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Judith Miller
New York 9/11/11 « Back to Story

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thanks this will really help on my report. i have to do a 1 1/4 page summary so i was looking for something long.
P.S. - now write an article about the precursor to the attack in NYC done a decade ago, Judy. Write about the USS Liberty. Mmm'kay?
Israel did 9/11. Not "Islamic terrorists". Jewish terrorists. The USA is a vassal state of Israel.
There is a simple failure to realize that Islam is a religion. Religions do not simply roll over and die. And members of religions strongly protect their religions.
This thought is unpalatable to such as criticize Israel, for example, because it answers force with force, and successfully.
The rights which are so loudly proclaimed will not survive unless they have a strong sense of duty and obligation supporting them.
Years ago, at the time of the introduction of the volunteer army, Edward Kennedy addressing a students' group at Cornell asked who was in favor of the volunteer army. Loud and prolonged cheers. He asked how many present would join. Loud and deafening silence.actio