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Kay S. Hymowitz
Sarah Palin and the Battle for Feminism « Back to Story

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Does Irritated February 20, 2011 at 9:25 PM really believe the nonsense she posted? Unbelievable! A pregnant teen is not always the result of bad parenting. Bristol Palin acknowledged that she lied to her parents and got into a situation which led to an out-of-wedlock pregnancy and child. I wonder if 'Irritated' would consider a parent bad who puts their child on contraception at 14, and while not getting pregnant finds that at 16 she has cervical cancer?

Great article Kay. Lest we forget, Susan B. Anthony and her contemporaries strongly opposed abortion, and would never have supported the licentious behavior which many young women have embraced and been encouraged in by modern feminism. Sarah represents Republican 'family values', regardless of whether the political elite like her.
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A crucial part that you seem to forget is to ask, how has the counter-part of this topic changed, if any?

Realizing that there are no woman-rights issues if there are no men, what has happened on "our" side?

Can it be that as men have changed and see women as equals in a modern and communication/information-rich world, all further attempts of anti-discrimination laws is viewed as redundant and counter to what most women want with/from men?

The modern conservative woman like Palin can and want both things, opportunities (like she cites his father on: "a woman can go through any door of opportunity"), and receiving what a female desire in regards to a male partner and friend.

Very good article, but do you not exclude noted conservative women-rights activists like Susan B. Anthony, Frances Willard and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in what is called "Americas first-wave feminism" ending in the Nineteenth Amendment?
Writing on a Washington Post blog, Wendy Doniger, a Hinduism specialist at the University of Chicago Divinity School, topped them all: Palin’s “greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.” Sounds a bit like Religion :) claiming to be Spiritual!
Awsome article !! What blog platform do you use on your www ?
Belive it or not Sarah Palin represents me. I am retired and live in the deep south. The NOW gang and feminism has never represented me. I have a family and grandchildren. All the women in my family have done the same things as Sarah for generations. NOW and feminism represent rich and elitist women. Not real women that live in the real world. There is a segment of society that lives in between government subsidized families and the families with career Moms who sacrifice their own children for a leg up in Corp. America or big business. We are out here and we admire Sarah Palin because she represents us. No one else in politics ever pays any attention to the real women in this country because we do not fall into a given demographic.
I think this misses the mark in two important respects:

1. Many people who support sex equality loathe the deficit and social programs that make women feel they need welfare to get through life and encourage men to disrespect them. Acting like deficit reform is only a GoP issue, as this author does, is basically lying, I think. Pres. Obama ran on this issue. He just wants the wars and other government spending initiated by the GoP paid for, rather than avoided and sent down the river to our children. He wants to end the regressive taxation of the Bush II years. I don't think Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann even know what "regressive taxation" is; perhaps this author doesn't either.

2. Many non-Republican women value parenting (that's the whole point behind wanting parental leave). They just like to nurture their children rather than try to draw vague status from being a mother, like Sarah Palin does with her silly and contentless "mama grizzlies" just know when something's not right. Or shame them, as Sarah Palin has done with Bristol in public. Women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg want more than anything more children to have better quality relationships and connections with fathers. They are about keeping appropriate focus on children, and not taking it for yourself in some sentimentalized, and ineffective, version of "mothering." Sarah Palin's poor quality parenting speaks for itself in the teen pregnancy of her daughter; the fact one of her children is on the government dole in the military; the fact none of her children are in college or have college educations; and in her choice not to use birth control even though men and women over the age of 40 have increased risk of giving birth to a child with Down's syndrome. Sarah Palin made a big issue of wanting more government programs to help special needs children as well; utter hypocrisy.

3. Michelle Bachmann invited Justice Scalia to Congress and no other Justices apparently not knowing, or not caring, that he sees women as not covered by the 14th Amendment while men are. This interpretation would put Michelle Bachmann's ability to stand for office, raise money, etc. in serious question. This makes Steinem's quote quite apt, that "Any group of people that has been subordinate absorbs the idea of their own subordination . . . and comes to think that the only way to survive is to identify with the powerful."
I'm a up state New Yorker, and think Sarah Palin is just great.
This is a thoughtful article. But one thing you didn't mention -- all the Tea Party women are attractive, and thus acceptable to the powerful men. There's not a Bella Abzug in the bunch. But really, it's all about abortion. It's the 21st century equivalent of slavery: the issue polite people don't talk about but every woman cares deeply about. God help the country when it comes to the fore. I am a 50 year old single woman who has never been pregnant. If I made it, so could others. It's a lonely life but the life I chose. So, in the sense you describe, I'm a feminist in the mold of the Palinistas. I'd probably be a democrat except for abortion. And I'm not the only one. I'm not a carbon copy of a man but I am an individual with feminine characteristics. I worked in the media for many years and never quite "fit in" or "progressed" the way I should. I believe my beliefs were a big part of that. Freedom is important. In order to be a liberal feminist, you have to fit into a mold. Not so with the Palin crowd.
Marian - it's pro money, not R or D. Yes, the msm brings their biases to the table, but the bottom line HAS to be met, so unless a rich dilettante owns/runs the outlet, they WILL cater to their audience or perish. Or they will cater to a segment that is too small and thus perish - think air america. I can't think of an equivalent example for what the left calls "extreme right" that failed.

When slamming Palin gets them eyeballs/hits, then having it fit into their worldview is just the bonus - same goes for the defenders.

The reality? Just like Pres. Obama was/is elevated beyond known abilities, so is Palin. I like her. I think she's like I am, but much better at ordering her thoughts and expressing them. I also think I see myself a bit in Pres. Obama - unfortunately, it's my negative traits.

"Pro-Democrat media"? Where, pray tell? The mainstream media is owned and operated by the rich and powerful, who are primarily Republicans. Sarah Palin belongs on the Gong Show, as does her daughter.
Feminists! Sniff - they showed their true colors over the Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky scandal. Here we had a sitting President abusing an intern - if he had been a Republican, there would not have been a need to an impeachment trial, he would have been hounded out of office within days.

Instead, as Tammy Bruce details in one of her books, feminists were bought off with a $500,000 donation to NOW for an "anti-smoking" campaign. That someone reading this comment wasn't aware of this fact is a testament to the media's one way bias on this and other issues.

The point is that it's, at least in part, a DEMOCRAT thing - political party is a critical part of this - no matter what she said or did, Palin would be attacked because she was a Republican. That's not the end of it however - she must be attacked unmercifully as a warning to anyone else who would even think of doing what she has done.

And so, the odd odyssey of Sarah Palin goes on. Without the pro-Democrat media hounding her, Palin would have probably faded away. But, she is the woman the Democrats - women especially love to hate, and hate they do - the article wonderfully point out the hysteria of the attacks. But, Palin's fame has reached proportions more as a result of those attacks, than anything else. Like the attack on Limbaugh, she was stronger as a result.

But, the Palinization of Sarah Palin, means she is finished as a serious Presidential contender. The power of the traditional media is waning, but as the rehabilitation of OBAMA - hopefully temporary - has shown, it is still very powerful when it speaks with one voice. And, there is more and more evidence that its attacks are well coordinated - but as of now no one is even looking into that. And, although this is a side issue, the incorporation of the traditional media into the Democrat Party is nearly complete - to a great extent they are one and the same thing.

But, that's a subject for someone else to write about, hopefully.
Feminists of the late 20th century variety have no serious justification to complain about Mama Grizzlies taking advantage of "feminist" political gains. If so, then white men can complain about feminists taking advantage of the free country fought for and established by the founding fathers... white men. Don't they see, right is right for everybody? Just because someone did not build the system doesn't mean they don't get to take advantage of it!
Feminism is not up for grabs except in the minds of some dim bulbs on the right and their media shills. Sarah Palin is no more a feminist than Phyllis Schlafly is. Feminism is about values and issues, not one's gender; a man can be a feminist, as was my father.
It appears that liberal feminists want to be married to the government.

Who needs to marry a man to build a family if the government can take care of you and your children?

A liberal feminist wants to have a permanent relationship with the whole government, rather than put up with a permanent relationship with one man.
Rhonda Keith Stephens January 26, 2011 at 5:41 AM
Excellent explanation of the Palin phenomenon.
Liberal feminism lost a lot of credibility during the Clinton Administration when it became apparent that feminism was for upper class educated women and not for women in general. The feminists accepted Clinton's boorish behavior and even attacked the women who dared to complain about it. As long as a man supported their political agenda, his behavior was fine with them.

Also their fanatical support of a "woman's right to choose" code words for abortion, is another losing position. Whatever happened to a woman's right to be sexually responsible? A whole lot of choice took place before the decision to abort.

Men are not the enemy unless you happen to live in an Islamic country. Then as a woman, you seem to be a nonperson. Where is the outrage of the sisterhood? Ladies (liberal feminists), you have shot yourself in the foot by words and deeds.

Count me as a "mama grizzlie".
How is the equal pay initiative *not* an economic issue?

the author has clearly taken the blue pill...
Rant and rave you ugly unattractive bunch of females. Palin has more charm,sexiness and just plain old common sense that all you misfits put together.Bahrrrrrrrrr!!!
What the out of date feminists don't get is Sarah Palin's analogy of the Mamma Grizzlies.

The grizzly bear is the most formidable mammal on earth, and the last thing any sane person would want to do is to come between a mother grizzly bear and her cubs.

Accordingly, American women are coming to see big government as posing a direct threat to the future of their children by reckless spending that has put an unplayable debt burden on the backs of their children and even grandchildren.

Here, motherhood trumps sisterhood ... by a mile.
From Wasilla
To rehash her glory moment of 08 is one thing.. But, to continue to call her former governor is infuriating to an Alaskan- A Conservative, Christian, Republican Alaskan.. Sarah whackjob Palin is at the most an unethical half-term governor. Find another subject to make your point. We're trying to have a Sarah FREE moment here...
Rick - now that was funny - Palin and Obama speaking for their respective 20%?

So Obama speaks {mostly} like a conservative during the campaign, and again after the mid-terms, and you really think there are only 20% of us???
Dan - it's the outliers who shape the narrative who have decided thet Palin is NOT a feminist. How is that inclusive?
where are the women plumbers?
Missy Janie,

What makes you so sure that the author of this essay uses abortion as birth control, much less has even had an abortion? These sad, hateful, ignorant comments give me and I suspect, many, the distinct impression that the pro-life movement is purposefully demonizing those who disagree with it PRECISELY because they are unable to provide a convincing case as to why abortion should be made illegal. Missy Janie, abortion existed prior to 1973. Women you believe yourself so morally superior to felt the need to get abortions--expensive, life-threatening illegal abortions--because they felt that they couldn't take care of these children, and that society certainly wouldn't (look at the funding of orphanages in this country; look how welfare mothers are vilified by the party that claims so fervently to be "pro-life"). Better yet, look what happened in Romania. Ceausescu prohibited abortion, and in that span of time around 500,000 women died trying to obtain illegal abortions. That's just the women, that means 500,000 fetuses were terminated, in addition to untold botched abortions that didn't end in death, but sterilized the women, and then there are the illegal abortions that were successful and caused no lasting harm. Given these FACTS, is it a surprise that so many are uncomfortable with the idea of infringing on a woman's reproductive freedom, even if they personally (For example, my wife and I) would and have never terminated a pregnancy?
Kay Hymowitz and her ilk have been using abortion as birth control legally since 1973.
I do not believe "choice" should be political, I believe it is a moral issue. I also believe that any woman considering abortion should make a truly informed decision, ergo, I recommend they watch a sonogram of a real abortion. Actually, I would insist on it. That being done, tell me that's not murder.
"Indeed. For Stahl and her ilk, real women care about day care, not deficits." --Kay, I believe you missed an opportunity here to get at the fundamental issue with Sarah Palin. It is my belief that this 'new breed' of 'feminists' has, in fact, very little to do with feminism. That they may pay homage to or deference to feminism, I think, is beside the point. That line from your piece, quoted above, says it all. They are and see themselves, essentially, as equals. They are self-defining. Stahl needs government to define her. Palin, on the other hand, and all those who see her as they see themselves, need only their own firmly-held belief systems - not necessarily, by the way, complementary. I think the true test for the 'new woman' (that is, Palinite) is how much she can communicate and teach this argument in the public forum. That, I believe, is why they care about 'deficits'.
First: interesting article.



First: Belgium is NOT Europe, there is a lot other countries there, so please stop generalizing. Not everybody thinks like you.
The existential issues (I suppose by this you mean social issues) haven't been solved here in Europe, and even if they would they tricky and slippery nature guarantees that they will not stay solved for long (especially when reality comes checking).

I suppose Palin would get a lot of votes in Europe (to be honest I wouldn’t want her to win, I disagree with some of her ideas, but someone like her would be useful here to shake things up).

I recomend calling us Americans. :-)
Leo, This is an interesting article. Don
liberal feminism is romanticized and theoretical. they didn't know how to act when confronted with a real-life woman who actually could hunt for her family's dinner, drag it home and cook it up, run her household, make sweet love to her hubby, then put on a suit and go to her job as governor, mayor, or CEO. as long as the female ideal was an unattainable goal, they were happy but when forced to face the fact that they are little more than elitist poseurs compared to this new-to-them embodiment of the pioneer woman, it drove them into a rage.
Younger women are succeeding in School at a much higher rate than young men. In a generation, these women will be running the businesses and corporations. The old-style 'dependent-feminist' is ill-equipped to fit this model.
It seems pretty obvious to me there is and has long been two groups out there, the long-visible somewhat-to-very leftist "feminists," and something else that is very pro-woman, but not usually in the ways feminists are. How else can you explain the fact that Republicans can usually get a small majority of the white female vote? (The gender gap and reports of women being Democratic comes from 1) white women being less enthusiastically Republican than white men and 2) women of color being overwhelmingly Democratic.)

Old-time feminists are in a bit of a bind because they've long claimed to represent all women, and people like Palin are making it clear even to the most obtuse that this just isn't the case.

What we really need is not a definitional argument, but a new term to describe this up-to-now unnamed group.
Interesting article, but the hate of Palin by the left has more to do with politics than feminism and women.
For years, deminism has been defined from the left by a so called "elite" group of Ivy League educated men and women. Once their orthodoxy developed there was no turning back.
Now Palin comes along and smashes their glass ceiling and defines things on her own terms.
What's worse for the leftists is that many women around the country agreed with Palin.
As for the vitriol spewed her way by leftist women???? What else might we expect from a group of spoiled rotten people who grew up being told they were always right?

Yes Kay, that dress does make you butt look fat. The individual births genius; the state is an ass. No wonder you love government. Sarah Palin is so refreshing, honest and hard working. She will make an ideal woman President someday. It’s her individualism, principles and character we love, not her gonads.
@Mary Beth, I'll ask you personally: why do you think feminists tell you how to act? I repeat what I said below: every feminist blog I've been to has been adamantly clear on all human beings' right to choose for themselves, including women choosing to shave their legs, staying at home, devoting themselves entirely to their families, working in the porn industry, etc.

So where are you getting this notion that feminists (as if they all think alike...) are telling you how to act?
It is about time someone said what you said in this article. There is no difference between men/society telling me what I am suppose to believe than a bunch of feminist women telling me. I will never understand how they can encourage women to abort their babies when they should be working to provide an environment in which they could have them. The feminists have it backwards. I guess there are none so blind as those who will not see.
The writer and movie director Nora Ephron answered the what-is-feminism quiz simply by announcing: “You can’t call yourself a feminist if you don’t believe in the right to abortion.”

Nora Ephron is that ignornant about the original feminists? Then what does she choose to call all of those early feminists who were pro-life?
Re: "It is way past the time to identify the taproot of Feminism : Lesbianism, fomented by the over-the-edge Left. It is another facet of the Karl Marx dictum that for Socialism to succeed, three things had to be destroyed: Property, Religion and Family."

Mr. Sayles, well-said. The radical feminists who so dominate today's women's movement, are nothing more than cultural Marxists. If one goes back to the wellsprings of that movement, esp. the Institute for Social Research, i.e., Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Fromm and Habermas, it is readily apparent they sought to upend the foundations of western civilization - home, family, traditional Judeo-Christian religion, free markets and free human beings.
Why do people think all feminists think alike? The first thing I noticed reading disparate feminist blogs is how many self-designated feminists disagree on key issues, or focus on separate ones.

Why do people think all feminists hate men? The first thing I noticed reading Shakesville is that gender inequalities hurt men too.

Why do people think feminists pretend to speak for all women? Whenever I ran into a feminist blog post about a work-at-home mom, a porn star, sex workers, shaving legs, wearing bras, I saw nothing but respect for others' choices.

Why all this ignorance surrounding feminism?
Palin Power: From your lips to God's ears! She'd make an awesome president. Our country needs her but I don't think she'll run: It's not in her or her family's best interest. You think Gifford's would-be assassin, Loughner, is nuts? Wait 'til you see the number of death threats against Palin from the PDS crazies.
Sarah Palin is no different than Barack Obama: Barack has contempt for Middle Americans who cling to religion and guns. Palen has contempt for East/West Coast people who have educations and want less guns on their streets. Both Obama and Palin show an enormous ignorance to the needs of people beyond their own bases. Both Obama and Palin want to force the desires of 20% of the population onto the remaining 80% of us.
It is high-time that conservative women contested what feminism is and is not, given the poisonous nature of what much of today's women's movement has become. Post-modern feminism of the kind so beloved by the left hates marriage, traditional male-female roles, indeed despises manhood and womanhood itself. Ancillary to that, it despises any person - male or female - who finds happiness and fulfillment in the time-tested verities of western civilization. Palin's "sin" was to expose for all to see, the naked hypocricy of the modern feminist movement - and demonstrate a successful, ethical conservative counterpart. That she is from the heartland, is not a member of the bicoastal elite, and speaks plainly - just seals the deal. For all of these, she is hated.
I haven't read the full article yet, but early on, there's this quote:

The second-wave feminists of the 1960s and 1970s who revived the moribund suffragette movement came of age during and after World War II,

This imagery of the history of women's rights, while common, is utterly clueless about where the country was headed as the 20s, 30s, and 40s played out.

I suggest to you that a casual perusal of the facts about the times belies the notion that the suffragette movement -- that is, the general goal towards equal rights for women -- stopped or stalled in 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment.

As time passed through the 20s and 30s, the expectation of equal rights for women in the nation grew substantially. In particular, I would suggest, for example, that you watch the 1931 Oscar winning picture Cimmaron. It isn't a great film by modern standards, but it was original in its time and is one of the few westerns to win the Oscar for BP. It is a sprawling picture about the life of a family from the opening of the Oklahoma territory through a generation of living and prospering. If it seems cliche today, realize that other films are modeled on this one, not the other way around. Its depiction of women, blacks, and native Indians is fairly modernistic and egalitarian. And this film was made and released in 1930.

I also cite for you that an examination of movies for the next 18-odd years after Cimmaron show an increasingly egalitarian notion of women as strong, self-sufficient, and fully capable in their own right. "Rosie the Riveter" wasn't a sudden shift for women, it was something they'd been closing in on for two decades and more.

From 1940's His Girl Friday tp 1941's Ball of Fire, both pre-war, one finds strong, capable women. Both Rosalind Russell and Barbara Stanwyck made careers out of these kinds of roles.

Or consider the depiction of the women in the family central to 1937's You Can't Take It with You. Or the female leads in just about any Capra picture of the times -- From 1934'sIt Happened One Night to 1946'sIt's a Wonderful Life -- these are hardly "nervous nellies". Older women were often less assertive, but that, too, was a likely accurate depiction of the women of the times. And Capra's films were fairly popular for the most part -- which they would not have been had not the audience been receptive to these depictions.

My personal favorite of the four Bogey-Bacall films is 1947's Dark Passage, in which Bacall lives at home, alone, and is entirely self-sufficient.

No, the aberration was the 1950s, not the times before or after.

There was a clear and concerted effort on the part of the "powers that be" to put women back into the household. I argue this, once more, by using Hollywood as an example --

Consider 1947's
That Way with Women vs. 1949's Mother Is a Freshman

In TWwW, the female lead is spunky, self-assured, and is a strong-willed daughter out to protect her father (Sidney Greenstreet) from himself. Her dress and hair is "Rosalind Russell standard" -- loose, flowing hair, loose skirts, and practical heels -- you could see her breaking into a run if the situation warranted it.

In MIaF, only two years later, the female lead is a helpless widow who, having been left an annuity by her deceased husband, has exhausted the funds by late August... what will she do? Clearly, "she needs a man in her life"... She is given an offer of marriage by her husband's executor, but she does turn it down (he's somewhat of a nebbish) in order to set in motion the movies' macguffin, which has her attending college along with her young daughter. There, she meets and is romanced by Professor Van Johnson, and (spoiler alert! ok, not really) eventually marries him, and goes back to her life in the household. Throughout it all, Loretta Young is almost the polar opposite of the female lead of TWwW and a clear precursor to 50s housewife "role model" -- helpless without a man, in tight skirts and high heels and with a Kim Novak type hairstyle that you would have to spend 3 days a week at the hairdressers to keep remotely decent looking.

Only two years, and the entire "mold" of the female in US society began to radically change.

And I'd cite it to you, it was the memories and experiences of women before the 50s which really made the 1960s take place, along with the final stage of the Sexual Revolution with the legalization of contraception.

This view of feminism as a 60s thing is utterly wrong, and is self-serving of the liberal agenda.

They didn't CAUSE it -- they didn't even DIRECT it. They just saw where it was headed, and got in front of everyone while pointing and shouting "That way!! That way!!"

Margaret Thatcher beat others to the punch on the false housewife economics "there is no alternative" myth-understanding of real public purpose macroeconomics and there is a considerable body of women conservative voters in the UK, so I understand that there would naturally be conservative women in the US.
I think the Palinites would mostly agree that each of them can speak for herself, and that positions on the issues are personal choices - JUST LIKE THEY ARE PERSONAL CHOICES FOR MEN. Isn't freedom of thought the most important feature of equality?
How about a true feminist is one who does not emasculate males in achieving their goals - whatever they may be.
Liberal women believe everyone needs to think like them, but they say they think everyone has the right to think differently. Figure that out.
Sarah Palin WILL PWN Obozo in 2012 and become our greatest President EVER! We WILL have 8 years of President Palin and she will bring greatness, prosperity, glory, unity back to our divided and broken country!
Michelle Moore? Do you mean Michelle Bachmann?
One of the best commentaries I have ever read on the subject of S.Palins
impact on the culture of this country. Well done. Put a bonus in this
authors paycheck!
I am a 60 year old female lawyer who gave up on "feminists" in the 70's. I went to law school during a time when it was uncommon and professors didn't mind telling you that women had no place in either the legal profession or law school. The "Feminists" then and now were left wing types, who were anti-male and believed that the only real feminists were lesbian. I was at the ERA COnvention in Houston. What a crew! Deficits, foreign policy and other concerns are the concerns of real feminists. The professional feminists are hypocrites of the first order. Hooray for the conservative women today who are giving them heartburn!
As "traditional" feminists describe themselves, they are pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-nanny state. That is essentially the definition of a progressive. They, for the most part, appear to be a product of the 60's "make love not war", "free sex with no consequences" crowd that I grew up with. The end results of the progressives, to date, have been the degradation of the fabric of minority families; what amounts to almost genocide of blacks from abortion; moral decline; education decline; cities collapsing in poverty; and rampant illegal imigration, just to name a few of the outcomes along with $14 trillion dolars plus of debt. I know this is an oversimplification of a complex issue but, what the heck, in my business we focus on outcomes not intentions.

The Palinistas look at all this and say to themselves, based on the outcomes, how has this helped women? Are my kids safer? Are my kids receiving a better education? Can my family survive on one income like my parents did? Can I hold my head up proudly and say that my success is a result of my ability, drive and character rather than special treatment mandated by the government? Will I be able to stand before God and say I chose life when I voted? Sounds like some pretty reasoned thinking and action to me.

I think what scares the "traditional" feminists the most is the thought of their moral relativism and elitist attitudes being blown up by the Palinistas like a 180 grain 30.06 bullett hitting a Prairie Dog. For those of you on the east and west coasts who don't understand the analogy: the slug basically disintegrates the varmint.
Your problem - and the problem with most of feminism until this "new era" - is that you have historically, consistently, and erroneously, equated feminism with leftism. NOW has never supported a candidate from the Right, even if she was a woman, and even if her opponent was a man. This entire editorial is simply an inside look at the internal angst felt by a "feminist" who is forced to confront the fact that her entire belief system was not designed to promote women, but Leftism.

"Yes, here she was—clinging to her guns, her religion, and her babies, and saying, and apparently believing, all the wrong things."

Yes, there she was... and if you really supported women, you would support her. You would respect her opinion. You would prove that her voice matters. But you can't do that, can you? Because it's not about a fine example of womanhood being free to exercise her right to an opinion and step up to a leadership role in our country, is it? It's because she's not a Leftist. And the emotional angst you feel are your inner gears grinding as a result. And why shouldn't she claim the feminist movement as her heritage? Feminists claim they were working for all women, so it's her heritage too. But that's not the truth either, is it? They weren't really working for all women, after all. Ms. Hymowitz has some soul searching to do, and it's about how she's been lied to all these years.
What feminists don't want to "get" is that NOBODY "speaks for women". Not if women are free and liberated! Freedom means the right to not be controlled like that! Freedom means the right to vote - any way we want to. Feminism wants to be everything they claimed the patriarchy stood for: they want to control us and tell us what to think, what to support, how to behave.

Oh Feminism, sheminism. Read the Russian Rostislav's post. Palin is about something much bigger than "feminism". This is about the future existence of America. This is a real battle for our country. Do you want an America-hating (Obama spent 22 years with Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright), big-government, socialist, wealth-redistributor, "I'm from the government and here to rob you of everything you've worked for" for a second term as president? What is unique and exceptional about America is being rapidly destroyed. If you give him another four years you will finish this country off.

You count yourself a conservative and note that Palin doesn't appeal to you; just curious, why not?

What is it that Palin lacks that your favored candidates for... say... the presidency possess?

Once you answer that question, ponder and answer the following:

What do "your" preferred candidates LACK that Palin has?

Here... I'll give you an example:

I view Newt Gingrich as brilliant and largely right on the issues.

That said... I no longer trust him. He supported TARP. He supported Bailouts. He backed the wrong horse in the infamous NY-23 race prior to the last election.


That Romney... what a resume, huh! A "leader!" A businessman. A former governor. Educated. Articulate.

He's also the guy who gave Massachusetts RomneyCare.

Do you trust Romney? If so... WHICH Romney? The Romney of the first 9/10 of the last presidential campaign or the Romney of the last 1/10? Which one will show up come 2012? If elected, which one will govern?


A Baptist Lay Preacher from Arkansas? I think not.


How many strikes does he get?

Jeb Bush...???

May God protect us from yet another dynasty candidate!

Where does trustworthiness and character fall within your political prism of candidate hierarchy?

Sure Palin has her faults and weaknesses, but compare and contrast - who are the politicians "in the game" who provide a better all around "package" for constitutionalist libertarian-leaning conservatives?
Sarah Palin, like every other human being, male or female, is allowed to be her own person. She is allowed to have her own beliefs, her own philosophies, and her own values. She does not have to, nor should she, unless she sees fit, fit the mold, stereotype, or value system of either Liberal or Conservative feminists, indeed, Sarah Palin is not required to be a feminist at all!
This is what is so disturbing about the entire controversy regarding Mrs. Palin. Almost every Liberal pundit, every ultra Left radical or even moderate Liberal feminist, and far too much of the supposedly progressive media bitterly criticizes her for not being or supporting what they demand she be or support. As if any human being should be or should believe what some other person wants them to be or believe.
Even Ms. Hymowitz, who is attempting to be fair and reasonable, apparently tries to categorize Mrs. Palin and thus fails to give Sarah the respect she deserves as another person with all the foibles and inconsistencies that includes. Or worse, Ms. Hymowitz tries to define Sarah as an actor playing a role who should be mouthing the lines prepared for her.
Mrs. Sarah Palin is her own person with her own special and unique persona, just as is Ms. Hymowitz.
Sarah Palin does not have to suit anyone but herself.
Many wise and capable women are stumbling over the inescapable fact: If women need special programs to make them equal and to promote their interests, programs men neither want nor receive, then they are and never will be equal. If women just want less rather than more regulation to allow them to pursue their goals as they see fit, then they have already arrived. The war is over and they are winning the peace.
What liberal "feminists" refuse to understand is true feminism means each individual woman gets to decide her path in life. A woman does not have to below to a liberal feminist group like NOW. A woman does not have to choose the path of a liberal feminist groups like NOW. She does not need their approval.
Feminism died when women voted for the cute, newbie, male over the experienced female, Hillary Clinton. Buy bye.
Few people know that Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - so instrumental in getting women the right to vote - were strongly against abortion.

Feminism changed greatly from 1920 to 1970.

It's changing again.
I disagree that it's impossible to "recast feminism as antiabortion"; after all, at least half of all babies aborted are female!
btw- Europeans can't fathom Pallin because they can't really fathom Americans. Our history, culture, education, government, and economics diverge so greatly that European "opinion" on our politics is almost totally irrelevant- and yes, I know what I'm talking about. There's nothing like an "entrepreneur" who doesn't really want to make money (what's the point- it'll only get taxed), a grocery store closing at 6 p.m., government billboards telling people how to think and act, people refusing to have families (or get married) and therefore necessitating the inflow of immigrants, assumed and accepted atheism (and boy, yeah, they're totally open-minded about religion), dating in which the man doesn't pick up his date, open the door for her, or pay a penny for dinner, refusing to assist elderly people (in almost any way- I saw it constantly), almost no sense of charitable obligations to financially donate to anything, etc, etc, that makes one not only reflect on basic but profound differences between liberal Europe and conservative America, but to fall in love with America all over again!
I love the tee shirt. Where can I get one. As a Palinistas since she gave THE speech at the republican convention, I wish her well in her future endeavors.
If I am called a "feminist" it is because I believe in promoting girls and women. However, I'm probably not considered a "feminist" because I believe in promoting boys and men, also. I love both girls and boys, and am the mother of 2 girls and 2 boys. I have always resented the "feminist" telling me how to think and live my life. I appreciate significantly more men who are more likely to say, act, and believe that people can choose to live and think the way they want. A lot of these truly rabid liberals need to realize they demand lemmings, and don't seem to have the confidence and courage to make their case and let people decide. GREAT article!
Very insightful comment, Rostislav. (Just saw your post) Funny that it would be a foreigner who would see the truth about Sarah. "She is about the future of America. Being one of the few really rare persons who sincerely LOVES her great country" Thanks for pointing that out.
The only thing Kay got wrong was her allegation that the current generation of Grizzlies was "sneering" at feminism's pioneers. C'mon! Sarah Palin was born in 1964. She and many of the current grizzlies were in junior high when all that was happening.
Single women feel vulnerable, and gravitate to the government for security. That means voting democratic. Married women face issues like family budgeting and the physical security of their children, nudging them toward the republicans.

If feminists cast out pro-life women, they are really just pro-sex without consequences, which makes them little different from, let's say, masculinists.

If I swallow the Hope diamond, the diamond does not become a part of my body. The same holds true for fetuses. Fetuses often have penises, after all. Is the penis part of the woman's body?

Good article - it helped refine my opinion on this issue.

I'm almost 50, and have benefited from what women have done for our sex, but like all things run by the government {EPA and OSHA come to mind} there comes a time where you don't have to force it. The free market will take the path of least resistance, and the less we try to force it, the better for all.

I am also the type of person who elicits strong responses, so I identify with Sarah. I learned long ago that those who reacted to me very negatively were usually people who were very insecure and so it was no loss.

What we are witnessing and a part of is a reclaiming of what it means to live your ideals. Hang on folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
Anna- Please wake up and realize that big media has been lying to you for years.
Isn't it ironic that conservatives are always the dumb ones according to the media when the left has scholars like biden and jimmah carta running rampant?
Al gore flunked out of law school, biden got caught plagiarizing in college and in the eighties, obama claimed that he had visited "57 states" with several more to go, “the country of europe needs our help”, “Austrian language”, and he is the leader of our military despite being able to properly pronounce corpsman after 4 attempts. He also thanked all of the military men and women in the audience on Memorial Day.
And of course Biden is in a league all his own. He proudly told couric " to be vp one must know what he is talking about- in 1929 roosevelt went on tv to calm the country down" (funny though that all we heard about for the remainder of the campaign was Palin's "everthing i can" answer to couric's condescending question asking what she read), Biden said one must have “an Indian accent to go into a 7/11”, “jobs is a 3 letter word” and he has now officially been muzzled by the white house because he is such a moron.
So please keep repeating the marching orders about how dumb Palin, Bush and Reagan are- it makes you look so intelligent.
The leftist media uses the same tricks every time and somehow people keeping falling for them. They cover for the democrats and at the same time give republicans (especially republican women) impossible standards.
Right you are Dave and jgreene. And what I really admire about Sarah P is that she actually practices what she preaches. She not only believes in but lives "Thou shalt not kill" and every American's Constitutional "right to life..." I'm a conservative woman and I believe as Sarah does but I confess that I would think twice about bringing a special needs child into this world. I'm relieved that I've never been confronted with this "problem". Sarah Palin's a better and braver human being than I and that's why she's the kind of person, man or woman, America should have as President. I would be so proud if she were elected President.
If feminism is about inequality and taking away rights for women, then yes, Palin is a feminist.
If I understand the feminists correctly, to be a true feminist a woman has to restrict herself to the narrow set of 'womans issues' and not be concerned about broader American political issues. That position is pure nincompoopery for any politician who wishes to get on the national stage, to restrict yourself to only the interests of one small group.
Please, oh please, oh please let Palin get the Republican nomination. At least it will be entertaining to watch her fold under questioning from the likes of Katie Couric.
Let's keep in mind here that the early feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were firmly against abortion, believing that abortion was only a tool for men to control women.
Femminism is passe. Equality is not.
Liberal women hate Palin because she destroys all of their lies that they have built their movement upon. Women don't need the help of government to get ahead and they don't need to sacrifice having a family to have a career.
However, the greatest threat Sarah poses to the feminazi movement is that she has a special needs child that she adores.
In margaret sanger's planned parenthood eugenics movement, special needs children are viewed as burdens that are to be killed asap. Palin gives that notion the middle finger and proudly displays Trig, often calling him the "greatest joy in her life". THAT is why the feminazis hate her so much.
Sarah Palin and Conservative Women i.e. Tea Party Members exude "feminism". As a gentleman who appreciates and loves strong feminine ladies I can tell you I have never been either impressed or drawn to the liberal or "gay" leadership of NOW and other pseudo "feminist" organizations.

I'm here to support and "cheer on" our wonderful younger Conservative Women and men in Politics. The National Organization of Women and other such pseudo-feminist "groups" can go to hell. Conservtive feminists are the real deal! Live with it!
So to be a true feminist you must be anti-free market. That thought will surely destroy Bloom's version of feminism, if for no other reason it places the movement firmly in the Communism camp.
Thoughtful and balanced. Bravo Ms. Hymowitz. I have been researching the ERA and exploring the Feminist conflict for a novel. I think you hit on many of the issues women still face including the one overarching all: career vs. marriage/childrearing. One size does not fit all and those who dismiss women who choose, as their primary mission in life, the raising of children diminish society's real need to insure that the generations who follow have a strong foundation morally and educationally. When the raising of children is left to $10 an hour (or less) workers, the results cannot be good. A number of years ago a woman who worked with my husband sagely observed "No one will ever care about your children as much as you do."
"Capitol’s designated nursing room" is an example of government waste. This room is only used once, yet they have to pay for it 365 days a year!!! There are alternatives. Many women's restrooms have lounges.

As for Palin speaking for women, can't we get beyond that. Government speaks for all Americans regardless of gender. Certainly, this talk of Palin hurts Republican women. The Democrats seem to not mind if they get left behind the feminist agenda.
I am a 74 y.o. WM conservative. My wife of 47 years, deceased two years ago, used to call herself a women's libber but not a feminist. We both most admired Sarah Palin for having the courage to give birth to a Downs' Syndrome child BEFORE she was on the national political scene. The hatred of the feminists for her makes me wonder whether the true underlying agenda of the movement put what's best for women first, or the enhancement of the liberal agenda of the moment. The same question comes up for me when I note how little the feminine branch of the MSM has to say about the truly barbaric practices condoned under Sharia.
Palin is one of the ONLY women who is 100% self-made, but the left still clings to ridiculous icons of the so called feminist movement like hillary clinton, pelosi, and huffington who ALL got to where they are because of their wealthy and powerful husbands/fathers. How progressive of them. Palin was married to a professional fisherman and the daughter of a school teacher yet she had become the single most powerful woman in America today.
Pelosi, gingrich, mittens, gore, kennedy, bush, kerry, hillary clinton, huffington and MANY MANY more got to where they are simply because of their families’ wealth and/or power. They didn’t “pound the pavement” to get elected they simply used their name to get ahead. That’s what i would call “elite”.

It’s a problem for both sides of the aisle. We aren’t europe and we aren’t supposed to be ruled by an aristocracy here in the USA, so why do we feel the need to continue to elect people solely by their bloodline?

For instance, when i heard barbara bush on LKL talk down about the commoner from Alaska (who had accomplished more in her life ON HER OWN then babs bush ever could have) i wanted to scream.
Babs is a typical elitist who wants her other son to be president and the new darling of the republican party, and if we are dumb enough as a people to give her that wish then we will get what we deserve.

I have little hope that any woman can be elected president after seeing the vile way the women treated Hillary Clinton, the most experienced, qualified, intelligent candidate.

Shame, shame on us for treating our own in such catty ways.

I don't think it will matter if it is a Democrat or a Republican WOMAN. We expect the media to fight to keep her down. But the worst part is for woman to attack our own while trying to intellectually justify our vile actions.
The tax and spend, big-government, pro-abortion, ivy-league, coastal elitist, knee-jerk liberal, anti-American, Obama-loving women who hate Sarah Palin and dismiss her as a "moron", are fake-feminists.

And BTW, why did the liberal media demand John McC and Sarah P disclose their birth certificates and college transcripts but Barack Obama got a pass when he refused. "Transparency for thee but not for me." Always the double-standard for the Lefties.
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So much writing, so little content. Kay, you are not fit to drink Mrs. Palin's bathwater.
Hillary Clinton refusing to drop her maiden name was hypocrisy, since she rode a man's coattails like other notable feminists (from Eva Peron to Benazir Bhutto.) She turned a blind eye to her husband's cheating. She ran a bad primary campaign, because she expected a coronation. Her refusing to bake cookies was a swipe at women who work as homemakers; those women felt sorry for HRC later when Monica Lewinsky became a household name.
Phenomenal, thoughtful article. Well analyzed and well executed (oops, can I say that anymore?)

Anyway, you've got a new fan. You were linked at HotAir.
Where were we 'back when' the feminists were making a scene calling for 'equal rights?' We were hard at work EARNING those equal rights through merit, not sex. Where were those feminists when Bill Clinton was raping women? They were on their knees waiting for their turn.
Great piece, very informative. I learned much I didn't know about feminist history. Thank you.
Sorry: "doesn't" (Humiliatin')
So why don't an intelligent, right-of-center writer like Ms Hymowitz support Palin for president?
One of the Sarah Palin TV shows had Kate Gosselin
as a guest; It said all that needs to be said about
I like Sarah Palin and I think she would make a good President. That being said I don't think she should run for POTUS. The mad haters of feminism will do their best to destroy Palin. They truly hate the woman that stole their thunder. Yes, you can be a feminist without killing your own children. A real woman does not kill her children. A real woman protect her children. When birth control is free and available throughout this country why are women racking up more abortions than ever before? It ios digusting. If you are not old enough to take preventive medicine you are not old enough for sex. The abortion rate is disgusting. There is no excuse for an abortion unless the mother is in danger. If you get yourself pregnant then have the child. Someone will adopt it. Don't be the kind of person that kills their own child. let them live.
If they could give someone like a Nikki Haley a chance to run a state, more power to the republicans. It looks like Republicans are at least honest about not putting everyone in one bin or another and just going for the winner. Liberal feminists lament women this, women that but when it comes to voting a capable woman into office made even more obvious by how woefully inadequate her opponent was, they failed. They did not even hold the media accountable for their shenanigans. They joined in on the deception. It is like the woman in the photograph where the speechwriter in chief was groping the cut out of Hillary Clinton's breasts. That is the face your liberal feminism today.
The left-wing, pro-choice, Democratic women who hate Sarah Palin and dismiss her as a "moron" because she knows abortion is murder, are not feminists. They are FEMINAZIS.
Even a cursory survey of TV sitcoms and commercials of the '50s and early '60s shows women had every reason to resent the patronizing, demeaning way popular culture portrayed them.

Somehow a genuine movement for equality and respect was hijacked by totalitarian lunatics.

Eric Hoffer described the three stages of a movement, "First it's a movement, then a business, then a rackett."
The liberal feminist crowd lost all credibility when they failed to support Hillary Clinton for President. They had their chance and they blew it. At first glance of the young senator from Ill. they all started gushing like school girls with their first crush.

I respect the Palin crowd. they don't blather on about equal this and that. They believe that mainstream issues are womens issues.

As liberals first and foremost, traditional feminism cannot abide Palin, Bachman, Haley et al because these women illustrate the intellectually hollow core of feminism as practiced by the Steinham/Grose/Collins contingent.

Feminism’s silence when confronted with Islam’s treatment of women has completed feminism’s descent into irrelevance among “fly-over country” women. Beginning with feminists’ treatment of Bill Clinton’s accusers—which contrasted drastically with Clarence Thomas’ treatment—feminists have demonstrated over and over that their goals have nothing to do with women, and everything to do with liberalism.

I have never bought into the standard version of femininity because it’s inherently demeaning to women. Traditional feminism--the bra-burning, man-hating, family-despising, sex-obsessed, government-dependent political movement that has inflicted terrible wounds on our entire society--is anathema to this university educated forty year old woman. Why would I subscribe to a political ideology that subsumes my independence to a bureaucrat, an ideology that tries to claim my achievements as its own when in reality feminists had nothing whatsoever to do with it, an ideology that demands I submit to a debased, hyper-sexualized culture to be considered “free?”

Or worse, a political ideology that in the recent words of Barack Obama defines abortion as a woman’s great equalizer? “And on this anniversary, I hope that we will recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams,” Obama opined. Really? Men have the right to kill humans in utero when said human is unwanted? Women can only “fulfill their dreams” if they have meaningless sex and kill the predictable result? How condescending can one be? Yet that is feminists’ litmus test for all women: are you willing to treat yourself as a sex object and genuflect on the altar of the abortionists’ knife?

Feminism as practiced in university halls, media sets and Democrat caucus meetings is a dying beast. I for one will celebrate the day the corpse is finally burned.
frontiersy? how about frontier? or should we call your journal the kinda-city-ish journal, to be objective?
This was a very informative and critical analysis of a very current question that women are involved in. I am a great admirer of Sarah Palin and I think and believe that she is a great breath of fresh air on the women scene. Apparently the old guard feaR her. Sarah is leading a new generation of American women onto the stage. I am the father of three wonderful daughters and would be proud if they followed her on this wonderful adventure into the future. Congratulations on your efforts.
The liberal feminists lost their voice and credo when they failed to support Hillary in primary 2008. Many prominent women jumped on the bandwagon of a guy about whom Steinem said 'would be laughed out of a race if he were a woman,' talking about his thin thin resume. Therein lies the failure of the feminist movement on the left. Contrast that with how Palin ran with the opportunity she was given. I was stunned when she first used the word 'Good Ol' Boys network' on national TV. It seems like an equality in existence which you can achieve given the right opportunity is more useful than issue-oriented equality. Having so many women out there doing what they want to do is better than for example, arguing for childcare in the same breath as wanting to be childless. I think that is at the heart of the liberal feminists problem. They talk the good talk but when it comes to action, they won't deliver. Yeah, they gave us better laws but just imagine how it would have been for all women here and elsewhere if a woman were president today. Liberal feminists missed an opportunity of a lifetime in 2008.
A well written article. Except for the typical PDS, most of the comments are reasoned.
Kurtis Fechtmeyer January 24, 2011 at 4:55 AM
In business after business, we are seeing market forces favor women. The biggest acts in the once male-dominated music business now include Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles), Keri Hilson, etc. Oprah rules day time ratings. Small businesses, in particular, are started more often by women than men. Men still dominate at places that are engineering-centric and have large government related businesses or implied government support -- Bechtel, Boeing, General Electric, General Motors, etc. It is not surprising at all that a new breed of feminism is appreciating the virtues of free markets and small government and is increasingly leery of government corruption.
2nd Generation Feminist January 24, 2011 at 4:34 AM
I thought feminism was all about equal rights. How can equal outcomes = equal rights. No two people have equal abilities in all areas. Mature feminism is when we are all treated as equals. Not when we receive special treatment so we get equal outcomes. The Palin Feminist...feminism all grown up.
A decent story.
A very good article. I've read both excellent books by Mrs. Palin and have watched many her speeches with the greatest attention and respect. My impression is: she is not about feminism. And not about popularity. And not about Presidency. She is about the future of America. Being one of the few really rare persons who sincerely LOVES her great country. Liberals’ reaction, cited by Ms. Hymowitz, is very revealing: “incandescent anger”, “murderous rage” “vomit with rage” etc. It clearly shows that that the only thing, in which they are really professionals, is not journalism, feminism or Hinduism – it is HATE. They simply do not know what love is. Even can’t imagine it. As for Sandra Bernhard, I think that to call an absolutely witless creature “the comedian” – well, it’s somehow too… generous. Her only primitive skill is – again – hate. She hates everyone but herself, her notorious “big black brothers” including. So, their reaction to Sarah Palin is only natural. Feminism has nothing to do with it. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Being from Belgium, Europe, I cannot believe what I read. What a fuss about existential issues that in Europe have been solved decades ago in a normal evolution. It only shows the weakness of the population that one part of it (women) have to fight their way to recognition. It says a lot about the other part (men) who apparently dont learn. First there was the african population. Since they became free, they have women ...
Sarah Palin is a joke in Europe and she would not get one single vote over here. One thing she learned: she winks less !! which is connoted very obscene here.
I just read some of the other comments (they were not visible to me earlier). Once again we see an irrational response to Mrs. Palin (i.e. "she is an idiot"). This is just bigotry plain and simple; I do not think Mr. Obama is the world's greatest genius or up to the level of FDR or Winston Churchill or even Eisenhower or JFK but would NEVER characterize him as an "idiot". That would just be a meaningless ad hominem attack. So are most attacks on Mrs. Palin meaningless and trivial and they reflect poorly on those who stoop to such cheap tactics. Ron Kilmartin is right on target we could add Queen Isabella to that list plus many other mother-reformers of the 19th and 20th century Clara Barton etc. etc. and even before Mrs John Adams and Mercy Otis Warren. If one reads both women one sees they would probably be supporters of Mrs. Palin or Congresswoman Bachamann. They were pro-life, pro-family traditionalists and devout Christians as well as staunch Patriots and American nationalists just like the TEA Party Palinistas. Remember Mrs. Palin's son volunteered for and saw combat in Iraq in an Army infantry unit. TEA PARTY Palinistas are simply more engaged in patriotism and national service than most liberals many of whom have never met a serviceman or serivice woman and probably have John Kerry like opionions about military service.
Excellent article. A great weakness of the Liberal Feminist Movement was that it tended to be anti-Mom, anti-Dad and anti-family not to mention anti-children (especially the unborn). And Michelle Bachmann (also a mother of 5 children like Sarah Palin besides having been the foster mother of 23 more; and yes they ALL CALLED HER ON MOTHER'S DAY). How many New Left Feminists get 28 calls on Mother's Day? Not too many get even 5 or even 1 I would wager. Women are not monolithic; Phyllis Schlafly did not "single-handedly" stop the ERA. There was a grass roots unrising against the reality of the absolute equality of the ERA which would have meant in 1972 that women would be drafted into the infantry of the US Army and Marine Corps and sent to Vietnam. Women do not have to sign up for Selective Service even not and most women and men agree with this. So I dispute some of the comments in the article but generally speaking Kay S. Hymowitz has a better understanding of Palin and the Mama Grizzlies than the Washington Elites and the Big Liberals of the coasts. Sarah Palin will remain a power because she is very popular in the heartland. Make no mistake she could be elected to the Governorship or Senate not only of Alaska but about 25-30 states. I am not sure you could even say this of Mr. Obama at present. So she may never be president because like WJ Bryan she has only strong "regional" support. But Bryan himself though never elected to president helped Wilson become elected in 1912 and became Sec. of State. Many of his populist initiatives became law on the state level or amendments. It could be argued Bryan was more effective than President Taft and the greatest American leader of his era next to TR and Wilson. Never forget Palin made Nikki Haley and many others and she is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps this force is not going to take her to the presidency but for the near future she will be a very strong voice in the conservative movement. And one thing more. If you asked Mrs. Palin which would she prefer to see the end of abortion in America or more wealth or even the presidency for her self I am quite certain Mrs. Palin would prefer to see abortion become if not illegal then very rare and she would prefer that outcome over any other. As a mother she knows the future is occupied by the children we raise today. As a mother she knows what the Roe effect really is. She is more engaged than most liberals in the surival and success of our country's future than they are.
When reading the book,'The Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Susan B. Anthony Reader: Correspondence, Writings, Speeches', it was evident half-way through that feminism could not exist without socialism. Interestingly, abortion was barely mentioned in this book (if at all; it's been a long time), especially since it was a huge issue for the early feminists (they were against it). Thank you for those of you who reminded me of this important connection between feminism and Marxism. I happen to love Sarah Palin, though I think there are better candidates for the Republican nomination for POTUS. Frankly, though, I would rather have her serving now than the collectivist who won the office, put there by supposedly intelligent individuals.
The "Palinites" come from the same stock as Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth I, Joan d'Arc, Catherine the Great, etc.

I can see where this drives the feministas, steeped in Marxism, bananas.
Or, it could just be that she is an idiot.
Interesting article by a liberal
Interesting article by a liberal
This is a very weak essay. What exactly IS the feminism espoused by Palin et al? Aside from the fact that conservative women are benefiting from the arduous work of liberal feminists, as K. Hymowitz is gracious enough to admit--able to hold office, take advantage of parental leave, child care, abortion rights, etc,-- how are these conservative women to be understood as feminist? Deficit reduction? Is that it? Really? Where were the mama grizzlies when the Bush men took a balanced budget and turned us into China's biggest creditor? Where were the mama grizzlies when Justice Scalia said that the 14th amendment doesn't apply to women? They had their head in their caves like good complacent conservative women, towing the male party line.
I wish I could express and write my thoughts as competently as Ms Hymowitz. Thank you for an outstanding article that explains the "Palin Hate" so that even a liberal female might be able to understand it.
Valerie Rhodes
Liberal feminists like governmental dependence and celebrate a lack of self-determination and responsibility.They love being victims where The State is their Knight in shining armor....They are ultimately weak.
It is way past the time to identify the taproot of Feminism : Lesbianism, fomented by the over-the-edge Left. It is another facet of the Karl Marx dictum that for Socialism to succeed, three things had to be destroyed: Property, Religion and Family. Just that simple. Psychoanalysis not required.
Whst an incisive and welcome essay. As a New York woman "elitist",my admiration for Palin is met
with silence (stunned) and/or repugnance-LOUD).
Thank you for your help in meeting these
unthinking "feminists."
The feminist movement was directed to professional women, not to the everyday woman. It didn't help women who were clericals, waitresses, factory workers, housewives, PTA members, church workers, etc. A lot of women who were professionals had husbands who made big salaries, who came from families where there was money to send them to college. The feminist movement was meant for the liberal elite in our society.
The foundation of traditional feminists' hatred of Palin et al. is the simple fact that traditional feminism (the 1960s-1970s variety) is, and always has been, not about women’s rights, but about the Marxist agenda. So, any time a woman suggests that women's interests might diverge from Marxism, then that woman gets thrown under the bus. It's Marxism first, and everyone - women or minorities - better get behind that or be pilloried.