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Shikha Dalmia
India’s Mangled School Reforms « Back to Story

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Any readers here old enough to remember the original Superman comics of the 1950's? DC Comics, ten cents an issue.
Part fantasy, and part good solid science fiction, the Superman universe contained a world that was the exact opposite of Earth - the Bizarro World. The planet itself was square, as seen from space all of the continents were identical to those on earth, except they were backwards. The planet's population, the Bizarro's, admired Earth and its civilizations and peoples greatly, but ended up doing the exact opposite of what they would have done on Earth. The Bizarro world's super hero, also named Bizarro ("me am Bizarro") was how he introduced himself), came to Earth periodically to help out Superman, and always had to be returned to his planet after he had caused too much damage.
The Bizarros spoke ungrammatical English, their repair shops broke cars instead of fixing them. Their public transportation system, old trains where steam came out, not from the locomotives, but from the passenger cars, ran backwards. Bizzarro people had jobs, but were docked pay if they showed up on the job. Bizarro people were only considered able to leave a doctor's office or the hospital when they were sicker than when they had entered. You get the picture.
The Bizarro world today is India.
Don't trust the government - ANYWHERE!!
Governmental stupidity is a worldwide problem.
Is it possible, in today's world, to have good, objective education?
This is so sad, but predictable. Union teachers get the lions' share of the education money, public schools are closed at the whim of teachers and students are abused.

When do our children get to be the first priority in any of the school systems across the world.

The only ones who should be involved in education are parents, teachers and local authorities.

Get federal and even state governments out of education!