Spring 2013
Rise of the Republican Governors.
Steven Malanga
A new liberal era? Not according to these reformers.
Multiculti U..
Heather Mac Donald
The budget-strapped University of California squanders millions on mindless diversity programs.
The Signal and the Silence.
Adam White
When is prediction useful—and when is it dangerous?
Big Philanthropy.
Guy Sorman
Superrich donors are making Dallas a twenty-first-century city.
One Tough Nutter.
Ethan Epstein
Philadelphia’s Democratic mayor has cracked down on crime, reformed the city’s finances, and spoken frankly about black family breakdown.
The British Evasion.
Nicole Gelinas
David Cameron pledged to shrink the government; instead, he raised taxes and strangled economic recovery.
A New Moral Treatment.
James Panero
Humane institutionalization can help the mentally ill and protect society.
Journey Through the Checkout Racks.
Laura Vanderkam
Comparing women’s magazines, then and now, shows how much America has changed.
After Sandy.
Photographs by Harvey Wang
New York is still recovering from the devastating storm.


With Meaning for All.
Allan Greenberg
The Lincoln Memorial in American consciousness
Can We Still Build Real Architecture?.
Myron Magnet
Two recent Manhattan buildings say, “Yes!”
Where There's a Will.
Stefan Kanfer
William Erwin Eisner, the father of the graphic novel


Charles Upton Sahm
New York makes encouraging moves toward content-rich education.
Steven Malanga
Local liabilities threaten the state’s fiscal reputation.
Gabriel Schoenfeld
A strangling bridge is being modernized just in time.
Brandon Fuller and Sean Rust
The case for regional visas
Theodore Dalrymple
The obvious fragility of British credit
Benjamin A. Plotinsky
The perils of inaction, at sea and on the subway
Bert Stratton
Immigrants on the road to success in Cleveland


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
The Discriminating Philistine.
Theodore Dalrymple
Banksy’s wit and talent don’t excuse his vandalism and juvenility.
Southern California Diarist
Ben Boychuk
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