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Harry Stein
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When you're in a not good position and have no money to go out from that, you would need to take the loan. Because that would aid you for sure. I get student loan every time I need and feel myself good because of this.
love the Krugman line
grupenhoff, pleeeese lighten up. This is not just a story by a writer but a happening to millions of families everyday over the whole world.
To me and the rest of the family it was like a treasure hunt.
Instead of watching tv or dumb movies we shared memories and remembered what really was important. It was wonderful to watch my fortyish adult children's eyes light up and thank me for all the memories I kept.
The political jibe was a test. You failed.

A happy hoarder

Good story -- except for the final sentence. The Obama smear only drags the story down into political partisanship, and it's not even funny. Why ruin a good thing?
Nothing worse than a family member with no sense of value concerning our treasures. Beside our kids, which we may jetison at any time, what else do we have to show for our lives but our tastes, interests, addictions? As the saying goes(mine); One man's garden pest is another man's escargot.
Through the years we took the time to video tape our kids going through their boxes of "masterpieces" reminiscing with them on how much or how little heart they put into each item... as we were chucking it into a big black garbage bag! Made great home movie stuff! Of course it's not too late!
Stephen Rittenberg January 05, 2011 at 7:32 PM
Dear Harry,
We did the same last July; sold our house and rented an apt. in White Plains. Gave away 2000 books---not including I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican. Good luck with your move.
Steve Rittenberg