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Myron Magnet
James Madison and the Dilemmas of Democracy « Back to Story
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Wow, what nonsense again (Madison's love of slavery pushed him in a pro-states' rights direction, and--by implication of course--all modern-day [anti-]federalists are also racists).

Another problem is that you accept Madison's ex post facto justification for the Three-Fifths Compromise at face value; um, remember that the slaveholders wanted to count slaves the same as any other human beings, so that they'd get more seats in the House; the northern states wanted slaves not to be counted at all, so 3/5 was a victory for Madison and his human-property-owning ilk.
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This is an exceptional and beautiful article built up by a selection of Madison quotes that lay bare both his revolutionary thought but also his concessions to reality that still form the fundamental contradictions in the practice of American government.
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Profound. A brilliant thinker. Great interpretation of difficult matters. A worthy read.
Yo, Street, if you have enough concentration span to read this, you may note that things up in DC have got kind of out of whack. For one thing, the corrupt Roberts Judiciary has allowed the big corporations to pay off the legislative lawyers quite handsomely, thus rendering the rest of us defenseless against a mainly Republican Congress which aims to deprive us of our electoral and other rights. The Democrats are arguably as bad - sometimes - but not right now. (they ain't been paid off enough)

I could care less where Obama was born. His mother was American which is good enough for me.
You are too smart to be caught between Sarah Palin (Assemblies of God) and some air-brushed Mormon like Uncle Miltie Romney. Do you know what the Assemblies of God believe - that Jesus is coming soon in Israel!

Well Uncle Ronnie is not coming again and arguably he had some patriots working for him - although, so far as I know, his cabinet owns the championship for criminal indictments - and his
administration for spending. Do you really desire Dick Cheyney as our next President?

Take care, old buddy, JW
The gift of America to the world has been the structure of government by highly educated brilliant intellectuals rather than by the political triumphs of a class or of specific commercial or religious interests. That said, it can be argued that deficiencies in their creation may stem from the fact that the leaders enjoyed wealth and real property, which they naturally protected, as Charles Beard well documented. Myron Magnet's essay is superb and its study should be required in every American high-school.
Excellent work, I particularly enjoyed the treatment of the "change of mind" leading to Federalist 45. Looking forward to the second installment in the next issue.