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Myron Magnet
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Myron Magnet is exactly right. A little shame please. Corporations that debase the culture should be brought to heel.
It should also be not only OK but culturally imperative to point out that theocratic systems that dehumanize women, deny them civil rights, human rights and legal rights equal to men, and which subject them to "honor killing", polygamy, and death sentences for getting raped are barbaric. But all that will get you is the label of "islamophobic".

We are meant to "tolerate" the intolerable in the name of "tolerance". And we must, because the Tolerance Police will not tolerate any infractions.
filmizle[ssHAAYAIA] September 19, 2011 at 11:59 AM
film izle
This speaks to nothing so much as the decadence of these transnational corporations, who make vast fortunes pandering degrading messages that, nevertheless, a sector of society will pay to consume/display.

In any case, it's time we started redeveloping not only our cities but our culture to celebrate the best. A window full of shirts proclaiming the good work of community gardeners, for instance: GROW, SEEDS!, and GREENCITY would provide far more salutary sartorial sloganeering.
This presents a very interesting case for the proponents of corporate social responsibility. I intend to discuss it in my Ethical Business Practices class under marketing ethics.

Thanks for the insight.
This is also the dark side of pure capitalism. There is no social conscience, only profit. Whatever makes money is good. If you don't have a market, create one. All these things contribute to the descent into society's destruction.
Insulting to all Americans!
Well stated.

But you're preaching to the choir here, of course. Sadly, your argument would be lost on the execs of the offending companies who are in the position to change this nonsense.
Well said.
Thank goodness Mumbles wrote a letter. If he made a speech, we would all still be wondering what it was about.
Thank you for standing up for clas in an increasingly classless society.
nope to dope and ugh to drugs August 16, 2011 at 8:42 AM
This article is not dope. It is wack. The City Journal usually runs articles with merit. This read as if written by an out of touch curmudgeon. "Dope" (meaning fantastic) as slang goes back to the 1980s. As in, "that track is dope!" I realize that dope also means drugs. But not in this context. The use of the pill bottle was a sort of double entendre.

I thought your writers were more savvy than this. Seriously. Are you turning into a social conservative journal or what?

What's next, are you going to get all bent out of shape when someone uses the word "sucks." You do know the etymology of that word, right? FYI, it is not in reference to sucking eggs.
The phrases used for Nike's ads in the Boston store window are slang references to skateboarding - not drugs. Im 40 and even I know a "get high on life" gimmick when I see one. With the majority of the country in turmoil you would think that people would be more concerned with issues like the economy, the deficit, unemployment, or the foreclosures crisis. Please Baby Boomers, I beg you - spend your time more constructively on real social issues!!!! Don't let yourself get sucked into Mayor Thomas Menino's obvious political distractions. Focus people!!!
To Alan: "hand-wringing maiden aunt" indeed! I am a maiden aunt and I see that despite your liberal beliefs, you are deeply prejudiced against my minority group. Among the maiden aunts who have contributed to our world are Helen Keller, Alice Tully (who donated Tully Hall in New York) and the impressionist painter Mary Cassatt.

And I have never wrung my hands, not when I have sufficient command of the English language to applaud ideas that are true and to refute those, like yours, are not only false but barely articulate.
As has been noted, it is ironic that the clothing and shoe chains in London that advertised "gangster chic" were precisely the ones to be intensively looted during the riots.

There's a certain downside to this marketing strategy...

Your comment is as misinformed of morality as it is of MR. Magnet's gender...unless you are simply being typically urban ironic.
"...rails against one of the safety valves most likely to continue to permit the rapacious elite to grab an ever greater share of the national wealth with impunity."

You mean like Phil Knight of Nike? Corporatists railing against the corporation: the safety valve of capitalism.
Stigma is alive and well...against anyone with a sense of morality and the courage to voice it. Thank you Myron Magnet for having both.
So true. I do wonder if this "mind polution" that is destructive to civil society was what the writers of our Constitution could have even dreamed of.
Unfortunately, this is the inevitable result of our Western values. Culture goes down when people with below-average IQ's have more disposable income to spend on luxury items, like the "arts." Those of us who believe in free minds, think that part of the price of sequencing the human genome and challenging traditional notions about gender roles, is letting some people watch Jerry Springer, listen to gangsta rap, and blog moronic conspiracy theories.

It's possible that the advance of Western civilization is self-limiting, by the amount of influence it transfers downward.
Very well expressed, and this is a cultural war with a million possibilities for small individual victories.
What a hand-wringing maiden-aunt piece of piffle. Not content with the ever greater concentration of power and privilege among fewer and fewer Americans (check the stats), the ridiculous author rails against one of the safety valves most likely to continue to permit the rapacious elite to grab an ever greater share of the national wealth with impunity.

Cocking a snook at the powers that be is profoundly satisfying to the powerless. But instead of embracing Nike's granting of a forum to self-styled "rebels", she disparages it, enraged at even the slightest affront to her morals and values, which do not include sharing, even though she probably self-identifies as "christian".

She probably made a buck a word for the spew but doesn't live, like many writers, in a lousy neighborhood, cobbling together editing and corporate communications work with no guarantee of the next job or benefits. More likely, she was born, or married, well and her "writing" is a hobby. At least I hope that's her situation - otherwise, just think of the self-abnegation...

Making money is an ugly business, and so's keeping it. Though Nike's well paid executives don't have an agenda other than making more money, their decision to green-light the products that so offended the privileged hand-wringer actually reinforces the position of the elite in a bread-and-circuses sort of way, only without the bread.
This is totally true, and I hope this occurs far more often. Stigma and distain for this kind of stuff.
If you want to bring back stigma first you have to introduce the idea of SHAME. That seems to be a virtue that long ago hightailed it out of here.
A brave and singular idea - bring back stigma. But with so many people having as their deepest idea "anyhing goes" there is no longer a social consensus that would effectively affect these vulgar advertisers. The mayor of Boston is brave and has principles.
Lots of 12-13 year olds on corporate boards of advertisers, it seems.
Too bad the DOPE t-shirt doesn't have a picture of Amy Winehouse on it. That's a message worth sending. And if offends people then so much the better.
I refuse to buy anything from Nike. I would like to point to a commercial many many years ago where Nike had unhappy man shaking down Santa Claus because he didn't bring him what he wanted. From that point on I refuse to buy Nike.
No problem -

promote T-shirts with the exact same logo, and Phil Knight's picture square in the middle.

Or, to descend under Nike's level of taste, use a picture of the late Matthew Knight instead, and the full quiver of "new" Nike slogans: {get high, f**k gravity, and dope}- just do it
Gilbert W. Chapman August 14, 2011 at 8:33 PM
H m m m . . . Me thinks I've bought my last pair of Nike shoes.

This is very fine. As for the recent Supreme Court decision to smile on speech that is radically im-politic, I've taken to think of this court as the Gadarenes, and of its Chief Justice as the Alpha-Gadarene.
Two needed but baffling bumper stickers:
"Immanetize the Eschaton" and
"Destigmatize Opprobrium"

Bill Drissel
Grand Prairie, TX