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Claire Berlinski
Fruits from the Tree of Malice « Back to Story

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The fruit of that malice now sits in the American oval office.
Claire, is this your blog or are you just a contributor. I either case, I am immensely impressed. Also sheds a new light on what is going on in the Middle East. And what was going on in South Africa even so Apartheid did exist but not to the brutal extent the media loved to fashion it. Can I subscribe to you but have no posts send to my e-mail? I do not do any of the news feeds mentioned.
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"The Meaning of 'Occupy'"

Berlinski fan JR Nyquist's current column covers another angle of her topic here.
Thank you, Ms. Berlinski, for keeping this candle lit. You and JR Nyquist and an inexplicably few others are paying attention.
This topic is something i enjoy. Great post Great to see fellow ownders
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Bolsheviks are still amongst us.
The problem is that the American Left and most European intellectuals have repeatedly been sympathetic toward Communist themes. They were patsies for decades. Their surrendering of principles, their hypocrisy is documented in the books and articles they wrote, in their speeches, in their deeds. And it is now haunting them.

So it is little wonder that they wish to bury all traces of their past vileness and intellectual decrepitude.

Therefore, it's our sacred duty to push it, never forgetting the revolting perversion that was (and is) Communism. The world needs a decommunification just like Germany was denazified.

Keep up the good work.
Best article I've read in many months!
Thanks Claire, keep up the good work. Is anyone correlating this new archival info with the Venona Files....also who is doing the same type of translation on the other Soviet Disinformation archives from Saddam Hussein's Iraq?
"actions against American and Israeli representatives in Iran, Greece, Ethiopia, Kenya,..."
Those from Kenya were successfull. They achieved to elect a president for the USA, long after the gardener’s demise.
The most stunning absence of materials is about Australia. It was the focus of specific targeting from Uncle Joe's time. The public service head of the Department of External Affairs (State Department) was a Communist in the late 1940s, yet nothing has emerged about the deep penetration of the Soviets.

I think that it would make a difference if the source of the view of the Left of the Democrat Party was not only exposed to be communists, but shown to be funded by them.

But at day's end, people care so little that Obama's Communist links have largely provoked a yawn. Just because Hitler is gone, it does not mean the National Socialism has gone and the same with Stalin and Communism.
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It is hard not for me to think about the millions of memo's that our government has generated over the years. Most of them never moved beyond the memo stage. How are we to filter out the rantings of a low level nobody from someone with the power to change events?

I'm still not convinced. Soviet archives have been trawled extensively by historians and their books have exposed Soviet crimes (chiefly against the Russian people). There is no conspiracy. The Cold War is over - they lost.

The fact that the superpowers fought proxy wars against each other is hardly a secret. The Soviets supported (amongst others) the PLO and the PFLP. The USA supported (amongst others) a depressing plethora of Latin American oppressors and the Mujahadeen (that went well). I suspect that the people caught in the middle didn't distinguish between them.
Has anyone tried to offer these Sowiet documents to Wikileaks for publication?
Why are they not yet published online or are they?
Why is this not a surprise? I have long suspected that the self-hating popular culture of the United States, heck, the world elites and others had its genesis in Soviet cold war destabilization efforts.

That this effort is still working against is no surprise - nor is the disinterest of publishers in showing any of this. After all, it would be highly embarrassing for these publishers to have it widely known that the bedrock of their pernicious beliefs comes from a Soviet cold war propaganda effort. (sort of like going back in a time machine and finding out one of the leaders of a world religion is a self-serving fraud). This is doubly so, since one of the political parties - the Democrats - have largely adopted these world views as part of their core belief system. How would it look if it is discovered that these views were a direct result Soviet of anti-United States propaganda efforts?

Just another reason why the elites of this world are utterly contemptible.

Still, there are ways in this new media environment to publish these documents - the internet, for example. Hopefully, these will be translated, into English and other languages, and put online for the world to see.

Will it make any difference to the elites? We know the answer: absolutely not - these beliefs are so ingrained at this point that some documents from the Soviet Union won't change a thing. I ever argue with these people? When their belief system is challenged, what you get is anger, generalizations and irrationality. Reason, logic, fact does not mean a thing. It's pretty depressing....
Daniel McLaughlin January 28, 2011 at 1:14 AM
Thank you Claire. It is about time that people know what really went on, and is going on today, because of the Soviets.

It is a wonderful thing that you had so many step forward to translate. Now the main stream media have no excuse to ignore them. I wonder how long they will continue to ignore this amazing piece of history.
Must say, I expected a tad more. As revelations go, the examploes quoted leaves me with a rather tepid so what? deflated feeling.
If only the gardener had demised. The best statement uttered by Senator John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Campaign was: When I look at Putin, I see KGB. The names and initials change periodically, but the apparatus stays the same.Evil Empire indeed.
the United States supported authoritarian anti-Communist regimes in Central America simply out of paranoia. Our support may have been unwise

It is doubtful that it was unwise. You have internalized the very Marxist propaganda that you here deplore.