - like our current Federal Reserve - always ends in inflation and and poverty for its citizens. The temptation is too great. Our Founders understood this principle and it's why the Constitution specified gold and silver as money.
Thank you M. Magnet for this fine example of the democratic process,the mob rules. It is hard these days and times to gain the attention of the average person of interest in our Republic for which it stands. We are not, and will never be a democracy, for these very reason you stated in this piece. The founder were years ahead wise to the tactics of evil men, it is often stated that hell was purchased with the intentions of the good. So very true in this time and getting worse by the day. I once took an Oath to DEFEND the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, it now appears as though evil has won or at least the imperssion of it. I can not in good heart and mind, mindful of my souls safety go along with the intentions of the evil among men in my midst continue to give them more ground on which to stand their suffering upon my Country. I am now a Militia Commander after having served 32-1/2 years of active Duty service in the United States Marine Corps, one of my better arttibutes is in the field of education. I will be using this piece to instruct the guardians of our Republic at the next monthly meeting as a defined example of tyranny in progress. Thank you. What a fine example of the differences in free choice and despotic intentions but, more importently, why it came about. A perfect example of " evil is allowed to stand in the presence of the failure of good men to do otherwise".
Thank you for your lucid comments. Unfortunately, because of our failing schools, few young people will read them, and few who read them will understand them.
“The federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.”

The interesting thing is in most oaths of office for the military and government is the phrase "I will defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic." To me the most meaningful part is the word domestic. Domestic enemies are going to be the hardest to recognize. Now may be time for the state legislatures to call for a Constitutional convention to create some new amendments which restrict the government’s power more concisely.
A very intuitive article I must say. Beefed up with enough information regarding the government stretching its true boundaries. The fathers of our country had to have realized that giving "implied" and "reserved" powers would inevitably be abused and stretched to the point of political corruption. Who is the beneficiary of such corruptness is the real question... What does the government have to earn by abusing its citizens and feasting on the power delegated to them by the people? Are the outrageous salaries they receive not enough to stay on a straight and narrow path? I want to blame someone for this but in the end it is everyone's fault. The news agencies' faults for not giving important information that actually matters beyond 15 seconds, trying to appease and entertain their CUSTOMERS with fluffy information that doesn't help us at all. The peoples' faults for not being educated in what is going on in everyday politics, and not having the motive to care for how their RULERS are BENDING THE RULES daily for the goals of who knows what. The government for letting corruption leak through the holes and not mentioning it or being completely oblivious to it or afraid to challenge it due to fear of losing their CAREERS(Yes, it's a JOB, ever heard of sleeping on the job?). I don't blame the founders of the constitution, they wanted their system to last. They wanted their system to be well rounded and appeal to everyone's rights, prioritarily the CITIZENS. It is a government for the people, by the people, correct? Then why is the government flexing its elastic grasp over citizens, lowering the quality of their life on A HUNCH? The government is corrupt on all levels. Local, state, and federal. There is no mediator in the sense to keep them from being corrupt. There is no person who's job is to keep an eye on the legislators slipping things in between the lines that stretch their power, except perhaps the supreme court who in itself is quite ignorant to the true interpretation of the constitution. If men were angels, there would be no need for government, yes. But does government not consist of those same men?
So the answer to the question is not just no, it is hell no. Thank you very much for this most enlightening and cogent analysis of the current state of our Union. We've got some work to do. The most egregious example of government (girls) gone wild is Pelosi's arrogant "are you serious" comment. There will be a serious day of reckoning for this blatant disregard of our constituion and the Nov 2012 election will make the 2010 mid-turn message from the electorate seem like the good old days to the pitiful Democrats who have gone along with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in ignoring both implied and explicit powers of the founding documents.
"The greatest strength in a Democracy, is it's Freedom, and it's greatest weakness is it's Freedom"

In other words, "Good and Bad", and "Right and Wrong", are so perverted and subverted, and the lines are so blurred, in the process of govt. bureaucracy, that they, the govt., aka, the powers that be, want it to be this way, to maintain their grip and hold onto power and money.. and that the only way to regain control of your Freedom and Liberty, once they, the govt, and internal elements who seek it's demise and destruction, is to completely remove them from any position of authority and power, and replace them with those who do seek to restore the power and authority, back into the hands of the People, who will, and must ensure, the strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution is maintained, and the elected officials, are held tightly and completely accountable to, and responsive to, the Will of the Majority of the American People.

Hence the Tea Party, and all the American Tea Party Patriots, who are now embattled in a political civil war, to, save their U.S. Constitutional Republic called America.
The Will of the Majority of the People, aka, "We the People", are the gate Keepers of Freedom and Liberty and Equal Justice, against civilian, and or govt. Tyranny and Oppression, not the govt., be it the Executive, the Legislative, or the Judicial branch. and or a combination thereof.!!

This is why the Tea Party is so important, as it is the only representation of the People, that is not perverted, and or subverted, by the govt., aka, the powers that be.. or the internal elements, that which to destroy the U.S. Constitution, and the Will of the majority of the American People.
"Men of goodwill can disagree on where the line is that would “convert a limited into an unlimited Govt,” but all agree that one can’t overstep that line."

The Constitution was designed to limit the mob rule of democratic majorities. The Founders knew well there was no difference between democratic despotism and the tyranny of a monarch.

Democratic liberals (Obama, Pelosi, et al) hate this and would move the fifty yard line to the left all the way out of the stadium into the parking lot.
So we're screwed. What's new. I hate this country. It doesn't deserve to survive.
An excellent review of the dangers which confront our country in this age of people who wish to force their superior intellect on those whom they deem unworthy of making their on decisions. I remember being impressed by you when you visited my home at 82 High Exeter, N.H. when you were attending the Academy.
We are destroying the Republic, in small ways like blocking Lemonade Stands and in large ways like debt. When we turn to government first to alleviate every discomfort, we are the problem. The results are going to be very painful. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

Robert A. Hall
Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
(All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)
For a free PDF of the book, write tartanmarine(at)
3-1/2 days is all it would take to get OWS back on track.

1911 plus 100 years brought us this to America:
Fantastic article.
Good research, and well explained.Unfortunately it seems we're losing a bit of our freedom year after year.
Tyranny is indeed upon us.

Consider also what just happened in a federal court in Texas. A Dallas business owner was involved in a civil dispute and paid millions of dollars to lawyers, and when he objected to additional fees after settling the case, they had a “friendly” judge seize all of his possessions, without any notice or hearing, and essentially ordered him under “house arrest” as an involuntary servant to the lawyers. The business owner has been under this "servant" order for 10 months and is prohibited from owning any possessions, prohibited from working, etc..

...and some quotes from the judge:

THE COURT: "I'm telling you don't scr-w with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to scr-w with a federal judge, and if you don't understand that, I can make you understand it. I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me."

THE COURT: "You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death" has an explanation of this case.
This is one of the best articles I've ever read on this subject. Great job, and thanks!
An important issue: which philosophy appoints jurists for the next generation? Every liberal Dem appointee undermines the Const. and its belief in personal freedom vis a vis the power of the Feds. Dems think all rights come from the Fed. Govt. But, they do not. As libs try to run our education system as brainwashing institutions, and as taxes-regs-spending goes on and on with a Govt that in 3 yrs. has made our American problems worse in triplicate, a return to Const. views that take into account our heritge, history, and values plus precedent must prevail.
Amazing all this happening under our noses and when someone tries to change it, they get shot. And they say Ron Paul is radical.

Its time to get back to our roots, if not for the love of individual liberty, then because we can no longer afford participating in this social experiment.

Ron Paul 2012
I could have gotten the same message across in 1/4 the column space. One need not plumb legal precedents behind the Kelo decision to exemplify modern tyrranny in America.

All you need to ask is, "Is it moral for one law, one level of taxation, to apply to a certain group; and another law, another level of taxation, apply to another group?"
Notice how denying Our Creator allows freewill turns people into all knowing omniscient demi-God control freaks. After all it was Karl Marx's object in life to dethrone God and destroy capitalism and that's exactly what the useful idiots do whether they realize it or not. It is no coincidence the Founding Fathers wrote the anti-communist manifesto long before Marx and Engels wrote their drivel designed to do exactly what Marx's object in life was. Tyrants and would be tyrants are easy to spot by their actions if not by their words.

Professor do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

Professor: Sure, I'll play along.

Did you support Obamacare?

Professor: Yes.

Then you do not accept freewill and you are a potential tyrant.

Professor: You just flunked this course pal.

Hey climate scientist, do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

Climate scientist: I don't believe a Creator exist let alone that one allows freewill.

AGW Skeptic: Einstein was right: Science without the [Creator] is blind and religion without the [Creator] is lame.

Climate scientist: Silence skeptic! We must sacrifice your rights and do what's best for society as we see fit. Don’t you know science is a democracy fool!

AGW Skeptic: Ben Franklin was right.

CRU emails: Burn the Skeptic’s book!!

Hey Hillary, Nancy, Harry, Obama, progressive intellectuals and Dems, do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

Choir: We must sacrifice the rights of the individual and do what’s best for society.

Who decides what’s best? Certainly not society -see Obamacare.

Choir: From one, many -see Obamacare.

Al Gore: e pluribus unum - from one, many. The science is settled! Everybody knows science is a democracy - the skeptics are trying to turn science upside down - leading to backwards conclusions.

Saul Alinsky: Pick a target, freeze it, smear it, ridicule it.

Professor: The founders were racist capitalist pig slave holders.

Common Sense: I see a pattern: Professor with all due respect the Founding Fathers knew they couldn’t fight the Civil War before the American Revolution or shortly thereafter and remain United States. They were wise enough to put mechanisms in place though.

Hey JournoList, do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

JournoList: We must sacrifice the profession and do what is best for society.

Hey Bill O'Really, Dr. K., FOX News, do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

FOX Choir: Why do they even have all these debates? Don't the people know Romney is's inevitable that Romney is inevitable...Romney is the only inevitable candidate....Romney...Romney.....Romney....

Hey King George III, do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

King George III: I will squash you for even suggesting it is not my divine right to rule over you.

Hey Islamic radicals. Do you believe Our Creator allows freewill?

Radical Islam _____________
A top-notch analysis. It should be read with Peggy Noonan's article today on the atrophy of the "glue" that binds us together as Americans.
Our Founders believed that government is established to protect the rights of individuals in their varied pursuits of happiness.

Progressive Socialists believe that government is established to enable the majority to coerce individuals towards a single idea of the common good

That's the difference between "Individual Liberty" and "Collective Tyranny"
Notify me when the Revolution begins, I'll be in the my musket.
It was far less tyranny, and far less widespread, that prompted the Colonial Americans to prepare for armed conflict, as they were certain it would come to that. They began to arm themselves, and to train for what they hoped would never come, yet were certain would. When General Thomas Gage began to move to disarm the people of Massachussetts, they drew the line in the sand. Lexington was just another "powder raid" staged by Gage. The Colonists were ready, and stood their ground. To quote John Parker, Captain of Lexington's Militia "we don't mean to start a war, but if they mean to start a war, let it begin here". Prophetic, his words were. It started within hours, right there where they stood. And it started with the British. The Colonists had the supreme advantage of fighting to preserve their own people, lands, businesses, and way of life. It took ten years of hard-fought perseverance, but they prevailed.

Will we be as wise? THAT remains to be seen. Will we draw that same line in the sand? Again, that remains. Tyranny ever expands its depth and breadth, until it is stopped. At what point will true patriots put "done" to the current crop of abuses? The chain is long...... and growing.
Absolutely freaking NOT. In fact they would tar and feather every politico in DC not elected in the past 3 years , first and foremost undercover soldier of Islam, Taquiyya Oblamo and Marie Antoinette Mooshelle.

That is right after they hung most of US for electing these criminal dolts in the first place.
don't know if you happened to see this very good article
While a wonderful resource, it should be remembered that the Federalist Papers were written as a sales piece: specifically to allay the fears of the states, (especially Hamilton's New York), so they would ratify the new Constitution. It was, as are all sales pieces, spin.

Also, the author of most of the papers was Hamilton himself. While brilliant, he also wanted to have a Constitutional Monarchy, and raise an army to "liberate" the rest of North America and all of South America. Just saying...
A quick translation of this excellent article to convey to neighbors. Our government's central purpose is based on one radical idea: each person owns his/her stuff (including life, body, work, ideas, property, land, etc.). If somebody takes you stuff, the government will make them give it back (and punish them). Because you own your stuff, you can trade it, even to the point of signing contracts that state the terms of the trade. The government backs these contracts and will punish those that fail to fulfill them. The government has no more right to take your stuff than another person. Your stuff is sacred.
When you get ready to vote for a politician, make sure they believe this.
re a Milquetoast editorial Leader of 11 October 2011, I sent this letter, of course unpublished by them: "May one summarize October 11th’s lead editorial [“Stimulus Lite”] in a word? Viz., “Bolshevization.” It might help us to recall the 1935 novel by Sinclair Lewis, IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE.
Jascha Kessler
Perniagaan Internet October 27, 2011 at 3:31 PM
We see these petty tyrannies in the energy field. Mandatory rationing of supply via forced remote control of thermostats and home appliances has been attempted in California and is inherent in the "Smart Meter" program mandated by Congress.
The question is wrong: "Would the Founders approve of the nation we’ve made?" The Founders lived about 250 years ago, in a world with slavery, no womens' rights, before the Industrial Revolution, in a much smaller country, before the advent of modern medical science, etc. In those days, a person who felt oppressed could escape into the wilderness. There are no more places to escape to. So we have to work together. That includes keeping our entire community healthy, if only to maintain herd immunity.
I am deeply disturbed by the erosion of power I am witnessing by this President, not to mention previous courts. When they authorize the killing of innocents, where was the outrage? Now we are witnessing "lesser rights" than life itself, such as property and economic freedom, be likewise stolen. I know it's easy to evoke, but I have read about how the Conservatives laughed at Hitler, while he systematically removed the obstacles to power.
Commentaries on the Common Law, by Blackstone, page 85: "Eminent Domain is an abomination to the Common Law."

The Founders were mostly common law lawyers or men familair with the law. The 5th Amendement applied to personal property not real property. A militia crossing your area in pursuit of an enemy could seize your mules, hay and provisions but had to pay for them.

No one in 1785, when the Constitution was signed, would've supported any state taking of real property.

That's the history. The Supreme Court followed political power plays not the law as written.
A few important historical and legal perspective. But too long for most of use to follow and pass on! I wish I had friends and family with enough attention span to absorb this!