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Pascal Bruckner
Europe’s Guilty Conscience « Back to Story

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This article was brilliant!!!
Pascal Bruckner's essay is spot on: brilliant, and I don't mean that in the way Brits use "brilliant." October 28, 2010 at 11:26 AM
Good article on the psychological problems of Europe, regarding evil.
Very interesting article. We at Texas A&M will be lucky to have you. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Sadly true. In interviews I have done with European radio on the Ground Zero mosque you can see it their eyes; learn from us; don't repeat our mistakes; America must stand and defend Western Civilization.
Well, I'm a Londoner, and the above article is hysterically funny, but IMO misrepresentative.

"The average European, male or female, is an extremely sensitive being, always ready to feel pity for the world’s sorrows and to take responsibility for them... Those born after World War II are endowed with the certainty of belonging to the dregs of humanity..."

Certainly, at school/college the guilt trip was rammed down our throats, but constant repetition of the ancestral guilt mantra loses its impact after a while. Also, meeting various 'victims' of (UK) imperialism face to face rapidly expunged any feelings of guilt by association, or any desire to 'recompense'/support their continued victimhood.

Frankly the whole article reads like a left wing diatribe written in the 1970s, updated in parts to include aspects of the modern zeitgeist. Either that, or else it has been greatly condensed during its translation.
CB, what you expose is intellectually primitive. Also it reflects a perception of the welfare state from 20 years ago. Meanwhile many of us here in Europe know that welfares states lead to total destruction as more and more residents and migrants are living on public welfare their entire life. Their numerous children will do the same.

To make it precise: Putting money in military projects creates and protects jobs, burning money in welfare states kills jobs, initiative and destroys society effectively.
Many European countries build up social and education systems, while the US sank huge amounts of money in a bloated military to protect them from largely imaginary threats. I know what I'd rather have.

As for all those American welfare state haters, once you lose your job because of the economic crisis triggered by you spending money you didn't have on stuff you couldn't afford or once you get ill and your health insurance, if you have one, will find a way of wriggling out of paying for your treatment, you'll see just why the overwhelming majority of Americans think that the welfare state is a good idea.

The capture to the picture says
"Spanish protesters blaming not al-Qaida but their own government for the 2004 Madrid bombings"
This is wrong. People protested at the lies of the government - The government wanted to make believe it was basque (ETA) terror and everybody knew this was not the case.
The capture reflects a myth.
An excellent analysis.

Its interesting to note that those who make similar arguments, seeking a strong, confident, accountable European Union, built on 'bottom up' democracy, (a European politic, an elected EU President, an EU Parliament with the ability to initiate legislation etc), with the ability to project power and that is prepared to advocate values beyond just better state pension plans (which without reform are heading for bankruptcy anyway), are called 'Anti-European' and 'tools of the Americans'. Congratulations Professor Bruckner, keep up the fight, Europe isn't dead yet, we are capable of a new Renaissance, we just need a few Europeans like you to have the courage to speak the truth and be heard. Europe is currently suffering from a tyranny of mediocrity, time has come to snap out of it.

Declan Ganley,
Moyne Park,
County Galway,
A person or a country, there has to first be a conscience to have a guilty one. A conscience is a function of the soul. France, for example, lost its in the Revolution. That made the Dreyfuss Affair possible. Marx provided his version of the process. God is not mocked, so take it from there.
It would be nice to have some hard EVIDENCE for all the huge generalisations here. He doesn't even provide evidence for the smaller points (that Europeans generally thought the US deserved 9/11, or Britain the bombings of 2005). Also, as he must know, the societies and attitudes of European nations are so different, that to lump them all together like this is just the simplification that enables him to be so cavalier with his opinions.
A great article. Although, I am not as certain as Professor Bruckner that guilt plays so large a role in the course of recent European culture. I say this because of the lack of sourced evidence. To make the case stronger there needs to be examples, preferably clear cut examples conveyed by some of Europe's political luminaries.
Jean Monnet (who worked for Wilson and Roosevet)
Alexandre Kojeve (the guru for Monnet and diverse french political leaders, among them de Gaulle)

at the origin of the EU Mirage
with the generous help of the banksters !

So Versailles treaty has still some reliefs that have to play their part before we all return to the starting-blocks: pre 1914 !
Strong stuff! It is bold to attribute guilt alike to all Europeans; each country has its own experience, and its own sources of guilt. The author is carried away by rhetoric. One is left thinking, "so what?" Concretely, what is lacking? A more muscular response to natural disasters, to acts of terrorism or to Muslim practices, to wickedness? Why not be specific?
I still find it an odd sensation occasionally being met with envy when I tell European travellers that I am an Australian national. I have noted that the mood in the Netherlands, my country of birth, has developed a hint of biterness in recent years and it is worth bearing in mind that the country can be a European bellwhether of sorts.

Fine article!
Not very polite to the Swiss.
y Brandstetter MD August 20, 2010 at 8:05 AM
"As there is no hereditary transmission of victim status, so there is no transmission of oppressor status."
Obviously, in the case of the Jews, this assertion is plainly wrong. Europe has accorded genetic transmission of victimhood to Arabs fleeing the Arab-Jewish war of 1936-48, (UNWRA) while bestowing the genetic transmission of oppressorhood to Jews who fled Islamo-Nazi persecution carried on at the same time. White Europe did not invent slavery, the Egyptians were first. Or imperialism, invented by the Summerians, Persians Romans etc..Nor bigotry, practiced by all nations and tribes. It did invent anti-semitism and mechanical genocide, and that is the only unique sin it really has to answer for. Instead it tries to impose it's new found sensitivity on its only consistent victims: The Jews. Somehow the Jews should pay for Europes guilty conscience by maintaining their genetic victimhood, allowing the true oppressors, the Islamo-fascist regimes from Persia to Arabia to keep on persecuting the Jew in the only home ever promised a nation by the Lord.
Well put. Nothing mentioned about the demographic disaster impending from the 3rd world immigration. Claire Berlinski goes further into that. Was just in Europe. Still fun to visit, but I sensed a despair. On the other hand, the surrender by Spain after the Madrid bombing was contemptible.
europes denial is huge - the disbelief that arose when muslim doctors attacked glasgow airport shows a complete disconnection from the reality of threats that confront us.
Nice. Nonsense nevertheless.

A graduation address for the franco- and anglophone heirs who came of age after feeding from the trough of the "wisdom" of the know-it-alls of the 1960s. Those with "elite" credentials, e.g. Bernard-Henri Levy, Timothy Leary.and any graduate from Harvard/Yale, the Grandes Ecoles,Oxbridge.

Those young minds without filters of experience and history. OR tutors in the "elite" monasteries willing and able to show a different view of the world to that received from these self-propagating cells.

Self-hatred and guilt is a strange way to describe the destruction wrought by these "ELITES" to the social frameworks developed over centuries. Which even with the faults were the foundation for the common people/proletariate/bourgeoisie/

Note that few of the "elite" pay the price for their "sins". If one is permitted such a word to define anything except being white Christian American these days. Or in a pinch an Israeli.

The price is DEMANDED/COMPELLED - AS USUAL when the "elite" take a hand in the "Lives of Others" from those others. While these elite are "above the fray" directing and managing their "troops" to their designs on the lives of others. With ALL the privileges and immunities of innate superiority in being an elite.

The operative word is OTHERS.To see people as "other" was once-upon-a-time considered a kind of "racism". Is it still the case ?

I grew up in France and left for Australia, fed up with the state's immobilism re economic stagnation. And also the crazed and perverse anti-americanism during the Irak war (please don't remind us we are at war with radical islam...) and the increasing violence of the muslim immigrants. Bruckner speaks the truth to power.. may the Europeans learn that it is better to pull a rotten tooth than leave it rot slowly.
adding to my previous comment...
this is EXACTLY why I left Europe (Germany) two months ago, because this self-loathing takes so much positive vibe out of living in an actually great place.
WOW...this is probably the best article I have so far read about the state of Europe.
Good to know, that there are others that think the way I do.
Perhaps when Mr. Bruckner visits the US, a latter-day Tocqueville, he will find the differences only relative, not absolute.
Instead of dividing the world into good and bad nations, we balkanize our own society into presumptive perpetrators-exploiters-oppressors and presumptive victims.
In one generation, the white-heterosexual-Judeochristian male descended in perception from society's universal soldier to society's universal scapegoat.
"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones". So let it be with Europe.
What will happen here in the US will depend on our ability to reconnect to basics, e.g., personal responsibility.
Donna V. The reality is that Europe is demographically doomed, with an average birth rate of 1.4 children per couple.

They are weak, old and demoralized.

The future belongs to those who show up for it.
too many europeans abandond this continent for the US back in 39

Many of them were Jewish. How unsporting of them of them to leave, niall. I supposed they should have stayed there and let the Nazis slaughter them.

Tim Flanagan: Where, exactly, is Europe "securing peace, embracing justice and enhancing freedom?" They can't even secure peace in the suburbs of Paris, much less in the ME.

The comments of some Europeans here show just how deeply disconnected from reality they have become.
Europe is moving forward: securing peace, embracing justice, and enhancing freedom. Many all over world embrace these articles of faith and have the courage to walk the talk. Those who indulge in fear-mongering, war, aggression, occupation, exploitation, and exclusion will not prevail. Good people are building bridges to a more abundant future. The cynics and those who do little but whine and complain will be displaced and transcended by people of vision with serenity in their hearts. Not to worry.
Europe is worse than useless. Europe is silent in the face of evil, which is evil itself.

“First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The first European attempt to escape from history was in 1936. Evidently no lessons were learned except perhaps: "we have not retreated far enough".

I predict a bigger catastrophe to come. For the same reason that the 1936 retreat didn't work.
I am a born-again Christian from South-Africa. Praise the Lord for this superb piece of writing! The Europeans in South-Africa suffer exactly the same "disease" as you mention about those living in Europe. Join the club! I do not fully agree about America's whites not being on the guilt trip, though, A black American preacher preached about this PLEADING with the whites to stop this condition, for they don't have to always apologise to blacks for who they are. He even went as far as to say about his own black folk, "Who are they anyway?" Of course this preacher is an absolute man of God, so he has NO bad intentions, just putting matters straight according to the Word of God.
wow. many of the comments below from europeans simply confirm everything the author has stated. you people are thoroughly brainwashed.

we EXPECT barbarism from the rest of the world. we are unfazed when we hear of atrocity in a non-european part of the world, but WE are so horrible for what "we" have done (as if all europeans are responsible for slavery and the holocaust--when in reality a very small population actually was).

why is that? is it because WE are supposed to be better? in your hysterical, anti-racist, self-hatred are you actually exposing your own racism? WHY are non-european countries exempt from civilized behavior but we are not? answer me that liberals!

we are really the only people to ever enslave and commit genocide? absolutely not.
if europeans were cheering on tire murders and stonings for adultery the world would be shocked--yet the liberals who cry about our past atrocities overlook these things.

as well, it is incredibly shortsighted to indict an entire race for the actions of their govts and corporations.
well, if this is all monsieur bruckner has to offer on europe today then texas is welcome to him. certainly he writes a nice essay, buts its mainly babble; if he feels europe is doomed then he should stay and fight; too many europeans abandond this continent for the US back in 39; the united states has very real problems facing it and the individual states of these united states seem reluctant to assert themselves, not so here amongst the states of europe, we are never lackeys of washington nor are we deluded or self pitying; we are very simply not playing the global game and when finally push comes to shove be it from washington or brussels these here european states will be as assertive and as strong as is necessary to retain our freedoms and our liberty; the american project is even now arriving at its destination not the the destinational hopes of its populace but the destructional end of its planners; there is no future for the united states; the family silver is now almost completly gone, then it will be europes turn and monsieur bruckner will then begin to, hopefully really understand the place we live in called europe.
Europe did not defeat Nazism. Europe welcomed Nazism with open arms - especially Petain.

What drivelling nonsense this is. Europe is moribund and has been in moral decline ever since it had to face the reality of the Holocaust. This, however did not cure its endemic anti-Semitism. It just re-focussed it onto Israel.

It supports the new Nazi proxies in their open attempts to finish what Hitler started. Willy Brandt let go the Munich murderers for a faustian deal for them to terrorise outside of W. Germany. That defines European morals. They think they are redeemed from killing Jews as long as they don't pull the trigger they figure they are clean.

Europe is a waste of time and will have its reckoning with the new fascists. European self-flaggellation is a myth. Presumptions of guilt are no more a path to moral clarity than are presumptions of innocence.

Europeans are nothing if they are not ridiculous, pretentious, self-serving, immoral and utterly corrupt and bankrupt. Two world wars and 5 centuries of imperialism has done absolutely nothing to temper European solipscism and misplaced self-righteousness. In the end Europe is irrelevant and just a consumption sink.
News flash: Bad things happen sometimes. Europe has nothing for which to apologize, and certainly European powers haven't done anything more heinous than other nations have done throughout history. "Who-exploited-whom" is a fool's reading of history.

Snap out of it, guys. Where's Otto von Bismarck when we need him?
This leaves out the vicious anti-semitism still very much in play among this liberal class in the article. The only "sensitivity" I see (living in France)is to muslims both within europe and, most self-servingly, Palestine. After turning their collective backs on the Jews in WWII, they now collectively attack Israel. Remember, it is the Americans who defeated fascism, not the continentals (Vichy and Nazi).
Europe is a wonderful, civilised place. So is Asia.

America is an ignorant, barbaric place, where the people know nothing, even the educated prefer myths to history and knowledge. America is the place that has plunged the world into recession, and dumped its ignorant cultural junk artifacts all over the English-speaking world.

I look forward to America losing its preeminence in the world - it's only a matter of time; like all barbarian kingdoms that once glittered, your position is based purely on wealth and military power, and can't last.

But when the balance is slowly restored, as it must inevitable be, the superior civilisation of Europe and Asia will lead to their rise, America will run out of money, its military enthusiasm will wane, and it will sink; and then the world will be a better place.
Hi there, Cold War Bob,

I actually saw the end of the Cold War, having volunteered for the USAF out of college in 1985. I think we did the Europeans a disservice by being the aegis behind which they could build their pussified welfare states. Now we're becoming pussified, and we're leaving them to their fates. And they're far enough from their stupidities of 1914-18 and 1933-45 that they're getting ready to be bad guys again.

This time, however, it won't be lebensraum, it'll be the fight against Islam. You'll see young natural-born Europeans pushing the elderly into death camps while they fight recent Muslim immigrants to the death.

Oh, it's going to get nasty in Europe in the next few years.

And, you know, maybe that's the purpose of Europe. To be the place where all the stupidities come together in a death match, to toss off the livable ideas to other part of the globe.

Poor Europe.

(Tossing this off without review. Sorry.)
Europe has vanquished its most horrible monsters? Slavery I'll give you. Colonialism? Colonialism wasn't abandoned, it was lost because after Europe became to weak and feeble to maintain it. Fascism was defeated by the United States. And Communism was also brought to its knees by the United States. I was there son and what I saw was most of Europe trying surrender the the Soviet Union while the US fought to save them from themselves. What other continent can claim more? Try North America. In the end, the good prevailed over the abominable despite European efforts to the contrary.
Well, that was a perfectly nice Bleat de Coeur, and so far off as to mark the author as a highly placed, very well paid public intellectual in a very high ivory tower.

Guess what? The "youths" are burning cars in Clichy. The "youths" are blowing up buses in London. Other youths are going to begin challenging the "youths", sooner rather than later.

The intellectuals are bemoaning the past and have no energy about the future, even with the example of Yugoslavia right in front of them.

The future of Europe is energetic youths of all types slaughtering each other until a modus vivendi can be established.

Strong borders is what I've betting on. And a number of St. Bartholomew's Day Massacres.

Europe is about to "Reset". In 732.
I don't think it's European, so much as liberal guilt.

Liberals in the US are just as self-loathing as Europeans are. It's just almost everyone (except some Eastern Europeans) are hard lefties.

Look at Avatar, the biggest movie ever. It's self-species loathing, bashing humans (albeit mostly American humans) and pro-hippie blue aliens. And people world wide just lap it up.

I mean seriously, virtually every piece of media is full of that, be it movie or video games. Even most the ones focusing on War are full of self-loathing and pro the other side (or somehow blaming corporations).
Europe abandoned its Christian soul, leaving it sterile and adrift. The same thing is happening in the New World at a rapid pace. That faith, which is a source of optimism and life, has cast aside for the hopelessness of nihilism and Marxism. Curmudgeon is right. Islam may be evil, but it is not sterile, and it will take over.
Two points:
* Europe participated minimally in--and often obstructed--the defeat of Soviet Communism. That honor surely belongs to the American taxpayer.
* Also, Europe has not remained a mere bystander. However absent the rationale, its supercilious anti-Americanism betrays the attitude of an also-ran who, unable to catch the front-runner by his own efforts, essays every expedient to trip him up.
Which is why I say, the best of the European genomes either emigrated or perished on forgotten battlefields.
Sic transit gloria mundi, to coin a phrase.
Very well stated and dead-on correct! It's sad to watch the decline of a great civilization. Thank you lefty secular apathy! I hope the Europeans like bowing towards Mecca.
Great article. Realistic view of how "liberals" claim to care about people, but cannot bring themselves to act in support of their beliefs. My fear is that the US is becoming far too much like the Europe Bruckner is describing.
Mr. Bruckner's lumping together of the nations of Europe as a cultural whole is an abusive generalization. Nor did the nations of Europe simply evolve out of feudalism into democratic states. In fact continental Europe has never been particularly democratic in either culture or practice. Among European nations, the palm for human rights goes to England alone. To this day France is a nation divided between those who wield power and those who join the mob and run riot in the streets. As for Europe's torpor being inspired by its supposed guilt over its past excesses, I rather think they experience shame and embarassment, and to combat this embarassment they have assumed an attitude of superiority. Europeans try to justify their arrogance by devaluing humanity through various intellectual ploys, of which France has provided the most useful and numerous weapons. These have been materialist, for the most part, beginning with the neo-Marxists and continuing with deconstructionists.
Americans do not generally believe recent Europeans to be guilty of anything but commonplace arrogance and cowardice, qualities that are entirely home-grown.
What an amazing and insightful piece. "By preferring injustice to disorder, the Old World risks being swept way by chaos, the victim of a renunciation mistaken for wisdom"--I love this sentence! Professor Bruckner is at least one European who is willing to see his continent for it's sad take on reality and to write about it no matter how painful that sad reality is.
This man should be invited to speak at every European Parliament (and of coourse, THE European Parliament. Every university across the continent.
Not that I am that naive that I expect the, to a too large degree, blind fools running our coutnries to listen.
But that is why it is more important than ever.
What will happen, if we choose not to listen to Mr. Bruckner here, is simply put, nothing short of death by cultural suicide.
If one were to look at a map of the world 250 years ago there would be no America.

But in less than 250 years America has become and remains the richest, most powerful nation in the history of mankind.

While Europe has declined - In the last century America has saved Europe's butt 4 times - when we entered WWI, when we entered WWII, post-war with the Marshall Plan, this followed by 40 years or so of a nuclear shield.
The result of all this is, of course, is that they hate us.
An interesting piece indeed. Not saying I agree or disagree but it is an interesting read.
This is fascinating. I am an American but have long been interested in European history. This goes a long way to describing Europe's present decline. I only wish that more people could realize what is going on.
Where to begin? I don't understand Europe nor have I ever understood Europe, even assuming that 'Europe' can be defined. I think what is described is the laziness and lack of vibrancy in the "European" culture. The self-hatred is like a slow poison that has seeped into the western consciousness. There is no parallel for it anywhere in history, this "will to suicide." I blame not the people, but the leaders, the elite, the intellectuals and most of all the media. This small coterie is literally strangling an entire culture. With no counter in sight - unlike the United States where a resurgent conservative movement has at least a chance of beating back the poisonous self-hatred (which itself may be something planted by the communists which has taken on a life of its own) which, combined with the restlessness of the imported servant class, is eventually is going to destroy the present culture of Europe. This will to suicide is based on two principles that seem to be in conflict - that there is some objective standard out there that is being violated by the West, and that there are no objective standards, that there is a moral relativism. How can there be one if the other is true?
And don't forget that Europe, like the United States, is getting more and more repressive. Any attempt to display cultural pride is beaten back savagely and reflexively. Political correctness is a religion, but those self hating elites who believe in it have only a fuzzy idea of what kind of society they think should replace what they see in front of them. The thought is - what's here is bad, anything is better. Maybe its the lack of faith or moral conviction that is the problem, those who "believe in nothing" are willing to "believe in anything" even this - again - poisonous self-hatred. The rest of the world marvels at it, I can say that with certainty. I would too at the sheer folly, no, the stupidity of the spectacle of those with everything filled with such self-loathing and angst. Such fools and idiots!
Brilliant...and so terribly sad.
dont worry. europe has revived an old monster. islam. it will take over, and islam knows nothing of guilt, having made a virtue of sin, and admirable deeds out of crime.
The most accurate and truthful article about the decline and abidication of responsibilities of 'The Old World' an added comment would be this,
'For Evil to prevail requires that good men do nothing'
To Margo Channing: Bravo. Eloquently summarized and very reflective of my own sentiments. Guilt and remorse are destructive forces at every existential level UNLESS they lead to positive and creative ACTION. Those who assign epithets of stupidity and triteness to the article fail in exactly the same way that Europe currently fails: fall and refuse to get up. The only criticism I agreed with was the one that stated that Europe's insatiable appetite for control of others is currently being fed by control over its own citizenry, since it no longer colonizes elsewhere. The irony of that criticism is that I think you and the author are roughly in agreement: I think the author believes that many of Europe's woes are due to the fact that it refuses to liberate itself - from the burden of past sins.

No article I have read in the past two decades has more clearly articulated my own philosophy of the world. It was a joy to read, refreshing, and empowering.
Excellent article. A perfect illustration of the author's point can be gleened from a speech given in 2002 by then Finnish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen:

"...the EU must not develop into a military superpower but must become a great power that will not take up arms at any occasion in order to defend it’s own interests."

When you're so-called "leaders" are this naively delusional, you're in a world of trouble.

FACT: of the 20 countries on Earth with the fastest declining native populations, 19 are European.

FACT: not one native European population is replacing itself. Not one.

But guess who is having children in Europe? Muslims.

Which European country has the healthiest fertility rate? France. And which European country has the most Muslims? France. Which European country is in second place? The Netherlands. And which European country has the second largest proportion of Muslims? The Netherlands.

Here’s the order of healthiest fertility rates for European countries (2005 official Eurostat figures):

1) France
2) Netherlands
3) Belgium
4) Switzerland
5) Austria
6) Germany
7) Italy
8) Spain

And here’s the order with the highest proportion of Muslims:

1) France
2) Netherlands
3) Belgium
4) Switzerland
5) Austria
6) Germany
7) Italy
8) Spain

Notice anything?

One way or another, present-day Europe - with it's nihilistic prostration to PC multiculturalism - is going away. It's just a question of what course they take when they become desperate enough to finally realise the mortal peril they're in: will they simply capitulate to the Crescent or will they turn to some new generation of Strong Men to purge the danger from their midst?
Utter rubbish from start to finish
Is this meant to be ironic or a stand-up routine for a self-loathing commedy club? It can't be serious.
One of the best description of Europe´s present and ,alas, future, that I read in the last time.
Excellent article which dares to speak the unpleasant truth. I live in India. I strongly feel that Europe should halt immigration.Otherwise alien, intolerant and medieval cultures will swamp Europe. Migration is not a right.Act before it is too late
Pure and utter tripe... Europe should only aspire to the evolution of Switzerland. Europeans cannot seem to beat their addiction to some form of control over the resources or lifestyles of others, all in the name of "civilizing" them. Since there is no longer much of a standing army or navy, she has turned to controlling her own, transforming Europeans into "subjects" once again through the heavy-handed control freaks in the Hague. Who needs guns when you have lawyers? Who needs prisons when you have political correctness? Who needs physical violence and bloodshed when you have armchair nationalism and knee-deep ego?
God help America if we continue to follow the path of modern Europe, importing this kind of propaganda to our universities and aspiring to be more European. George Orwell is laughing from the grave... Psychological warfare is the new Holocaust. There is absolutely no evolution taking place in Europe.
I have never heard of, read, or seen such a load of rubbish.
Francis W Stocker, M.D. August 12, 2010 at 11:24 PM
What about the babies? There are no children to answer the phone. Muslims will fill the void.
The biggest story of this century will be the loss of population in the most civilized parts of Europe and Asia. You think Euroopeans behaved badly. You haven't seen anything yet. Look at the cities in the New World. drfrancisstocker
***Europe leaves it to the Americans to be in charge, while reserving the right to criticize them violently when they go astray***

We're not only criticized when we err we're criticized before, during and after. It's easy for the lazies in Europe to do this because they're aided and abetted by the Left in this country who are only to willing to tear this country down at every opportunity. We're even criticized when we're doing good as witness the remarks after the huge tsunami, Katrina and Haiti.

We're even lambasted for having a large military presence but everyone else in the world who are allies (more or less) rely on us to protect them. This dichotomy makes absolutely no sense to me, but it is what it is.

I really don't care what Europe thinks of us. They're practically taken over by Muslims and are in their death throes.

I just hope the next batch of politicians we get in power in this country will realize what is happening in Europe and will take steps to prevent it from happening here. I plan to help them in this.

The French have been suffering from ennui for about a century now as had Austria before WWII. This was a country which willingly joined the NAZIs and blamed the Jews for all their troubles much to their sorrow. When a country has more philosophers than workers it's bound to die.

Thank you danica. Just keep on fighting and Margo, you, too. Just don't sit in a cafe and discuss your bad situation until the NAZIs march in.
Great,i am Amarican from CZ..I am now fighting here not to be like "what i left behind Thank You
I am a female born in 1960. My parents were traditionalists who expected me to live my life as they lived theirs. But I insisted on being a modern woman. I was clueless and let myself be used and treated badly. Luckily for me, I grew up and saw the error of my ways. When I see the people who insist that the West is the bad guy, I see myself at 20, making excuses for the men who treated me badly with my permission. I refused to believe I was being mistreated, so I let it continue over and over. It's called battered woman's syndrome, or Stockholm syndrome. Sounds familiar to anyone???