Spring 2014
<i>Machines</i> v. <i>Lawyers</i>
John O. McGinnis
As information technology advances, the legal profession faces a great disruption.
Brooklyn’s Chinese Pioneers
Kay S. Hymowitz
Hardworking Fujianese immigrants use the borough as a launching pad to the middle class.
Baltimore Behind Bars
Charles Lane
Public-union power enabled scandalous corruption among the city’s correctional officers.
A Connecticut Yankee in Appalachia
Howard Husock
Alice Ely Chapman wages a one-woman war on poverty.
Liberty or Equality?
Myron Magnet
The Founding Fathers knew that you can’t have both.
New York’s Next Public Safety Revolution
Nicole Gelinas
The city’s ambitious plan to combat dangerous and often deadly driving
Brennan’s Revenge
Steven Malanga
State judicial activism has cost taxpayers billions in unfunded mandates and thwarted efforts to control spending.
Lawmakers Gone Wild
Victor Davis Hanson
California’s once-exemplary legislature now manages to be both trivial and destructive.
The Bluest State
Aaron M. Renn
Decades of liberal policies have made Rhode Island the nation’s basket case.
“Polemos Is the Father of All Things”
Monique Canto-Sperber and
André Glucksmann
A dialogue on war and morality
The Last Communist City
Michael J. Totten
A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see


What’s Left of Malcolm Cowley
Adam Kirsch
The famed critic’s insight deserted him when it came to politics.
When Fasces Aren’t Fascist
Eugene Kontorovich
The strange history of America’s federal buildings


Heather Mac Donald
Mayor Bill de Blasio sets out to dismantle the reforms of the Giuliani-Bloomberg era.
Steven Malanga
There will be blood.
Stephen Eide
Union-supported politicians go after the head of the Queens public library system.
Mark Pulliam
The Supreme Court reconsiders a crucial labor precedent.
Theodore Dalrymple
On sentimentality and brutality, two sides of a coin
Nicole Gelinas
Albany butts in, “protecting” New Yorkers from good, affordable Italian wine.


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
To Have or to Be?
Theodore Dalrymple
Personal responsibility plays a role in obesity.
Palisades Diarist
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