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Guy Sorman
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tma_sierrahills July 04, 2011 at 4:58 PM
Looting, which one often sees after earthquakes in other [non-white]societies, was nonexistent.
- - - -
Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity
If Japan cannot avail itself of selective immigration, then it should at least consider availing itself of management consultancy contracts with Korean firms. Japanese culture is in possession of many superlatives, but there is always more that can be learned.
When Japan outlaws kiddie porn and stops making sex objects out of children, I will have more respect for them.
great book - empire of lies, great article, chapeau bas
Japan will always finds its way or create one. Having a strong traditional inner core makes it a country different to any other. And don't underestimate the matter of having no religious differences among themselves, none of that "my god is right and yours isn't". Always just out of daily acknowledgement is a flexible spirituality embodied by a somewhat mysterious and distant Supreme Being that they somehow suspect was created somewhere in their own image, and since they're not too sure of that, there's never an argument or disagreement or suspicion over a neighbor's or co-worker's religion or manner of worship. This overall ideology, or lack of same, makes for cultural cohesion. Outsiders wishing to adopt the so-called "Japanese way of life" lose sight of that one simple secret and focus on everything else, the reason being that the Japanese never expound on their spiritual cohesiveness, since to them this is never taught or shared, never indoctrinated, but realized and naturally absorbed. And therein most likely lies another level of enlightenment and success.
tma_sierrahills May 12, 2011 at 12:24 AM
"Looting, which one often sees after earthquakes in other societies, was nonexistent."

There were many U.S. reports and commentaries marveling at the harmonious non-looting Japanese culture. And yet when some natural disaster occurs in America in a heavily white area and there is no looting, the media is mum, obviously because taking any notice of the absence of looting would make it all too obvious which groups often find looting a viable and sometimes gleeful alternative.
- - - -
Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.
If we are all going into the crystal ball business, we'd do well to consider what is driving the change.
This opening is different from the previous 'two great openings' because the global interconnectedness behind it is not black ships or aircraft, but person to person. The Tunisian revolution didn't stay in Tunisia because of Facebook - exaggeration, but the point is clear.
For good or ill, this global opening will have more profound effects in China, and in ASEAN countries too, than directly in Japan. Japan will be reacting to events for a long time to come. Or so I predict...
"Japan’s GDP can grow because its economy is probably the most technologically advanced in the world"

Japan GDP growth in the past twenty years has been a result of a stunning increase in government spending, which is noted elsewhere in this article by way of their debt to GDP ratio. All in the name of fighting deflation in real estate, which has been dubious in both results and desirability. Sound familiar?
The Japanese are to be admired in my opinion. It's not true, though, that the Japan's economy has stagnated -- it's grown. Two factors contribute to the illusion of stagnation: a declining population and a central bank that has maintained a stable money supply.

GDP per capita has continued to grow and the absence of an inflated currency makes GDP look worse than what we've come to expect in the U.S.. Though their GDP remains flat, the Japanese live better because, through productivity gains, their Yen have more purchasing power.

Just as the West played catch-up to the Japanese in the eighties with improved manufacturing and management processes, it will soon realize it must also emulate its monetary policy. They really must fix those deficits, though.
Renault-Nissan is promoting non-Japanese mostly because Renault rescued Nissan from collapse...they're the leading partners in the alliance (Carlos Ghosn, Renault's CEO, became Nissan's CEO after the "alliance"). It most likely has little to do with a new openness in Japanese society.

Good from evil;
The return of the Japanese from the
'Floating World'
Banzai !
Here is another model for opening.

I once worked for a U.S. defense contractor that has contracts with Japan, South Korea, and both Chinas. After having first hand experience with representatives from these nations, I would have to say that the hardest working and most individualistic representatives were the Koreans.

If Japan cannot avail itself of selective immigration, then it should at least consider availing itself of management consultancy contracts with Korean firms. Japanese culture is in possession of many superlatives, but there is always more that can be learned.
Reaffirms my belief that Japan will return to better days. And, my respect for Dutch ethics
" ...some commentators to predict that Japan will never recover. This is an absurd contention."

It is absurd only in that the earthquake is not the root cause of Japan decay. Demographics is.

What the March earthquake did was accelerate Japan's slide. After all, it take young people to build, and Japan has few of them.

Watch and see.