Summer 2013
The Childless City.
Joel Kotkin, Ali Modarres
It’s hip, it’s entertaining—but where are the families?
Philanthropy by the Numbers.
Guy Sorman
Can charities accurately measure their effect on society?

The Local Fiscal Crisis

The Indebted States of America.
Steven Malanga
States and localities owe far, far more than their citizens know.
What to Do When You're Broke.
Nicole Gelinas
New York’s insolvent municipalities could learn from California’s bankrupt ones.
Bed-Stuy's (Unfinished) Revival.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Wine bars on one block, midnight shootings on the next
Just Tommy from Hyde Park.
Paul Starobin
Boston’s Thomas Menino shows how to be a mayor for life.
Federalism, Red and Blue.
Adam Freedman
Both Right and Left are telling Washington to back off.

Dammed if You Do

California's Promethean Past.
Victor Davis Hanson
How a visionary entrepreneur watered and powered Los Angeles
Silencing the Djinns.
Claire Berlinski
A dam project threatens the world’s oldest city.
Can Beirut Be Paris Again?.
Michael J. Totten
Freed from Syrian domination, Lebanon’s capital could shine.
The View from Marcellus.
James Panero
Fracking brings breathtaking economic and environmental benefits—at least to places that welcome it.
Surfing NYC.
Photographs by David Brabyn
The city’s surprising subculture of wave riders


When the President Came to Town.
Tevi D. Troy
New York used to be more than a money stop for the nation’s chief executives.
In Proust's Footsteps.
Adam Kirsch
Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard reclaims the novel’s humanistic ambitions.


Daniel DiSalvo, Rajan Menon
Bucking political correctness, the college names a school after Colin Powell.
Heather Mac Donald
The tennis champ shouldn’t have backtracked about personal responsibility.
Steven Malanga
State and local bureaucracies often abuse their taxing authority.
Bruce Bawer
The award-winning journalist is hardly a nonpartisan truth-teller.
Troy Senik, John Yoo
The Supreme Court’s marriage ruling weakens California’s initiative process.
Ben Boychuk
Oakland educrats try to kill a phenomenally successful charter school system.
Theodore Dalrymple
On Sweden, social welfare, and riots


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Polyamorist Michael Philpott killed his children in pursuit of welfare benefits.
London Diarist
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